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undo the damages comes first

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Friends of mine, before I can tell you what my new project is, my computer that required to undo the damages. Well, it's the scripts that I've been making the attempting to access, but adore said that it is not allowed, that reduced the speed on my computer, that's unacceptable. Thus far, I choose monday to go back.

Grr! I'm trying to learning the scripts all over again, so I can starting go back to working on my brand new project! :evil:

Next week, I'll be returning to this site. [Sighing] I hate to saying "I" a lot, it sounds so annoying, don't you agree with me, yes? Is it normal?

Long before I make my triumphant return, for that, I'll remove my old friends from my friends' list. I'm going to have new friends to coming in.

OH, Max, you're starting to sounds like my dear friend who got banned recently. Guess that's resonable for me to making my triumphant return to this site coming next week.

Everyone, I have a question. Since I got bad habit for saying "I" a lot, so what can I do to make it stop? I don't want to saying "I" more than 100 times!! :? Can you help me???

EDIT: Wow, gateway sucks ass! It won't letting me to do undo the damages at all! :evil: