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LET'S PLAY: The Matrix Path of Neo!

You guys here at gamespot don't know this, but sometimes I like to do Let's Plays of games (just like the rest of the internet, right?) with my cousin Ryan (blazehedgehog). So far we have LP'd 2 games to completition (Dead Rising Case Zero, Max Payne) and did a partial LP of Dead Space. Unfortunately, dead space ended a mere 5 episodes in, and after a year long hiatus we are coming back with this:


Ryan and I got back under the covers and are doing one of these things again! Since it's been such a long time, we decided we'd ditch Dead Space and come back into this fresh and proper with a new game; Enter: The Matrix Path of Neo.

So yeah, we're super excited to be back doing this stuff, and are working to build an audience to support all of our creative endeavors (not just let's play videos). In addition to Path of Neo, we will also be posting the last of the Max Payne episodes at some point (whenever ryan is done making gams), and are exploring/brainstorming all kinds of other ideas for content to put up on the Let's Videogame channel.

Subscribe to the channel to see new episodes in the traditional M/W/F release schedule.
Updates will also be posted on our twitter account @Letsvideogame 

Episode One: Videogames on the Internet


If you like what we're doing, please consider sharing/retweeting our stuff to your friends, we greatly appreciate it!

And we're back!

Feels weird coming back to this old profile that hasn't been touched in almost 4 years.

Anyway... No hard feelings, gamespot duders. I am really excited about this whole merger, and think it's going to be pretty awesome.

Don't really know what else to say... See you around, I guess!

What's this? A Rock Band video?! (I love Rush)


Sync is slightly off. Sue me.

Working Man is basically my favorite Rush song, so I put this together a couple of nights ago out of boredom. The Vault Edition is freaking awesome, and everyone ever should download it.

Poor man's picture in picture achieved by recording myself with one camera, and the screen with another. I dont have my VCR in my new room, and didn't feel like hooking it up, so you'll just have to deal with the less than stellar audio and visual.

Edit: Gamespot's quality is eh. If you want slightly better quality you can watch it here.

New New Wheels

Guess I'm gonna go back to being out of shape, again.

Its a '95 ford escort. Bought it for $1500, and I must say I am damn pleased with my purchase (Much better than my last car). On the plus side, it's manual transmission. On the down side, I suck at driving a stick. But, once I actually start to not suck, I will save more gas!

But yeah, despite loving not having to pay for insurance, and gas for the past two or 3 months, I needed to do this. Colorado winters are harsh, and I definitely don't want to be stuck riding a bike in the snow.

Someone Just Baseball Bat'd my Mailbox

And for a second it felt like it was 1979.

They barely damaged the mailbox, but the post we had it on is snapped at the bottom (it was wood). It's almost like someone hit it with their car, rather than a baseball bat.... But there is a dent in the side of the box, which was definitely left by a blunt, bat-like object.

It's probably just karma. While I've never baseball bat'd any mailboxes... I have done many other things involving a car and friends that resulted in inconveniencing people. Things I'm sure a lot of people here have done, such as knocking over every (still-full) trash can on a block, and tipping over every porta-potty in town that we could find. (Pro Tip for people with frigid winters: Do it in the winter. The ground is usually too frozen for them to steak down the porta-potties, to prevent people from tipping them over)

Funny story about the porta-potties... We hit this one construction site like, 5 nights in a row, and from then on they had a cop stationed at that construction site every night, for the next 2 months.

Ah, misguided youth, how I miss you.

Meetin' Internet fools

Yesterday I met Slunks (Slunks), James (jimb0), and Tyler (Kenshin836). It was my first time meeting anyone from the magical land of the internet, so I didn't know what to expect, exactly.

Turns out it was a lot of fun

We got made fun of at a Renaissance Festival (Pro Tip: Tie Dye, and Plaid shirts make you an easy target).

We played Rock Band.

And Tyler is officially destined to have a bad back, due to sleeping on a water bed.

It 'twas a lot of fun. Too bad I had to leave so early, otherwise this post would probably be a lot longer.