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Although I've wanted to try hookah. I need to before leaving for the Army...

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The gpu being clogged with dust can't be it (or overheating) because I've blown them out, checked temps, and it still plays MUCH more intensive games like SCII like a dream. At least I'm not the only one experiencing this!

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I'm not sure what's up with my PC, but when I play games that I downloaded from Steam (Dead Space, F.E.A.R.) the screen will freeze with what I can only describe as "rainbow static" and then hard-reset.

This is confusing because all my drivers are up to date, my temps are fine, and the games are fairly old. The PC plays WoW and SCII totally fine on very high graphics settings so I'm not sure what the problem may be. Any help is much appreciated.

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The more OT changes, the more it stays the same...I took a long break from this place!

As far as smoking, I do it ocassionally when the stress builds up. I'll go a few months, then smoke maybe a pack over 2 weeks, then go back to not smoking. I've stayed with that cycle for about 5 years since graduating high school.

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I say go for it! I signed up for a Kendo class because I wanted to try a martial art, but I really wish I would've tried something hand-to-hand. I'll be looking for a BJJ class near me now, seems like a martial art that's actually...I don't know, useful in this century? Haha.

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Well...I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that people who get drunk on New Year's Eve, do it because it's a good time. If you don't understand it, then just don't do it and stop worrying about it.

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If I'm actually drinking vodka on the rocks (a rarity) then I actually enjoy Ketel One. It has an interesting flavor/after taste that I enjoy. Most commonly I'm mixing vodka though, which at that point I can't discern that much difference between a $10 bottle and a $30 bottle.

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I do want to join (Infantry). Protecting the country is one, making a differance, and I just can't see myself in any other job.

Good for you, joining up soon? I believe my physical testing and going over contract will be within the month.
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It's very much targeted towards adults. Be prepared for a depressing read...there is practically no happiness. Ever. And when there is, it's only to trick you so that the next depressing thing can be even more depressing.

It's my favorite series though, so buy the first one to check it out!

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Yes, I'm in the process of enlisting with the Army right now (Intelligence field). I have a college degree and I see many benefits to enlisting (rather then going to OCS as everyone seems to think you should with a degree, but I won't list those reasons).

1) GI Bill will pay for a Master's degree down the line, OR I could have my Undergrad loans payed off.

2) I've wanted to serve my country for many years, and now I have the chance to.

3) The experience. Being in the military is a life experience I want.

4) I hate my current job and feel like I am contributing to nothing. At least in the Army I will have a feeling of serving something larger than myself.

5) Get out and see new places.

6) Meet loads of different people from all over the place.

7) Pride (tied in with #2)

Those are a few of the reasons, but there are in fact many more. I'm hoping to leave for Basic by next July.