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Ghost Recon Future Soldier single player campaign review

Alright Folks in the good old words of the Joker, here we....go

So i just completed my play-through of GRFS. Now for starters I was a fan of the original GR games, so the Advanced Warfighter series were not my favorite but not bad games at all. As far as the story goes expect the same clancy-esk storyline. Something uber lethal is discovered by bad people and we have to find out who is at the end of the line. Add a hint of political drama and a pinch of revenge and voila! Another great Clancy tale is born....I actually do like his books and highly recommend then for a good read. There are a few cut-scenes in between missions that show you and your squads actions in the eyes of your usual grunt that are entertaining and actually made you wish they would get some recognition. This story also takes you all over the world from south America to Russia and all over Asia (middle eastern part of Asia) and Africa and more. Like most of today's games the single player is shafted by online and dumbed down to a mere 10 to 15 hours of game-play. Not Ubi's fault just the trend that gaming is taking. All in all it's a solid story and well paced but nothing groundbreaking.

Now game-play. So for those of you who played the other GR titles, are you ready for leading your team into action and taking command of tanks and helicopters? I hope not because your not even the team leader this time out. That's right, the A.I is your team leader so you take orders not give em, most fans are used to the latter. Now you do have some command to an extent like telling the squad where to focus fire and sync shots that we all saw in the trailers. As for movement and placement of ambushes and what route to take, the A.I's got that lock down. Now i believe this was done to simplify the game so you don't have to micro-manage like previous titles, but it just feels a bit too easy. Now the enemies A.I was impressive. Enemies will execute the Find, Fix, Flank routine very well and will succeed if you don't spot the maneuver in time and counter-act. The soldier with the light machine gunner will suppress you as the riflemen flank. They take cover quickly and are very precise when firing but not with superman accuracy. As for your own A.I they seem a bit overpowered. They can spot enemies from a great deal of distance and clear an area before you even get in it. Many time i was trying to figure out how many enemies were in the area and how to approach them only to hear a few shots are fired followed by radio chatter stating "Area is clear" but this is expected when your working with an elite team right? Midway through the game though you will be as quick as them. As for the gadgets they are plenty-full and very useful. From sphere sensors to UAV/UGV drones and EMP grenades, they all work wonderfully and are key to maintaining your "Ghost" status. But the Camo is definitely the coolest of all the gadgets. Nothing was better than sneaking up to your enemy and preforming a silent kill shot to then gracefully drop his body on the ground and disappear again. Now the camo on works when not firing and not standing, so running and walking un-crouched and shooting will cause your camo to wear off till you stop any of these actions. So what this means is your gonna spend a lot of time crouch walking every wear. Gunsmith was impressive to look at, and that was about it. Before each mission your weapons are already customized for that mission. And at the beginning almost everything is locked. To unlock the upgrades to your weapons you will need to complete challenges within the missions. A nice feature but seems a touch unnecessary.

Visuals are stunning. The environments are lush and full to give you the sens of immersion, And the areas are well depicted looking like what you would think that part of the world would look like in and out of war times. The lighting and textures are near impeccable. But the game does suffer from frame rate issues at certain points. At one point it just straight dropped to 4 or 5 fps for a few seconds. I'm Hoping that was only my console or something and it only happened once. Destructibility is there but not too noticeable unless you stay behind a certain object for cover too long.

Verdict: 8.5 out of 10

A solid outing for GRFS and a definite buy for fans of the series or those looking for a not too hard tactical shooters. No bugs or glitches that i came across in my play-through. One question to GR developers: Why is there always 2 "press start" screens and 2 loading screens in a ghost recon game!

Trying this again!

So here we go again.....round 2

Been gone for quite a while now and intend to bring all news relevant to military gaming and movies and so on. I do work in the industry of distributing these gems so sometimes I do get sneak-peaks! Don't get me wrong I'm a very low-ranking person and have no power in the industry. I have a Sony event coming up, so ill see what they have cooking in there labs. No worries mates I do plan to share it with you all.

As for now, in case you haven't heard... THE EXPENDABLES 2 is in production! The only time when its OK for men to love other men! Time drop the really tiny phonesand pink shirts and dub-step and become men again! EXPLOSIONS! Now the plot for the movie isn't very clear at this point but it seems to be heading in the direction of a revenge movie. The right, one of there own will die and they will seek revenge down to the last shell casing. This time around we have Jean-Claude Van Damme, Scott Adkins and Liam Hemsworth joining the cast for this gun fighting extravaganza. Bruce Willis and the governator himself , Arnold Schwarzenegger, are going to have much bigger roles this time around apparently. Oh and did i forget? CHUCK NORRISis also in it! That's right ladies and gents, the man that could walk into McDonald's and order a whopper and get one, is in this movie! Don't believe me? Check this teaser for yourself :

Well there ya have it for today's militainment, At easy!