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Bleach's anime actually ended?

Very quick post as i'm seriously in a rush but i hear, and when i say hear i mean read on the internet, that Bleach's anime has or will finish with 366 episodes... So my question is, if anyone can shed some light on it, are they just not bothering with the final arc? :/

Been way too long... I'm back :D

So erm... i dunno what to really put here it's been so long but i'm back (not that alot of you probably remember me). I'll update and stuff in ther next blog as i'm in abit of a rush but i'm gonna start reviewing and posting again :D.

Overall views on Fan Dubbing anime, Flash animations and Video Games.

OK so i don't get to post blogs or Game reviews as often as I'd proberly like here on Gamespot.


Mainly because I've been kept busy with this whole 'Fan Dubbing' thing that i started doing since last year aswell as dubbing alot of original stuff for people on Newgrounds too..

Let me tell you straight off the bat Dubbing is pretty damn HARD. Now you may think that all it is, is talking into a microphone for an hour or something, which it is don't get me wrong but trying to act and match your characters mouth movements at the same time takes a while to get used to.

So i now have a higher appreciation for 'Professional' Dubbing voice actors (even if sometimes i dont like their voice per'say).

Also when it comes to 'most' Flash Animations and original work you have alot more freedom because you don't have mouth flaps to try and hit (thank God!).. But generally it's awesome because you can make the character your own and don't have to worry about trying to sound like the 'Professional' Voice Actor, which alot of 'Directors' of these fan made stuff want you to do when you Audition.

And While I'm on the subect of Auditions. The way you Audition for this stuff is pretty strange and kinda overwhelming at first:

- You need a pretty damn Good quality microphone.

- You need some kind of Recording and editing software (Audicity is free and simple, si just download that.)

- You need alot of free time.

- Quite a few 'Directors' want an Audition in Wav. Format.

- Try to get an American accent down ( this is proberly a personal point considering i'm English. But yeah, it helps!)

- Be Prepared to Audition and for it go no further. For this one i don't just mean get ready for rejection, I mean often you'll get fandubs where not that many people Audition so it the show can't be dubbed and it wont go no further ( this may change as you could easily be asked to double or even trible up on characters).

Of course doing this stuff over the internet is pretty hard in itself I mean, if you get the role you'll get sent a copy of the script with directions next to each line (ex. shout loud like your getting your head ripped off but slow it down towards the end) and either the episode or clip for you to try and match Mouth flaps.

So you send all your lines back to the Director and they either email telling you ''Great Job'' or '' I think you could do these lines better'' and attach a part of the script with highlighted stuff for you to try and redo. Or they keep pestering you on MSN or something to hurry up and fish those lines xD.

There is however expections to this whole process which I've had Great Privilege of doing and that is Skype.

Skype is great because you can have multiple people together recording there lines and playing off of each other and you get some great outtakes aswell XD.

Lastly Video Game Fan Dubbing.

Video Game dubbing is a strange thing because nobody gets to play it because it's already played and all you're doing is dubbing whats happening (much like anime). Now i Haven't done any 'Major' roles in these clips but I have done like some background stuff on Persona 4 and some generic soldiers in Final Fantasy 7..

Voicing Video Game stuff online is more about improving your range as a Voice actor or because you really like the game (Persona 4 anyone?) than doing it for entertainment or something like that.

Currently I'm in the middle of recording stuff for the anime Rave Master and working on my Demo Reel which is great fun :D.

On a Personal note I have been doing some Acting Workshops around my local town and trying to look for an acting school that doesn't cost like £5000 a year!!!!!.

If your Intrested in Fan Dubbing check out the VAA (voice acting alliance).

Rave!!! and Plue :D.

Quick Blog: Finished Final Fantasy 13... Onto Resonance of Fate.

Finally i have done what i thought i would never do.

I finished Final Fantasy 13.

It took me 52 hours to complete and honestly during the final boss encounter i really thought i was going to break my controller in half, mainly because the final boss has 3 forms and took me 3 hours to beat (yeah 3 hours!).

The ending also kinda ended abruptly, i won't go into spoiler details but if Versus 13 is set after Final Fantasy 13 i hope they let me know what happened after the end.

The game also got alot better around the 11 chapter mark which is 20 - 25 hours in which is ridiculous, 20 hours of crap to get to the good stuff, it's stuff like that and Hope and Vanille speaking that annoyed me to no end.

Review is coming soon..

Anyway now i've finished Final Fantasy i can now move on to Resonance of Fate (Which gamespot gave an 8.5)which from the tutorial is freaken compllicated.

I'm only about 2 hours in but going from using the x button to use ''Auto-Attack'' for 50 hours to thinking about where the characters at standing and how much scratch damage i need to deal is pretty tough.

So Yeah .. I'm enjoying Yakuza 3 more than FFXIII/rant.

As the title says i've been having alot more fun with Yakuza 3 than with FFXIII...


Well mainly because im actually enjoying Yakuza's story and characters alot more i guess. Kazuma comes across to me as a level headed guy trying to do the right thing.. Where as the characters in FFXIII just seem to annoy me and the fact that Square Enix actually when down the good ol' JRPG clich'e road with annoying little kid characters (Hope and Vanille) just annoys me even more considering the development time the game had.

And although I'm liking Yakuza 3 more currently, it does have it's Issues like it starting of pretty damn slow and loading transitions between fights or major events take a little too long for my liking but my main issue with FFXIII is easily the stupidly cheesy/corny Dialogue!

You can't go 5 seconds in a cutscene without Snow spouting nonsense about how everyone shouldn't believe the Fal'cie but believe in Serah or that Serah is telling us we should fight on and believe in ourselves...


I mean really??????

Of course FFXIII does have some things going for it the stunning Visuals and the battle system, even if it does take about 10 to 15 hours before you don't have to use auto attack.

I guess the reason i'm turning to Yakuza 3 is i'm looking for a way to keep me occupied so i dont constantly keep hear Vaniile and Hope talk >_> and I can't really openly compare the 2 games (which im not) but really i decided earlier that of Resonance of Fate, which is coming out on Friday, is any good then i might even stop playing FFXIII all together...

Please Feel free to comment and Disagree, I really wanna finish FFXIII soon (on chapter 11. 30 hours in) and look back and say i actually enjoyed the game but as it currently stands i'm 50-50 on it.

Quick Blog: Yakuza 3 Demo has sold me!

I had no idea that Yakuza 3 was so close to release (March 12 EU), so i shocked that the Demo was up on PSN and i gotta say i was rather impressed.

Now i don't know anything about Yakuza as i haven't played any of them or weather their actually GOOD or not but i liked the fact that i could grab a trash can and smash it round peoples heads...

The only thing i have concern about is the length of the game and how repetitive it might get.

Plastic Surgery hurtys yo!.

Quick Blog:Resonance of Fate dated

Sega are either stupid or are rather confident considering another; High profile JRPG is being released the same month as Resonance of Fate.

Japanese Box Art. Release Date: March 16 NA and March 26th Europe.

Final Fantasy 13 Release Date:March 9th NA/EU/AUS.

Personally im buying both!.

Agarest Generations of War and other Stuff

leave me alone!

I bought it.

If you buy the 'Special Edition' (which i did - because it was the same price) you get a free Poster, an Art book of all the female characters in, dare i say, ' Ecchi ' positions wearing basically nothing and loads of Postcards.

Also i had no idea it had no English Voice acting (all in Japanese with Subs) and from what ive played of it, the combat sorta reminds me of Cross Edge but more simple.

I really need to start playing my PS3 more >_>... Still Haven't finished Valkiriya Chronicles (Waiting on them damn trophy's), Cross Edge or Disgea 3.


Oh and while i was out shopping (I was looking for Code Geass, which i found but for like £80, so **** that >_>) i Found:


All 13 episodes of Tokko for £12... and with anime being stupidly rare and Expensive around here i had to buy it.

I don't think Tokko is anything special but i did enjoy the series and i love most Obscure Action/gory/Romance anime, too bad it ended quite abruptly.

Now Lastly while i was looking in the World Cinema section of HMV, I found the Second Death Note Movie for like £7 so i picked that up aswell (just need to find L's last case now :D).

Hell YEAH!

Ok you got me Assassins Creed, you got me.

Oh Assassins Creed, how for so long i thought you were a repetitive Generic third person Assassin game ( which it is by the way ), until i completed you and some serious F'ed up 'DA VINCHI CODE' sh*t happens at the end that threw me of 'my' perception of reailty..

You got me.

know what this means?


or this?


December 21 2012...