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Seriously... what the fudge.I re-ressurect myself for this nonsense.MS has FFXIII now? Seriously.What madness is occuring?The MS conference is for the 360.Green = 360.Why the hell did The Grinch not make an apperance? I demand a Grinch game.

But there was no Grinch game.In my sorrow and despair, here is something I wrote while being in absolute sadness.

Lonely king Iszeal.
How are thou elbert?
Now albeit no remorse.
He came to a onyx stone.
He can't have melt of cheese here.
He thought of undying souls in the cave.
He fought the snakes here.All cried, all sang.

He found himself.He was no longer meek.The L ruled the M.The T ruled the K.All returns to normality...

And The curtains rised...

The Final Goodbye

If you are now reading this, then I am no longer a part of this community.And if you must ask, Yes I was banned for about 17 Hours.I won't say why.

Me and finalfan789 were talking for a while regarding this, and we both agree that GS has gotten boring and that it's taking up all of our time, preventing us from doing our Daily Activities.He has School and I have not gotten any decent Gametime in a very long time.And I mean very Long time.It's time I left the Site for Good.I would have Left Sooner, but with All my Unions and responsibilites, I did not do so.

I enjoyed my time on Gamespot these nearly 4 years and I've met some great people.But my time here and all of my time here has been killing my Life.I'll be Entering College in the Fall, so I'll have to study up for that as well.And until then I am going to resume my Daily activities and keep on Gaming.I havent put any decent Gameplay Hours Since January.That isnt very fitting of me.How am I a gamer at all?

For those who know me through Steam, Msn and Aim, you will no longer be able to reach me there.I have begun a 'New Life'.Go ahead and get Pissed and Make A Blog how I left of how you're threatning to Leave.It's not something I condone in all honesty.And it wont make me come Back.And If I do, it certainly will not be under this name or as My Alternates, LosGrinchos, Newgunner07 and L-Lawliet.

I've really enjoyed this past year with all of you, and it truly was one of the best years of my Life knowing all you great people and sharing our Gaming Experiences, but all good things must come to End, and now is the time for me.

Regarding my Unions, I am sorry.I just feel like I'm not gaining anything from coming here.I spend too much time on this Site.Even when I'm not posting I'm still looking through various Forums.I'm killing all my time, even though I'm not even Logged in.I knew this day would eventually Come and after 10K Posts, it seemed this Blog would be Inevitable.10K had always been my dream before I left.

To the Members of The Everything PSP Union, I am sorry for Leaving.But it is something I have to do, and being on here isnt going to make me get on with my Life.Abogj will do a Good Job and whatever he does with the union, I know he'll make you all Happy.Whether He Decides to Kill it or Not, That is up to him.I'm sorry for giving you this responsibility.It's hard Managing a Union when only a few people post and most Officers dont post there.I tried my hardest with that Union, but in the End it wasn't sucessful as I wanted it to be.There was always a Wall preventing it from Being Sucessful and active.

I'm Glad I met you Abgoj, because me being here on this Site would not be the same without you.

There's nothing new here anymore. Since I will no Longer be here, I may as well Spit it out.Abgoj was Number 1 on the Top 10 Friends List I never finished.I am sorry about that I never did.I truly am.I always made Broken Promises.Laziness had always caught up to me.In a Nutshell, I'm glad I was able to meet with all of you.I would go on and say a Little something about all of you, but that would Take forever.I'm simply Glad I got to meet all of you here.Thank you for making my Nearly 4 Years on Gamespot this memorable.

For Those who still wish to Communicate with me, Please contact me at my Email,

Goodbye, and Farewell!

Today is.. MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Yep, you've read correctly, today is my Birthday, effective April 1st 12:01 AM EST.And yes, if you must know yes, I was born on April Fools Day, and no this is not a joke.

19 Years ago, a Woman gave birth to a boy on her Birthday, April 1st 1989.Yes, today is my Mother's birthday as well! :shock: She turns 45 today.I was her bday gift! ;) I wasn't on today since I was out with my friends playing RockBand and I just didnt get on today, but I am now.So, I'm going to comment all on your guy's/gal's blogs now. ;)

I've experienced a lot of things during my 19 years here.And it's great I can share all my experiences with you guys, and I truly am glad to be alive, through all the problems I've experienced a few years ago.Oh yeah, I'm 97% on Level 26, so I'll be soon Level 27, Double Congrats to me!

So, what I am doing today? I'm going to be with my Mom (Since it's her and my bday), and have some bonding time.With the gifts (Money, that is) I plan on getting, I want to get a Wii finally.I'll have to go hunting for one as well as snag a copy of Brawl.My Mom's friend has also offered to give me $100 for putting 300 Cd's into his iPod. :D I finally feel like I can get a Wii Now! I'm also having a Bday Party on Saturday (Lol, I'm 19 and still having Parties :P )

Well, in closing... TODAY IS MY 19TH BIRTHDAY!!!!


Oh yeah, I found somewhere to find Wii's Online.I feel so Lucky now!


For Those In The U.S... Who wants a free can of Dr.Pepper?

*Yes, this blog is about Guns N' Roses* :P

Sorry about not commenting on the previous blog with all the recent comments.There are quite a lot of them and I've been rather busy....

Ok.Today has been a rather odd day.For those who don't know, I'm a really big fan of Guns N' Roses.And I've been hugely expecting Chinese Democracy.Chinese Democracy is the long delayed GNR album that's been in the works for about 9-14 years.But this recent happening took me quite by surprise...

Dr.Pepper will give everyone in the United States a free can of Dr.Pepper if Chinese Democracy is released this year. :|

Getting this free can won't be easy! :lol:


Dr Pepper Will Give Everyone* in America a Free Soda If Axl Rose Releases New Guns N' Roses Album, Chinese Democracy, In 2008
*Guitarists Slash and Buckethead Will Not Be Eligible For Free Soda

*^ :lol: at bolded statement*

PLANO, Texas

PLANO, Texas, March 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Tired of a world in which Americans idolize wannabe singers and musicals about high schoolers pass as rock 'n roll music, Dr Pepper is encouraging (ok, begging) Axl Rose to finally release his 17-year-in-the-making belabored masterpiece, Chinese Democracy, in 2008.

In an unprecedented show of solidarity with Axl, everyone in America, except estranged GNR guitarists Slash and Buckethead, will receive a free can of Dr Pepper if the album ships some time -- anytime! -- in 2008. Dr Pepper supports Axl, and fully understands that sometimes you have to make it through the jungle before you get it right.

"It took a little patience to perfect Dr Pepper's special mix of 23 ingredients, which our fans have come to know and love," said Jaxie Alt, director of marketing for Dr Pepper. "So we completely understand and empathize with Axl's quest for perfection -- for something more than the average album. We know once it's released, people will refer to it as "Dr Pepper for the ears" because it will be such a refreshing blend of rich, bold sounds -- an instant clas.sic."

Show your support for Axl and get on the nightrain of encouragement at -


Then Axl Rose sent out this statement:

" We are surprised and very happy to have the support of Dr. Pepper with our album Chinese Democracy as for us this came totally out of the blue. If there is any involvement with this promotion by our record company or others we are unaware of such at this time. And as some of Buckethead's performances are on our album I'll share my Dr. Pepper with him".

This statement can now be found on the Guns N' Roses website.Here is the link to his statement.

There's something regarding this statement though.It appear's rather factual.Did you read beyond the lines? Dr.Pepper promises a can to everyone in the U.S.But, Axl Rose promises to share that can with Buckethead! :shock: He couldnt be able to get one if it wasn't free meaning... yess.. YESS!!




Yeah, Buckethead is still on the album!

No Joke.I didnt know whether to believe this at first.Then it was everywhere, New York Post, GN'R message boards I frequent, CNN, AOL, MTV, etc etc.

I even posted this in The Gamespot Off Topic board.Here is the link to that.Thanks for Shiggums and icarus212001 for posting there!

So do you think this will actually work? Is this the year it's finally going to be released? I myself have enjoyed the Chinese Democracy Leaks from 2006 and 2007.

What are your thoughts on this marketing campaign? And who wants a free can of Dr.Pepper?

All in all, I think this is pretty hilarious. :lol:

By the way, I got re-tagged.This time by TriEgeFury26! :) Thanks!

Expect more facts.. Tomorrow! ;)

5 Things... (I got tagged, Oh Noes!)

It seems everyone on my tracked list had this blog done because they ended up being "tagged" by someone else.I got tagged by finalfan789 :P

1. I have an incredibly good memory.I'm able to remember a lot of events during my childhood and even in the present that my friends are surprised when I tell them of such events and they say they dont even remember that.

2. I never learned how to ride a Bicycle.

3. My entire family hails from Ecuador.(Yes, I know spanish)

4. Guns N' Roses is not my favorite band, despite me talking alot about them.(I guess this is more of an "inside" thing).

5. I do it for the lulz.

Ok, I guess I'll tag...

Abgoj, 5_LD_5, hack-shinobi, phoenyx9, Rasengan_X, Marksman2200

If the above people have been tagged already, then ah well. :P And yes, I did 6 instead of 5 :twisted:


By The Way, Im not using that Richter Blog Header I made, it's a different one now.The colors looked a little odd to me.Im also going to make the banner I have above have more vibrant colors.I've also been playing the Castlevania Double Pack, Harmony Of Dissonance more specifically.Im currently 82.3% in and I have clocked in 2:42 so far.

Oh yea, one more thing.7 More days.Until what? My 19th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!


EPIC 10K Post Party - My New Look!!!!

Finally.It's done.I have achieved 10,000 Forum Posts.With the help of Marksman2200, I was able to achieve THE Post just the way I wanted to.Take a Look:

Thanks Marksman!!

So now I have a new look.Can you see it? Well if you cant here it is:




Blog Header:

Congrats to Bio_Spark for being the first one to guess correctly! Castlevania!!!! I guess having a Castlevania game at the top of my now playing List was too much of a giveaway!

Ok, here you go!



Purple Drink!!!!!!!

Music (Yea, these are my tastes but whatev.)

Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Prince, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Daft Punk, Dream Theater.

And if you dont like em use this Stereo!

Ok, Post as much as you like here (But dont spam post) I'm still thinking whether to bring this to OT, but I'll let you know.

Scratch that, it's in OT now.Here's the link! Go and congratulate me there as well, I appreciate it!

Thanks everyone!

The Pre-10K Blog (Guessing Game)

This is going to be rather short.More like a short update, just thought I should do this for fun.

I now have 9848 Posts.That's 152 away from the 10,000 Post Milestone.And when I do that I will have a completely new look.This will be done by Tomorrow or Friday.

New Avatar, Signature, Banner and Blog Header all on the same day of the 10K Blog Party.Care to guess what Game or Game Series it's all going to be based on? They will all be of the same nature and be with one game/game franchise.So for example, If I were to do it on the Ace Attorney series (Which I'm not doing by the way) the avatar, signature, banner and blog header would be based on that game or game series.

Anyone want to take a wild guess what my new look is going to be based on?

*I won't be on until much later tomorrow since I'll be busy since tomorrow it's gonna be Holy Thursday*

Take your bets, I wont be responding to comments in this blog.I'll repeat:

"What is my new Avatar, Signature, Blog Header and Banner going to be based on?"


Not Ace Attorney or Mega Man Franchise Related.

Good Luck! :P

Pata Pata Pata Pon.

Yes, I wanted to get this game so badly, and now I finally managed to get my hands on it.I finally got Patapon!

I personally like this Boxart better than the U.S One, so I'll be using this for here.

I'll open the box as soon as the box is finished.In other PSP related news, my friend has decided to let me borrow Monster Hunter Freedom 2!!! I never played a MH game before, so I'll see how it is very soon.If all goes well, I'll dish out the 40 Dollars for it.

I'm beyond excited right now.Not for what I just said above but because it's highly possible that I might start Dogwalking again.Yeah, ok so it's not a "real" Job, but since I currently don't go to School.(I bet this is shocking if you didn't already know).I'll be entering College in the Fall.So, this is an incredibly easy way for me to get money.Plus, I like animals.

I've also been playing a lot of Hotel Dusk lately.Im near the end of Chapter 5 (Or at least, I think I am).And with 4 more chapter left to go afterwards, I should be done by Friday.I havent played much of Phantom Hourglass, but I will soon enough.That's when I'll also begin playing Dragon Quest 8.I havent even played it.Not even once.

As you had read in my previous blog, I recently cut my friends list.I'm kind of upset though.I'm thinking that I shouldnt have announced it.I mean, yes there's 63 comments in that one.But It's kinda upsetting to me that because I made an announcement regarding the friends list being cut, everyone rushes in.What about those previous blogs? Well, hopefully things will be different now.

Also, the UVFU Podcast was finally recorded and was also released earlier today.For those who are in the union and have listened to it, what did you think so far? Did me and finalfan789 do a good enough job? Criticisms? Feedback is appreciated! One Last thing.I am VERY close to 10K Posts.As I currently have 9715.Just 285 more and I will have reached that 10K Posting Milestone.Then I'll be holding a 10K Blog Party.I might even do one in OT, I dunno yet though.Well, time to play some Patapon.

EDIT: You may be wondering when the Top 10 friends list will return.It will come back after the 10K Blog.So about a week.

Just Cut My Friends List

Well, after thinking about it for a while, I just went ahead and did it.I made an official Friend Cut.I had 107 Friends and it went down to 69.I Dont want to sound like some big Meanie, or Grinch, rather.Although saying I'm The Grinch is rather humorous to me.In any case, the reason I cut it was because these people either really never commented on my blogs or it's just I dont really talk to these people anymore.

So I now I have 69 friends.Come to think of it, I like having a small number.I dunno now.I'm going to start not tracking people all that much anymore, and if you do track me, I'll accept.Maybe.In Other news, I'm playing Hotel Dusk again.I'm currently in the middle of Chapter 3 and I had forgotten how much fun this game was and how sharp and unique the art style it was.And the dialogue is just witty.

I even started playing The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass again.I'm still stuck in the Temple Of The Ocean King after getting The Spirit Of Wind.Guess I forgot I actually have the Guide for the game after buying it at Toysr'us back in October.I won't be stuck for much longer! And yes, the Quill Stylus is still that nifty.

I'm still playing Soul Calbur III, and it really is the game for me.I havent used all that many Characters although Siegfried is my main right now.Although I find it annoying how my disc sometimes freezes.Maybe it's my PS2 acting up again.Not much of an update, but I just wanted to get this out of my system.Why do some people often track others?

This is the same thing with Joining Unions.You get all excited when there's a new recruit, yet they never even introduce themselves at least.It's like they just track or just join your union for the hell of it.It really does piss me off that much.Well, I was inactive for a while.This includes even my own union.Sorry for not posting in your unions and such, but I'll be active again starting today.

Level 26 And Some Updates

Yea, I am now Level 26.I dunno what the hell a Cyber Lip is, but it sounds quite odd.Level 25 was really fast.

On Saturday, my friend pre-ordered Brawl.My friends later came over that day.I was supposed to have recorded the UVFU Podcast that day with finalfan789.Sorry about that dude.I really didnt get the chance that day.I had fun regardless, they were here until 3AM! Good times.Then on Sunday, I finally beat Apollo Justice.I have to say, the game exceeded any and all of my expectations.Especially the fourth case, there was a lot of surprises there.Then I later went to said friend's house to play Brawl.For 7 Hours straight.It was amazing in every sense of the word.I have a new favorite Character.Sonic!

On Monday, we went to another friend's house.My friend with Brawl was going to bring Brawl Over, but instead we played Rock Band.I didn't want to play at first, but my friends really wanted me to, so I did.I tried playing Bass.I was really terrible, but after getting the hang of it, I was doing Easy and some Normal songs with ease.I'll get this when I get a PS3.

Now it's today.I just recently picked up Soul Calibur 3, and I have to thank you guys for helping me decide on which game to pick up.I'm about to play a little later, since my friend is going to bring his Wii over to play more Brawl.Speaking of which.. I really want a Wii for my birthday.It's really soon actually.It's on April 1st.I guess I'm going to have throw a birthday party to get me some money! Yeah, there's nothing better than a soon to be 19 year old Teenager throwing something I havent done in a while just to get a Wii. :P

I guess I'm not in the mood right now for GS.I've just been commenting on Blogs, really.And I've been really busy.Sorry hack, I havent been able to do your request yet, but I'll try tonight, if you still want it from me.Well, later.