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Update on games I'm digging

With Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn just around the corner, I'm salivating.

Been playing Borderlands 2, which to my surprise was superior to the original. Guildwars 2, The Secret World, Madden 07, and SWTOR have also been loading for me lately as well. The Secret World has been a great find despite the bad reviews upon launch. Great story, killer cutscenes, and some of the better instances I've had the pleasure to run through.

Let's go FFXIV 2.0!!! 1.0 was turning into a real hoot there at the end, but was still shy of quality end game material. With 2.0 opening, I'm stoked to roll over a new toon and dig my way through the new content. Can't wait.

A chronicling of what I'm playing and why

I own a PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, and I play console games on a custom built AMD X4 3.6 gig which runs with a HIS Radeon 5830. My comp flat out pumps & the video card is more than enough power for any of my gaming requirements. I run games on Maximum resolution with a 20" monitor.

Game that I'm playing as of 2/11/11 are:

Call of Duty: Black Ops

This game is radical. It took everything Modern Warfare did and improved on it while making the online portion more competitive and engaging. This is a highly impressive title which should've won game of the year. No offense Red Dead, but Black Ops is a world beater.

Dragon Age Origins

This game took everything good about Oblivion and made it better while leaving out all the crap. At one point towards the end of my first time through, I actually remember hurrying through battles to get back to the dialogue!! Are you kidding!?? The game was that good when it came out, and when I put it back in, it still is. Hurry up EA and get that sequel out!


This game stunk to high heavens upon release, but is currently in the process of digging itself out from under the trash the original dev team piled up. It's getting better, and I'm really stoked to be part of the transition. It won't get back all the players that jumped ship, but hopefully it will come close and still make SE a ton of money. I'm on board, and I'm looking forward to more updates!!