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Gamer :/

Man, its been a while since I've been here. @_@ I'm on twitter/facebook and every else these days. Anyhow, not that anyone reads my blogs~

Back to paying Final fantasy A2 and Phoenix Wright. Only because I've been off sick... blah.

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Better than you

I thought I was. At least it never occured tome that I'd be so underestimated. But hey, life moves on nad I got over it. But WTF is up with an 7? SEVEN is that all my skills are worth? Honestly, I'd be a nine if it weren't for my modestly. Anyways, I know my talent and limits. But a seven and ranked lowest of them all, plus with memebers higher than I, who cannot design to save their life... I'm pissed of.

Damn them. Damn -it-. Seriously. You're not better than me. I admire you're skills, you'd be at best, the SAME as me. Not better. F*%@!

Fly to the Sky

There's no limit to what a person can do with his/her own will power.

Soring to the sky is no longer impossible but a mission to be accomplished.

;D Games help you do just that.

My DS ish gone... who knows how long till I get my hands on another DS D: Siiigh. There goes my unfinished Final Fantasy A2 T___T And the new fire emblem. Gaaah.


I want more money so the world would be a better place?

That's a bunch of bull.

I want money because it makes ME happy.

I need money because that's what my future depends on.

I strive everyday for a goal that includes money.

But when all my hard work fails.

The money turns to dust.

I'll never be able to archieve what I really wanted.

I've never been able to buy what I solemly wanted,

without hesitation of the outcome.

And now, when all is lost

I wish I has spent all of it

not leaving a penny, a cent or dime.

I wish I could have experienced what it was like,

to have what I wanted and not be in doubt.

The end.

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