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New Toys

Went to Best Buy on Friday to pick up a new PS3. They had a PS3 that came with COD: Black Ops for the same price as a regular PS3 so I ended up getting a new system plus a new game \o/.

As mentioned in my previous blog post my wife and I had been looking at a new TV but with my PS3 dying we abandoned the idea. The TV we wanted though just happened to be on sale and they offered 3 year financing so we picked it up! I expect to have it paid off long before 3 years but for now there is no interest so I just throw what I can at it.

TV is

I am extremely happy right now. I bought service protection plans for both the PS3 and TV so there are no worries about them failing within the next few years either.

PS3 Update

Well, I'm not sure how to say this but wrapping your PS3 in a towel and blasting it with a hair dryer for 15 minutes will solve YLOD, at least temporarily.

I was able to backup all of my saves to cloud storage, eject my disc, and in a moment I'm going to deactivate the system. I almost feel like continuing to use it but I know it's only temporary from everything I've read online so I'd be wiser just clearing my stuff off of it and calling it good.

Anyway, if any of you ever have issues know that this method works.

R.I.P old friend (PS3)

Let me start out by saying I take good care of my electronics. I dust around them, clean them and I make sure they're well ventilated. I try not to abuse them by leaving them on for extended periods of time.

I bought my PS3 80GB the day they came out and it's been great. I've never had any issues, never heard any strange noises. Yesterday I got home from work and fired it up. I was browsing the store when all of a sudden it shut off. I tried turning it on with the controller but got nothing, just blinking lights on the controller that show it's trying to aquire a signal. I went up to the PS3 and hit the power button. Fans started up, green light. That green light turned to a yellow light. Then the yellow light turned to a blinking red light. I tried letting it sit for a couple hours but that didn't work.

So I'm upset. I'm trying to be calm about the whole thing but I just lost several hundred dollars along with several hundred hours worth of game saves. I also lost my only means of playing PS2 games. The part I'm really kicking myself over is that I have PSN+ at the moment due to their welcome back program. I could have put all my saved games on the cloud at least.

Anyway, I have $300 in gift certificates to Best Buy that I WAS going to put towards a TV but now I'll be buying a new PS3. I'm going to try the hair dryer trick tonight to see if I can't get it started back up long enough to get my disc out and to backup my saves to the cloud and deactivate the system. We'll see though.

Life and other such things

Work is killing me. I haven't been around much, either here or the other forum I frequent. We brought in a new client that subjected me and another coworker to a series of tests to see who would do the better job on a project. I ended up "winning" which more or less meant I inherited an extra 20+ hours a week on top of my normal work load. I've been struggling to meet it and it is rare I even have a moment to breathe here lately. The days where I think "Finally, I can spend 8 hours on this and be almost half way done for the week on this god forsaken project" are the days where I get hit by 2 or 3 other projects from our main client. I'm about 70% done with it now, and I've only used half of the hours we contracted for so I suppose that's good at least. This will all die down in a couple weeks and things will be back to normal but at the moment I'm tired of being stressed out every day. I like leaving for the day knowing I've accomplished and finished something. Having a project looming over my head for weeks at a time makes me feel disgusting and a little guilty that it isn't finished yet.

Also, I'm sick of being sick. This winter was brutal. I don't often get sick and when I do it's usually the on my hands and knees praying to the porcelin god every 30 minutes kind of sick. Now that I have a kid though, I'm learning why people refer to them as walking buckets of disease. It feels like I'm sick every couple weeks and I'm fairly sure Jake has had a cold since November. He was just getting over it but now he's completely screwed again. Poor kid can't breathe out of his nose and when he cries it sounds hoarse. He seems better today so hopefully he'll be over it soon. I picked up something as well, although it isn't what he had. It felt like someone had stabbed me in the stomach yesterday along with being light headed all day. I'm better today but I have a headache now, I'm still trying to figure out what it was.

On the positive side, I'm losing weight. I used to be in shape. I was on a good diet and worked a mindless job where I unloaded trucks every night. I was quite built and felt good. Then I got a desk job and learned that when I'm stressed or bored, I eat. I eat and eat and eat. I was getting no exercise and things are going badly for me. My family has a history of heart disease so I'm scared to death about that. My father died from it when I was 9 and I would prefer not do that to Jake. So I've started eating differently and working out. I've lost just short of 30 pounds now and feel great.

Anyway, obligatory picture of my son:

Jake's 1st birthday

Well, my kid is a year old now. It seems like just the other day I was posting on here talking about his birth. It's interesting to see how far he's come. He babbles a lot, Dadda and some kind of "DEW" that he yells a lot while pointing. His favorite game is having shouting matches with me where we both steadily increase our volume while Kristen stares at us like we're both insane. He's starting to walk now which is great for reasons that will come to me. The cats give us looks like "Oh great, you taught it to walk. I'm going to go piss on your couch". We had birthday party at a club house we rented out. About 50 people came and it was great. The only problem is that now we have more toys than we know what to do with along with two HUGE stuffed animals that are almost bean bags

Well, that didn't last long.

I'm already bored out of my skull with Cataclysm. As I stated previously I only get a couple hours to play, if that each night. Currently it takes me about 30 minutes to get into a dungeon. Then the chances that we'll actually complete the instance without the entire group dropping is about 50/50 so far. I've accomplished absolutely nothing and I have nothing to do except daily quests. This on top of all of my friends who had come back slowly leaving again one by one, I'm just done. I regret dropping the $65.

I'm back on my PS3 working on Assassins Creed 2 which is one of the best games I've ever played. I am looking forward to getting back into the trophy hunting. If anyone wants to add me my PSNID is the same as my GS username.

Warcraft: Part 2

I've been playing on my PS3 for months now and feeling awesome about it without even thinking about WoW. I was able to finally step away from it for my longest absence so far and have felt no desire to return. I even laughed about it a little, wondering how I got so caught up in that game. I had my account active still, simply to take part in the holiday stuff since I find that fun every year. I'd log on for my hour a night, do the holiday daily quests, chat a little with some old friends but then I'd be done with it.

I heard Cataclysm was being released and I've been keeping up with it on mmo-champion out of curiosity. I thought it all sounded great, but still no desire to return. The Worgen interested me but then I reminded myself that I had nobody to play with since my guild had left for Starcraft 2. The changes to talents and attributes got my attention, but only because of how much they're dumbing it down for this expansion. The dark phoenix mount made my pants tighter for a few minutes but I got over it. I have my list of trophies on my PS3 I want to bang out and I've been content with that addiction since it doesn't cost me $15 a month and social time with my family.

I logged on last night, JUST TO PEEK at how the world had changed, and maybe to see a Worgen or two running around. I didn't go to bed until 2am. Seriously, f*** you Blizzard. I'm giving you the middle finger so hard right now that you might be able to see it in California. I don't know how you do it but you seem to appeal to me on an almost sexual level. I saw a DK Worgen /roar emote in front of me and I can't remember being that turned on. Not turned on as in "I want to have beastial sex with your pixels", but turned on as in "Well yes, now that you ask, I COULD see myself enjoying a constant state of pleasure running around as a Worgen and doing absolutely nothing else". The gear looks amazing. The Wrath gear looked like such garbage but now we've gone back to the flashy omg-will-you-bear-my-children gear.

I don't have time for you Blizzard, I really don't. I hear you calling me to me in that french maid/school girl uniform to come play with you, but I just can't. I get maybe an hour to myself every night and I'll be damned if I spend it on you over the mountain of unfinished PS3 games I have. My PS3 loves me, she treats me well. She's always there for me when I need her whereas you're gone on Tuesdays doing God knows what with your servers. She doesn't charge me money for her services. She looks sexy all the time and never complains about me not having enough energy.

So yes. I may have been 10 seconds from ordering you digitally last night because I needed you so badly I couldn't be bothered with driving to Best Buy. Yes, your Worgen and Dark Phoenix mounts and awesome elemental themes make me feel like I don't deserve you. I'm putting my foot down though and I am not purchasing you.

Irresponsible People

I don't have a ton of money, neither does my wife. So when it came time to look for a daycare we went with pretty much the cheapest we could find. The woman seemed nice enough and said she had been doing it for 20 something years. We got positive feedback from a couple of her clients as well. There were little things that bothered us like the fact that her basement is absolutely disgusting. Broken tiles everywhere, unfinished walls and ceiling, just kind of gross. The upstairs part of her house was fine though and we figured he'd be spending most of his time up there anyway since he's an infant.

Anyway, I came in the door yesterday to pick him up after work and was greeted by his babysitter who was holding another baby. She attempted to put this baby into my child seat. Her daughter stopped her, telling her that she had the wrong baby but not before all of the red flags and alarms in my head went off. I asked where Jake was and she leaned over and picked him up off the floor where he had apparently been hanging out with no supervision. That seems mild enough, I'm sure I'd make the mistake now and then too since babies kind of look alike after a while.

The problem is that she then proceded to tell me about the "adventure" he had that day. I thought she was going to tell me that he went through a bunch of diapers, or that the little girls there had dressed him up or something. No, she told me that he fell down a flight of stairs because he crawled over there on his own and pushed himself over. Keep in mind my son is 7 months old. She knows he can army crawl but she left the door wide open anyway. There were no apologies, nothing. As I was standing there, trembling in rage, her daughter tried to make me feel better by saying "Oh, it happens to all the kids here at least once or twice."

Now... I don't know if I'm overreacting, but I got home, told my wife, and as she burst into tears I started calling around. I found another daycare and we're starting there on Wednesday. We checked Jake over from head to toe many times and he is fine. There no bruises, no cuts, no bumps. She said he was fine within a minute or two after falling down and he seemed just fine all night. I called the nurse line and they told me a few things to watch out for but from what I said that he was probably ok.