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Criticize the military

Army of None

Support the troops who have the courage to resist

America has an obsession with the military, any kind of criticism tends to result in fanatical whining by the supporters. Its got to stop. Joining the military is a bad idea. Its a bad career move. Youll end up killing people who have nothing to do with 9/11, many of which who have nothing to do with anything at all (if wikileaks has proven anything)

Many of the people we are fighting are actually defending themselves from our aggressive foriegn policy, especially in regards to supporting Israel. Israel could be a good country in the region, but unfortunately the expansion efforts and overly aggressive aittitude continues to shape the region into the violent place we know it as.

I am not against the idea of military, but rather how ours is operated.

how to fix america

Raise taxes to around 80%, bring in more social programs so we can all share the wealth we collect.

College = free for everyone. This will stimulate minds, and create more innovations.

Free access to resources, and democratic control of the means of production. No more CEO's calling the shots, every worker decides their fate. No more"killer coke" so to speak. This will save jobs, because workers will not allow themselves to lose their own jobs. Another result of my ideal society is that people can work the jobs they choose to, in other words, the things you love doing will be your full time job. Like construction? Go do it. Like programming? Do it. Like teaching, or automotives? Do it as much as you want to. youll have access to the resources you need. This is not utopian. Conflicts will always exist.

Ragequitters on SF4

Unbelievably stupid

ever since i got to g1 ive been getting more rage quits on me.

if you rage quit, do everyone a favor, and quit playing sf4.

I got 2 in a row, and of course it was during the first match, so eventually i found someone who beat me, so i was the one who lost points

in ssf4 if you rage quit it should count as a loss. you should lose points if you quit, even if youre in g3