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In your face Nintendo.WiiU

Join the club.......join the club of the ""

Be a member and win free bananas....

It is easy......

Just leave a "Wii" comment and win the prize. :cool:


10 Reasons Why Video Games Are Good

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1. Video games can make you more creative.

2. Video games can help improve your vision.

3. Video games can help improve your decision-making skills.

4. Video games improve your attention span.

5. Gaming can sharpen your memory.

6. Playing games can improve hand-eye coordination.

7. Video games make learning fun.

8. Video games help reduce pain.

9. Gaming makes you a better employee.

10. Video games strengthen familial bonds.

Do you agree..........??


PS3 have dominate this gen.....

by on games,sales and quality.PS3 have better games than XBOX360,with games like the Last of Us,the Uncharted games and God of War 3 the PS3 shining,and the PS3 have sell more than XBOX360.PS3 is the Winner of this gen....PS3 have dominate.

Thanks SONY......:cool:

My personal feelings for the Nintendo and WiiU after the Nintendo E3 2012.

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I am very disappointment.....goodbye for ever nintendo.WiiU is just the Wii of next gen.....and the WiiU it is not a next gen console.I will not waste my money on a nintendo system again.I will wait for the real next gen consoles the PS4/XBOX720 and i am already verry happy with the PS3/XBOX360.


PSVita is the best handheld system....ever.

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The PS Vita is the most powerful, dazzling and impressive handheld games console ever built.It packs not one but two quad-core processors, a sparkling 5-inch touchscreen OLED display, dual analogue stick controls and games that go way beyond what any other portable device is currently capable of.;)

The PS Vita has a larger display using OLED technology - games will look very good on the Vita. OLED screens have greater contrast, colors are more vibrant and blacks are blacker. Also OLED screens have a wide viewing angle and are bright with low power usage.


Incredible gaming,Solid construction,Brilliant screen,Dual analogue sticks and awesome sharp graphics.PS Vita: Is it the future of handheld gaming.