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Is anyone up to making a clown doom mod. Clowns with shotguns and chainsaws or daggers. Or can someone make a halo mod? Post me a link to the mod and join my union. If your up to it make a quake one weapons mod!

DOOM the Best Game Ever!

Doom was the best first person shooter ever in the 90s. People may ask why but I know the answer. When playing Doom for just a second you realize the graphics suck, and you can't look up and down, suck it up. Without this game there would be know Quake, Halo, Call of Duty, and other first person shooters. If you never played this game I command you to play it and love it. Zdoom is a doom port that allows you to look up and down using the mouse and lets you sidestep with the keyboard. If you grew out of Doom get Zdoom its free and easy to get. Also if you get a program called Doom Builder you can completly make your own levels. There is so much you can do. If your too lazy to make a level download one from one of the many doom comunities. There is another program called XWE that allowes you to script and make new enemies and monsters. Don't limit yourself go and get Doom.

Halo 1, 3, 4, and Reach (Bungie Too)

Halo Questions (In General) -It's getting old why so many? -Is Halo 4 worth it? No flood or covenent? -Why did Bungie take the good stuff away from Halo Reach? Halo Combat Evolved AND Annivsary I'm happy. I want the new version of the game but I'm wondering if It's going to have changes. Besides graphics. I hate when people remake games and its nothing the same. Example: Mario 64 and then Mario 64 DS where they made other characters and deleted the peach room. Anyways Halo was a great game and I always whished people would play online no one ever did though. So now I hope people are going to buy the new game and play it online. Halo 3 This was very well made the best in the series (I never played Halo Wars or Halo 2). Dual weilding and new grenades were ultimate. The game never got old although the story made no sense. It pissed me off when Cortona talked about crap that made no sense. Ohwell matchmaking was 10/10 stars. Halo Reach Garbage from the start and the end. Sorry Bungie but that was a horrible way to end your carrer with Halo. Halo 4 Read my first blog for info on Halo 4

Halo 4

Halo 1, and 3 were great they had so many weapons (HALO 3 did not halo 1) and grenades to use. Halo Reach brought some amazing graphics, animations, and armory customization BUT, Halo Reach's Maps, weapons, and armor abilities sucked. What I want is no sprint and to bring back some Halo 3 maps and Bloodglutch from Halo 1. I also want an armory like Halo Reach but I also want to customize my Elite. Who agrees on the return of the Fire bomb, Smg, items (instead of ablities), Spike grenades, and choppers? I DO!