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Time for a Mario Bros 2?

With the recent release of the New Super Mario Bros. for Wii U, it is hard not to notice the mixed feelings from Mario fans. Some love the game, some don't, some just down right hate how it is like so many other Marios before it. I personally have not had a chance to play it my self, but, I am sure I will enjoy it for what it is. Mario games are very much for the younger generation at this point. Not so much tailored to appease the demands of the maturing generations that have already played many Mario Games. To them, Mario is failing to evolve, but for the current 7 year old boys and girls, this game is a fantastic journey. Is that not what Mario is about? Having fun, letting younger kids play games that don't involve blood and gore?

Why is the generation I am involved with, and the one before mine, so hurt about the lack of evolving for Mario? Though, that is not what I am trying to get at with this post. What I wanted to say, is, perhaps it is time for another mistake. When people remember Super Mario Bros. 2 for the original Nintendo system, they remember something so drastically different from the original Mario Bros. Game. It delt with strange new ways to jump, picking up enemies, plants, finding secret doors, and the random out taking of Bowser all together. Peach was not even kidnapped, she was a choosable character, (a pretty bad ass one if you ask me, as well.) Why did people dis like it at the time? It was too different, too soon. While Japan had what we call now, The Lost Levels, we got Mario Bros. 2. (Possible spoilers)

This game not only changed the game play, but it made Mario's new adventure into a dream....literally. You would beat the game, and be treated to a picture of Mario sleeping. Now, this was later fixed with Mario Brothers 3, which in my opinion is the best mario game of all time. Even better than Mario World for Super Nintendo. I got thinking though. Is it time for something so drastically different from Mario? Can gamers of this generation, and the generations past, enjoy a new twist on something that has not been tampered with? I'm not talking about making a Mario game in a 3D playing field like Galaxy. I'm talking about doing away with Bowser, the goombas, everything that is familiar. Maybe even make Bowser a playable character like they did with Toad, and Peach in Mario 2.

Introduce new villians. Someone that Bowser does not even like. Keep it kid friendly still, and possibly even have the last world be a twist where Bowser kidnaps Peach anyway and the last 5 levels is about tracking him down. If there was 8 worlds, I would love for 7 of them to be about a new villian. I want to be able to pick up enemies again and throw them around as Bowser. Maybe that would be his special ability? Heck, how about we forget Mario all together and make the game ABOUT Bowser.

Super Bowser Bros, staring Bowser and his Kids. A twist story line where Peach is missing, a new Villian is taking over, and Bowser just stands his ground by believing that only HE is the original Boss of Mario, and only he can steal the princess. Admitting that stealing her, and Mario getting her back, was what makes him get up in the morning! Now if you excuse me, I'm going to make a time machine and go to a time where this game happens....

The Human Condition.

This doesn't have anything to do with gaming, or movies, or frankly even books. This is what came to mind this morning, when the birds were singing and the sun was being a jerk like it did every morning past. It shined it's rays of light into my eyes as they were just adjusting, to the difference in my room. I went to go check my phone for texts like I'm sure any person does these days in the age of communication. I noticed I had one, and it was from my EX. She was going on about how I no longer needed her, because she saw a picture of me at a party with two other women. It came to my attention at that specific moment in time, that I realized I was doing something completely different than what nature indended me to do.

I was lugging my ex around, as a remnant of the past. We had been broken up for years, but we never went seperate ways. We never did anything more than friends. Occasionally hanging out, playing games, so on. Though it finally sunk in, which is actually quite embarrasing for being a man of my age, that if I didn't cut her away from my self, I would never heal. So as I was reading the angry text message, an inner happiness grew inside of me. It brough a smile to my face when surely it was more suited to bring anger to it. The anger field message was filling me with a spark, like ammunition for a machine gun. I use to go by a motto in high school that if you over stepped your boundary, I would cut you lose from me. Like a samurai cutting off an infected limb. I was ruthless, unkind, but yet I had so many friends. Reading that message seemed to bring that spark of memory back for a split second. I had flash backs of these past few years, of how weak I was.

Like a pheonix, I stood from the ashes, and like a samurai, I drew the familiar blade that delt with so many others. I said I was sorry, not to anyone, but perhaps my self. Sorry for being too slow, and too weak to get my dreams under my belt. So when that "blade" was drawn fully to the air, I felt my old armour breaking off and swimming away in the wind. I was reborn, and I wasn't a samurai, or a pheonix, but just a normal man with something he had to do. That was ok though, it seemed like a pretty ok trade. Give my self away to an old ambition, for promise of a future with nothing holding me down like iron shackles for a dead man.

I thought about it for all of five seconds, before I cut those bonds away. I could see the memories of past events leaking into nothingness like a cut of a finger in water. I don't know if I cried, but I know I hit the ground with my knees as if I weighed that of a building, but i know if I did cry, it was probably tears of joy. It looked beautiful, the memories fading away like snow flakes reflecting moon light. It was done, it was over. Get to your feet I said to my self. It seemed as if I was under 300 times the earth's gravity as I forced my self to stand, knowing if I did, I would be a new man. It wasworthit. Even if all my bones were broken by the time I was done. I wasn't going to be a prisoner anymore, and eventually I stood tall once again.

When the struggle in my mind was done, I opened my eyes, and it was like I had a voice that said, "Welcome back"

SH: Downpour Review

Silent Hill: Downpour sets it self a bit higher than Homecoming in terms of music, art, graphics and also game play. The storyline also really shines in this one, having quite a nice multi-ending. One of which is kind of an easter egg, very short, but also kind of cool. I will make this clear though. This game, like Homecoming, is far from perfect...but I love this game.

The storyline involves Murphy Pendleton, a prisoner that escapes thanks to a transfer bus that runs off the road to a tumbly twisty adventure. Murphy survives, and for awhile thinks he is the only one. Though as you go through you realize a female officer is after you. You meet her many times in the game and you sometimes wonder if this is just your SH trip or if she is having her own, (The answer isn'y as clear as you think though..) As you go through the game you learn more about the female officer and Murphy, and trust me, if you think you know where the game is going like I did, you will probably be surprised. You get little pieces of information through the game like newspaper clippings that tell you the REAL ending to the game even if you get the bad one, you should be able to understand which one is real, the good or bad.

Sadly the game suffers from the same thing Double Helix's Homecoming did. A vague character set up. At one point you meet a character and then he gets taken away along with another. You meet Character B again but you never see Character A at all, even though you believe he is important. The game makes you feel like he will help you in your journey only to be left in the rain, (haha pun....sorry.) Is this a fault? I'd say in any other type of game it would be very dis-jointing. For Silent Hill though it is passable, but still annoying.

Music takes an interesting change in direction for the better. Instead of having a lot of random sounds and clanking of metal, it replaces it with a very mellow dramatic tune which works great. It adds a sense of terror but also innocence to the entire game. That's what I felt from Murphy, he is innocent inside but also full of terror. He is capable of doing things...murdering..surviving. This entire time you question your self if he is honest as he pleads he is not guilty, or just a very good liar. One part in the game is also very nice and chilling, which involvesa play in an orphanage. Sent chills down my bones with the mixture of child opera music and rusty rooms.

Graphics and art direction are fantastic though not with out their problems. Murphy's clothing bends and molds to the movement of his body quite nicely and the rain or wetness absorbs into the fabric to give that balance sense of a true downpour. You actually believe you are in a situation of extreme water which is very important for what this game is trying to make you feel, (The sensation of drowning under all of your guilt or confusion.) Like I did mention before though, the graphics make the game chug at times. For the PS3 version, the one I played, it fully installs to the HDD (I know this because as I play the Blu-ray stops spinning in the drive and is replaced with the low hum of the hard drive ticking.) Though even with this, it still needs time to load rooms, with out the help of a loading screen. This seems like a smooth idea but this game is much more pleasing to the eye than Homecoming, and with that brings a lot of moments of extreme chugging. It's important to know though that this never ruins the game and combat never suffers.

Speaking about the combat, it is typical Silent Hill. If you are expecting some great shooting mechanics or hand to hand, please look elsewhere. This is not Resident Evil and it is not trying to be an action game. The combat in this game serves it good enough and I found the entire play through to be easy enough. The combat never once hindered me at all.

Vatra games has done a better job of catching the Silent Hill feeling with out completely ripping off any other Silent Hill formula. I'm talking about Nurses, Pyramid Head, and the other things Homecoming (From Double Helix) ripped off from the movie. Though can you really blame them for looking to other sources to make a Silent Hill game? I would imagine a lot of R & D would have to be done to be able to craft something convincing enough. Another nice to know fact would be that Downpour does not suffer from any major game breaking glitches (That I ran into at least) unlike Homecoming from which I ran into two game breaking glitches in total.

I'm not trying to destroy Homecoming, I'm honestly not. I actually enjoy it quite a lot. I'm just saying if you had any major grips with Homecoming, they were properly handled in Downpour. Any Silent Hill fan that has been waiting for the next journey to their favorite little town will be happy to know that this game offers more Silent Hill exploring than possibly any of the older games did. Now if it does it as well is up to you.

For my final say, from one Silent Hill fan who has played them all many times over, well down Vatra. You are not Team Silent but you are pretty darn close! My hat's off to you!

8/10 Final Say

Silent Hill: Homecoming review.

Yeah this is an older game, and yes it was not the most popular. So why am I reviewing it now? Well the truth is, because I love Silent Hill and I think it's time for me to express my self to any who will listen. The game got generally low to medium reviews. The 6/10 range. It had a lot of problems for technical issues, bland story line and graphical glitches. The characters were not as remarkable and things were generally easier to forget after you played it. So why do I still play this game? Now just like any of my other reviews, this is not a normal review. It is mostly me just expressing my opinions on the game and the material it offers.

Now to start, I can see the graphics are not the best, and I can hear that the music isn't as great as the older ones. Though there is just a charm to it that I can not place properly. I will not lie and say this game is the best in the series because it just simply is not. Though I still love it.

The story line is simple enough. You (Main character) go to your home town after serving in a war. You find out that crazy **** is happening. You slowly unravel the mystery and you are the center piece of it. I don't really want to give the names out or any more details for the key reason that the story just does not have a lot of meat on it. If you are planning to play the game you should go in knowing as little as possible about the story, just be prepared to not be thrilled or amazed at how simple it is. Think of a pizzapocket version of Silent Hill 1,2,3. Compared to them, which are full pizzas.

Graphics are mixed so badly in this game from good to bad that you would think they just forgot to make half of the game and rushed to complete it a few days from launch. The main character is good enough but some of the enemies fall so flat on their head they almost kill them selves. (Skinless dogs, I'm looking at you.) Some of the other characters like the repair shop guy is just....oh man I can't even word. Such bad facial expressions. I get it, these are not important characters, but can't you throw them a damn bone or something?

Combat has never been a strong form in Silent Hill games. Anyone who says other wise is just fooling them selves. Shooting was sloppy in SH1. Hitting someone with an object was messed in SH3. The main objective of Silent Hill is to RUN. Survive, do not fight the entire enemy army by your self. This isn't a force that is made through training or experiments, these are the souls of evil things.

I feel like I could go on and on about this games faults. Trust me, there's a ton of them. I just wanted to say that well this game has it's list of issues, it is still a Silent Hill game. Not the best, possibly the worst, but still worth playing in my eyes. If only for the fact that you haven't played it before and might just form a weird, non sense connection to it like I have. I give it a 6.5 to a 7.0. It's pretty rough, and has game breaking glitches in it (Two of them I ran into my self) But boy isn't it fun as ever to get sucked into a twisted world?

Final Fantasy 8: Worst battle system ever?

All through my final fantasy gaming life, I always loved Final Fantasy VIII. I'm not sure what really pulled me towards it when Final Fantasy VII was also a very good game, and I loved the characters for 7. Sephiroth was such a good villian, so much so that people also compare him to Kefka be it bad or good it is still a sign of Sephiroths pressence to be compared to another great villian in FF history. Though when Final Fantasy 8 came out and I rented it from the local block buster, I was never more excited. The opening video, the music, graphics, story. It had such a personal message burried inside of it. I felt as though most of the haters just chose to view Squall as a whiner (Though let me remind you, Squall is 17-18 years old with no parents and all alone in the world up until the game...think about it), but really the story was about forming bonds and over coming something unstoppable.

Another thing that people usually dislike is the battle system. This is what really confuses me more than anything else. The Junction System was designed to give you total control over your characters abilities and stats. A lot of gamers these days complain of games not letting you make your character the way you want them to be. Some games today do a great job of that like Skyrim. This is what boggles my mind. A battle system came out in 1999 which allowed you to do just that, make a character the way you want them to be.

If I so wanted to, I could have made Rinoa do direct damage, and make Squall focus on doing poison or sleep with every attack. I could boost everyones HP up to a high number when they are only level 20. Fighting a boss that does a lot of ground damage? Prepare your characters for that. Using the Junction system properlly would bend the game to your very will. So why is it that a lot of people use this as the main complaint? Did they just not get it? Was it too complicated? I beat the game when it first came out in 1999. I'm 23 now in 2012. If a young gamer could do it with no help what so ever then I'm sure others can today.

FF8 will always be my favourite including the battle system..I just wish more people would give it a second chance.

Alarm Story

Ok so, for today's blog it might be more of a story. It's kind of funny, it just happened to me yesterday night. I was closing the video game store that I work at, making sure everything was ready for the place to be on lock down. My fellow worker with me that night was helping me. When everything was ready I put the alarm start up code in as the alarm system gave us some time to get out before it fully activated. We get out and lock the door behind us as it locks down. Then my fellow worker says she left something in side. With a chuckle and a shrug I explained we have to wait at least a minute for the alarm system to be ready to be disarmed (With out blasting it's alarm the second the door opens.)

After the wait, I unlock the door as we proceed into the store and disarm the system. She gets what she left behind, as I turn to put the code in to re set the alarm. Though sadly, one of the number buttons got jammed. It just so happened to be the number 1. The reason why this is important is because if you put the number 1 four times into the system, it does a default alarm set. (Though you still require a unique code to disarm it depending on who is doing it) The number 1 key was jammed in and put it self into the system. By the time I unjammed the button, the system locked down with no warning. Me and my partner were stuck in a situation where the alarm can't be disarmed unti; the door is opened.

We break out into laughter because now we are standing in a store with a motion tracking device. She is losing her **** more than I am, but I tryto explain to her that she needs to shimmy towards the door very slowly in order to open the door (which will trigger the systems deactive mode) She can't help but laugh more. We felt like we were in some type of mission impossible situation, and the funny part is the thing she left behind was just a food container. She finally caught her breath and stopped laughing. I asked if she was ready to go. I told her on the count of three move to wards the door very slowly. As soon as she just moved an itch the alarm went blaring, which caught the attention of the near by pizza store. I disarmed the system quickly but that didn't stop people from checking into our store to make sure it wasn't being robbed.

So after feeling like complete idiots but having a good laugh, we moved towards the car. Just to put icing on the top the door wouldn't open for me. We had to spend time knocking the door and shifting it for it to finally open. Though we laughed all the way home, I have to say. They really need to make those buttons not stick so easily. It was like a calculater button.

Does anyone have any good stories?

Updates Feb 20th 2012

I would like to do a few things in this blog post.

First, I'd like to update and say I'm going to try and do a bit more active things on this sight. I have gone through some recent moments in my life, and I feel the best way to either take my mind off of them, or to express them, or heal them, would be to infact become more social. So I'm going to try and do a few more blogs more recently, (seeing as the ones I do tend to get some small positive feed back from the low amount of people that care about what I write).

The second thing is to start a new idea for a show, that I might try to get on youtube so and so. I will update my blog with information about this show when I finish my brain storm of idea's. It won't be video game related fully, but I'd say a good 75 % of it will be. These episodes will also be blogged here to give links and or just write about it to inform.

The third thing is of course this blog. I want to talk about the human behaviour. I will raise a simple question to any reader that see's this. I'd love to also read the answers. The question is this. If years ago, your girl friend (or boy friend) let's say, writes you a letter. This letter contains information about how loyal they are, how they are always yours, you know what I mean. Of course, you find this letter many years after you were dumped or you broke up with them. Upon finding this piece of crafted paper, do you feel sad. mad? What do you do, and what do you target your inner emotions too? Do you get mad at the person who wrote you the letter, do you get mad at the letter it self, or perhaps do you get mad at your self?

Do you think of this as a lie? Do you think that the person lied to you about always being together or can you forgive this person and move on, chalking it up to a simple conclusion that time changes everyone? If anyone read's this, I'd love to hear your take on what I just wrote. In the mean time, I will blog again soon.

I shall save you from your opinion!

This isn't going to be a long post, it's not going to have flashy pictures, or diagrams. No links to outside websites, or anything to further expand my views or ideas. No, in fact, this is going to be small, like a tiny dot on a screen, when a pixel burns out. The only reason why I'm writing this, is because i was sitting here minding my own business, when, something that has been on my mind, recently suddenly exploded. Through the smoke, a manifestation of said opinion, was finally put into words. To properly translate this, I'm going to list the possible lay outs of fans, to their respective company name brand, that they so choose to support, and before I get into this, let me state that in no way am I implying that any company is above another, and it is your choice, as a gamer, to have a home you enjoy.

First, let us start with Nintendo. Though I choose Sony as my main console brand, I actually first started with a Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Mario Brothers, and, not so much related, but a Sega Game Gear with Sonic 2. Say what you will, but Nintendo was the one soul force that made gaming survive. They had help, but they were the tip of the sword, flying through the flames like a phoenix, and in it's claws it carried all the other name brands into the blue sky where fresh air filled their lungs. They always offered the best in products. Heck, my original NES still works flawlessly. Their first party games, are still AAA titles, no matter how you look at them. It carries on to this day, with the Nintendo DS and the most recent product soon to come out, 3DS. They might not have the best graphics, but their charm is still there, and will always have a place in my heart, even if I turn on my PS3 or 360 more than my Wii.

It makes sense that the fan-base of Nintendo, consists of people that have always been with Nintendo from the starting, and the younger gamers. No, this is not an insult, go Nintendo, you crazy Japanese warlords, because that is what you are! Make the games that you know you shine at. Make more Mario, more Zelda. We don't need blood and gore in our games to enjoy them. If I ever get a need for blood, I have Madworld, and I'm not sure about other people here at Gamespot, but that game is possibly one of the goriest I have ever had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into.

Next up is Sony and the Playstation. This is where I am from, this is my home. I enjoy the blu-ray player, I enjoy Killzone, Uncharted, God of War, and the over all design of all Sony Products. I like the controller, I like the PSP( GASP ) and I just feel like I belong here. Is it because I'm obsessed with the name Sony? Perhaps so, perhaps not, I don't know and honestly I don't care. The fan-base for Sony is often labeled as, "Those who follow words" What that means, is that Sony is known as the company to say their products will do one thing, but doesn't end up doing it too well. This is actually true, in a way, but I don't see it as a fault. Go ahead, call me a blind fan boy if you will, but I honestly never see an issue in the Sony Products, through a gaming perspective, hardware wise, that is different, and same with software wise. I enjoy my Monster Hunter on the PSP, just as much as I enjoy Killzone on my ps3. Though in no way am I blind to the issues.

Sure, the PS3 has bricked systems with an update, same as PSP systems have bricked randomly. They get knocked for this, but let me ask you, does the XBOX not have issues? Does the Wii not have problems? PC's godly and immune to all disease? I don't think so..but I'm not saying that the other platforms are bad for their problems. I'm just saying, everything has issues, and every company can sometimes bend the truth.

Microsoft is up now, but I'm not going to talk about Windows, that is something all on it's own. Since they don't have a handheld, yet anyway, they really only have the XBOX 360 and the Zune. Zune isn't really a gaming platform so much, so let's just stay with the 360. Now, let me get it out of the way, yes, the 360 has had major issues with the Red Ring...we get it. Everyone knows this now, and it's time to move on. The new 360 slim is upon us, and isn't it wonderful! The Red Ring (dot?) issue has been greatly addressed and fixed better then ever before attempted. The Fan-base of the 360, is often seen as the on-line crazies. That is not an insult though, it's just an observation. Let's not beat around the bush here, I can admit, the 360 on-line population is vast, and games on XBOX and PS3, see a longer life span (on-line anyways) on the 360 more times then not. Come on you crazy K/D ratio hunters, roar proudly. You are like the muscle of the gaming community. You punch each other in the face, then lick up the blood and have a long conversation about how it tasted.

You are strong willed, and often times, you get into arguments with PS3 fans, and the other way around. Not saying that PS3 fans can't be brawly as well, but it's just a known fact that more people play on-line on Xbox, simply because more Xbox's are out there, and I have seen some pretty extreme debates on-line between 360 and PS3 owners, each side having their fair share of victories. Hold on though..back up, this is where my actual opinion comes in.

For one second, stop fighting each other. Stand still, and listen to the quiet echos of the battlefield. I don't know how many will read this, or if it will actually get out into the Gamespot community, but look around. This is no longer the gaming paradise we once had. When everyone was playing the original Atari, or the first Mario, or the first Sonic. Sure, we had differences, but with out the Internet like we have now, wars didn't break out between the three giants. I browsing the Internet a few hours ago, and I got into a debate. One side was saying how the PSP2 will fail because people want to have fun, and not shiny graphics. Some people were slamming the Wii for having bad third party games, some people were slamming the 360 for having noisy online.

Wait though, what if someone has fun with shiny graphics? What if that is what Sony fans want? Don't label them as blind followers, because I can speak on my behalf, that the ability to play ps3 like graphics on a handheld is pretty spiffy! The Wii, yes, does have it's track record of having some bad games, though that is not the Wii, or Nintendo's fault. What are they going to do? Hold every ones hands and show them how to make good games? They have their own products to look after, and need to insure their own production values are high. You can kind of view Nintendo as supporting the Wii all on their own, where as PS3 and 360 has healthy supplies of third party games. The 360, like I said before, we all know now the 360 has had it's problems, but they are gone now, or at least better than before. The online community has noisy kids, and lots of swearing, but suck it up butter cup, this is war we are talking about as you storm into an enemies base in Call of Duty. Haha, just kidding, I understand that it can become annoying, but you can just as easily ignore someone, go into a game with friends, or find another game in general. A lot of people talking on-line, lots of younger gamers, and the such, is the price you pay for having such a popular network of people.

In the end, all I'm saying is, you don't need to save anyone from their own opinion, you don't need to see the things you see, you don't need to take a Sony fan and make them see the Xbox as the holy gospel. You don't need to convince Xbox fans that their system will explode while they are sleeping and that the PS3 is built like a BMW, because a BMW is a car, not a gaming system. Though I'm sure if they had a gaming system, it would suck. Kind of like the CD-i. Harhar, just joking again. As for the Wii, leave them alone, if the fans want what they have, let them enjoy it. We don't need to make the Wii into a PS3 or 360 and chuck it up full of gore filled games. On the flip side of the coin, if the particular fan base, wants something on their own home turf to change, that is different, and they should fight for it. Most importantly though, and the biggest thing that needs to be said. My home is Sony, but Microsoft, Nintendo, you are free to visit anytime you want, because in a whole, we are all the same thing...gamers, and it's the diversity that drives this big, crazy, hobby. So root for your home team, support it, but let's stop trying to destroy each other.

P.S: Ooops, maybe it did get a bit long..

P.S.S: What do you get when you eat all the potatoes? They're all gone! (ten points if you get the reference)

Monster Hunter, oh how I love you.

I recently wrote a review for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the PSP, (it's not there yet I don't think, it better show up, what ever.) In the review, I pointed out that I love, respect, and honor what Monster Hunter has done, and that in a blog id actually explain that in detail, so here I am.

First let me say that I am not blinded by my own guilty pleasure, I can tell that Monster Hunter has many issues in the sense that the combat can make you want to rip your hair out, that most games are just updates off of an older version, and so on. I give most every MH game an 8.5, for the average gamer, but for me, Monster Hunter is 9.5 and higher, why? Because I believe, fully, that well we have games like Final Fantasy, Draqon Quest and other great RPGS pushing the RPG genre, and then we have Halo, Half Life 2, and so on, pushing FPS, I feel that Monster Hunter has pushed adventure further then most games have. I know that Zelda games are awesome, but just there is something that MH gives you that no other game does in this genre, and that's the feeling of godlyness.

Monster Hunter is the type of game, that when you start it up for the first time, select new game, you are going to be worthless technically. You will have the hardest time killing things, you will have no gear, no money, no wisdom, and most of all, no understanding of the complex game that is Hunting monsters. If you are fearless enough, and have enough patience, then you can get all the way to the ending where you face off against such creatures known as Fatalis, and more. These ending monsters have god like status as well, which makes the battle, either alone or with friends, such a moment that it's hard to describe. It's like you have finally arrived, here you are, against the big cheese, no games anymore. He won't run, he wants you dead. Though this isn't the only thing I mean by god like status for you.

It also goes hand and hand that once you have become so great in the game, gone so far, that if you look back at the troubles that were, at once impossible, they are now so easy that you do them just for parts or money. The best moment ever is when you partner up with true noobs to the series. To you, they are the fragments of your past, reminding you of what you once had to go through. All their complaining, all their anger was once yours. When they meet the Rathalos for the first time, and you are standing beside them, not even flinching, it truly does make you feel like, you are some type of warrior that no one can mess with. It might sound pathetic, to be talking about a game in such a passionate way, but perhaps that is the mystery to why some people simply don't get Monster Hunter.

In the end, to best describe it, it's as if Monster Hunter is the best example of making you feel like a character, man or woman, that is unstoppable. When you pull your great sword, or gun lance, or fork and knife (ha) and take on the creatures before you, blocking their attacks and getting pushed far yet your armor makes it childs play, you recover with out a sweat, as your noob trainees are being thrown around. It makes you feel like a Solider First Class, like Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7, it makes you feel like a Captain in Bleach. Like a high rank ninja in Naruto, like Goku in Dragon Ball Z.

This is the passion that Monster Hunter gives, and I put my sword on the line that says, a good percentage of fans, that play Monster Hunter, all feel the same way. This is why I love Monster Hunter, I love seeing the reviewers give it 7 out of 10, or sometimes as low as 5. It shows they simply don't get it, and the game is far from broken if so many fans are enjoying it, here, or mostly in Japan. It is hands down one of the best selling games for PSP, and not because it's too hard or too broken. It's just simply seperating the weak people who can't enjoy a hard game, like the games of old, and the people who truly sink their teeth into it. The game has pulled no strings, it's hard, and it knows it, every MH game that has come out, has never made the game easier, or at least too much easier. I hope it doesn't become like some of the games that had almost impossible releases in the past, and then their counter parts in the now time are easy.

An example of another game that has remained hard, is Ninja Gaiden, though I still believe the original is far more difficult, or at least it was when first playing it. Either way, honestly, if you feel like you want to try out the world of Monster Hunter, give it a buy, Freedom Unite is only 39.99 here in Canada. It's not too expensive and it's a good side buy, compared to the games that are now 60+ dollars. If you get a wifi Max (not sure what that is, ask me) and Xlink Kai, you can play the game online, it's a 60 dollar tool but, it's only for the hard core fans so don't worry about it, but if you do give me a message. Though I'm mostly only interested in noobs since I have my own hunting party of higher levels. Either way, thats the world of Monster Hunter, it isn't going anywhere, and I never want it to.