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Coming soon............................

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Dear blog readers,

You're in for full surprise on what will I bring you on!! Trust me, you've had no idea what life itself will take me and believe it or not, I'm much happier being here in North Carolina. That's why the plans itself will reveals all coming tomorrow noon! I mean N-O-O-N!!!:evil::twisted:

Calm yourself down! I'm not here to yelling at you! Just to pumping you up to find out what the clues that you're so dying to know what it is!! I'm so excited to reveal to you that and I believe you'll agree with me that I did the right thing to move out of New Jersey in the order to go on the right track here in North Carolina!!!

See the reason why coming tomorrow afternoon! BE THERE OR ELSE!!!:evil::lol:

Hoping you're not drinking your soda after reading my exciting blog! Don't want to having you spill over your computer monitor!!!:lol::lol: Don't blame on me!!! You should hold your mouth well long before your bottom mouth hits on the floor so hard!!! :lol::lol::lol:


My final thoughts on inauguration week of Barack Obama

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Dear blog readers,

Just as I promised that I'd give my final thoughts in as I'm still in shock of after he took the oath in as 44th president of the united states of America! Can't wait to share my experience with you all through this history day! Let's take back on Tuesday, shall we?

Last Tuesday, that very morning I was so nervous and excited at a same time, because I was expecting to having my eyes swimming with joyful tears. I was listening to all-important news on CNN. You can see that they couldn't stop talked about Barack Obama sworn in as 44th president. Couldn't believe how many people went there to see the very moment of history. They don't care if it's bitter cold!!! I laughed my ass off SO hard!:lol:

Now..I went to take nap until last minute as Barack Obama sworn in as 44th president. Did I cry? a little. I thought that my eyes would filled up with water, but never happens. Only just a little tears that I shed.

MAN!!! Did I had so much fun last week!! It was so enjoyable to watch President Obama waving his hands towards his fans that cheered him on!!! Now, our nation can breathe a big sigh that former president bush is long gone and that we won't have to see him again. He's the reason why our nation is in deep recession that we cannot escape. I will give President Obama a time to sort the situation out on economy. Right now, I applauded on his decision that we will not do torture! About time that we did!!

The Obama Administration starts off with a good start!! It's fresh air that I very much needed to sniff out!!

Now, what's next? Once he's no longer president. I will be next in to running for president. Hopefully that I will be becoming 46th or 47th president. That's because I wanna to strike the very core of history once I become the nation's first deaf president!! That's how I wanted for this for me.

But if I'm president..lots of good things comes out of my administration. For starters, I'd banned human-animal embryo for life! That's because I find it so inhuman and very wrong. What were they thinking? I will ask un nation to welcome that idea. Can't stand to see that happening. Very afraid that one day that humans might evolve into to be half-human and half-animal!!! Oh, dear no!!! I'm forbids that. I will show you why. I don't think you'll like that too!

'Course..focus on to upgrade the bridge and roads. Possible first-ever solar city here in the America!!! I'd approve for robot cars and many more.

My focus will tackle on terrorists that wanna to do us harm - that I cannot afford to allow them to roam free. I know that it will be much harder to stop them for good, but at least I can to do is to end their lives once and for all!!

Lots of more that I'd wanna to tell you! So, americans, what do you wanna me to do for you if I'm president?

The question for you..please don't avoid this, ok? Mind you give in a serious thoughts that I could be your first deaf president? Have you discussed with your friends? Please do so and place your comments here!'s what I'm talking about human-animal!!

Now..let me warn won't wanna to see this picture, but you don't have to! This is what future will be look like from five centuries isn't that prettier!!!! This is exactly why I plans on to banned that for life! Leave humans alone than instead to be half animal! How gross!!

All right..Didn't I W-A-R-N you!!!!


WHEW!!!! I'm so damn busy!!!

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(Despite the inauguration week of Barack Obama; I didn't have enough time to give in my final thoughts on his first week as 44th president of the united states of America!! That gives me a great deal of frustration to search my thoughts!! After all, I'm still in the state shock after he sworn in as our first black president! I shall deal with my final thoughts coming monday morning! Be sure to check in!! DON'T you dare forget!!!)

Anyhow -- How are you doing? How was your week and this weekend? Hoping that it isn't that bad as I first thought!! Anything that I will find your week so interesting??? Hmm?

Calling all animal lovers

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(Guys, I will reply on my final thoughts on the inauguration of Barack Obama by tomorrow afternoon!! Right now, I require of your attention on this great urgent of the matter that cannot be ignored at all. That raise the great series of concern that crush my heart and I have come to ask you of your help to become my decision that I shall find it so comfortable. Without heartless of less human than none.)

Since of my move to North Carolina, I find myself wrapping around with four new cats in my life now. They looked so adorable and like to being so playful. Though I already got one house cat, the reason why I'm keeping him inside of our house, because I'm afraid that they might going to bite him and ending up carrying with feline disease.

First three cats was born in June of 2008. Their names are Mittens, Goldie, Rovin. Lastly, this injured cat showed up nowhere, my grandma seemed like that that cat is not her's, she swears that injured cat has to ran away from somewhere else. The forbidden thoughts has crossed her mind. She informed me that she felt that it's time for her to go, that she hate to see her in so much pain that she has to walked up. So I decided to forbids this injured cat from going to see the vet, because they'll just going to put her to sleep for good. That crush my heart to thinking about that.

For weeks now, I've been wrestled with long list of names to give this injured cat. I'm thinking about name her "Oceano", because she's very beautiful creature that I've ever seen in my life. Describe of this cat: she has this very bright gold with black/brown on that soft fur.

Oceano - that name mean being beautiful for all eternally. Do you think Oceano is fit name of this injured cat to have it? She deserves that name and I really want to keep her as my third cat, because Rovin is my second cat. Bryan is house cat and last time he been going outside was more than nine years ago. He was so fearless cat and very careless of where is he going.

To letting you know that Bryan was nearly taken away from me for no reason. I has to fight with DDD and social worker of mine for over two years. They won't let me to have second cat in my house back in New Jersey. They think that one cat is good enough and went after me to ensure that Bryan is getting shots. They kept on to bugging me all the months long. That's why I has to move down here in North Carolina in order to rebuilt my life once again.

Now - question I require to ask of you: What should I do about this injured cat? How can I convince my grandma that I really want to keep her as my third cat? I'm very worried that we may leave her down here very alone once we take all of our cats with us to live in Greensboro, North Carolina. 'Course, I really want to fix her up very good..I don't have cash to pay all of this medical care for this injured cat. Do you think that it's the best choice to cut her leg off? I need your wisdom on this situation..

I really love this injured cat so much and she was so very, very excited to play with my house cat, but I forbids them to be together. I'm still afraid that she may have feline disease. ' second cat, Rovin, he loved her very much. Rovin play with her more than often that I can count them. More like being mother to me as I watch them cuddle up each other..I don't want to feel so bad to tear them apart.

I want to tell you about this second cat of mine, Rovin.

Rovin- this name meaning of being Top. Like you're the leader of the bands. Due to because of that he got very fuzzy fur and acts like dog! He's very smart and like to have humans to keep him company, but I have matter what I tried to do to lift him up to pet him..he doesn't want to play with me. I was worried that he may place his claws on my face..don't wanna to lose my eyes for that! What can I do to let him know that it's me? What trick can I use on him, so he can let me pet him while being lift up?

I know that I have lots of questions for you to answer, but I will try my best to short my questions...

Also I want to add up, I was very upset with this dog food that I just found out after I move here. I ask my grandma why do my aunt feed them for this dog food? She told me that it's just FOOD!! I explained to her that those cats CANNOT have those dog food, period! Was so angry with them for feeding this, because I read the article that it can lead them on to be blind sometime later on in their lives. That's how my dear friend back in New Jersey informed me all of this information. So from now on, I banned my family from feeding this dog food. Thus far, I've begun to feed them very healthy that will ensures that they will live for long time to come. I want them to keep me a company for 20 to 30 years.

I really love those cats so much.

Now, lastly, I want to ask you..I have decided to renamed this cats. I want to renamed Goldie to be Nathan and Mitten to be Roary, because it's very fitted names for them to have it. I have observed their personality. So..what do you think?

Anyways, I hope you express your wisdom on all of this.

Are you ready for tomorrow?!?!!!

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Dear blog readers,

Coming tomorrow, the history will be make for the very first time ever once Barack Obama take a oath in as 44th president of the united states of America. Many of Americans' face will filled up with joyful tears and feel so emotional for this historic day to make it happens!! For the first time ever, Martin Luther King's dream has come to full circle at long last!!

You can bet that my eyes will be swimming with heavy heart to express with emotional words to tell. Nobody couldn't believe that they would see this day in their lifetime that there's first black president!! I know many of you can't wait to bid president bush a farewell, because he's out of our lives for good. He's the reason why he got us in this mess in the first place for over eight years, but no more!!

Americans, tomorrow, new era of America will drawn up with new days ahead of us. Must I remind you that having first black president in our lifetime, there will be bump on the road ahead of us. I have good faith in president obama to get us out of this economic mess! Hundred of thousands jobs lost under bush administration!

'Course, I have no doubt that he's ready to be world leader coming tomorrow. Must I remind you that he can't do this alone! He will need our help very much to get through this mess! New year, New president -- what can you ask for more?! How indeed!!

My friends -- I need your faith and trust in our president. I know many of you are so anxious to see what will he bring on the table that requires all of us to see -- I request of you to be patient with him to dissolve this problem that president bush has laying on long list of problems during of his administration.

My good friends, we will be OK at long last! Once again - I ask of you to be patient with him and pack your glory of faith in him! I know that it won't be easy, but it may not be finish with his first term, but will finish with second term better than ever!! Trust this man with your life no more than I!

This world needed him more than ever to lift us off the darkness that we've been in. Only if he accepts the great deal of problems on his shoulders to shrug it off. Right now, tackle economy is our number one. That will require to create over two million new jobs. Of course, require of new green job that he bring on the table.

Only question remains: Will his plans work? Will Americans trust him completely? Will we see president Obama transforms into to be very, very, very good leader like president Lincoln did before? Plus -- what will his administration bring on the table that we require to see for four or eight years?

That remain to be seen, my dear friends! We will take one step a time to process this new days of his new administration.

My final thoughts coming tomorrow afternoon after he sworn in as 44th president of united states of America.

Remember, Americans, Martin Luther king's dream has come true at long last. Keep your faith in him!!!

My first-ever visit to Greensboro, North Carolina (Just got back now)

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Dear blog readers,

I'm sure many of you have noticed that I've came back from my first-ever visit to that beautiful city of Greensboro in North Carolina. Let me tell you how much beautiful that it is! It took my breathe away the very moment ever since I arrived there..couldn't believe it with my own eyes. The problem is I never got my chance to visit a full location of Greensboro!! Here's the silliest, goofiest, amazing story.........

Two days ago, I woke up at very early hour and went downstair to clean my face and brush my teeth. My grandma kept telling me to hurrying up for no reason, to let you know, it's three or four hours ride to that city! :roll: Whatever what she's telling me to do so! Soon as I get ready to go, I tried to feed my cats from outside before I go, but she blocked my way for it. That angers me even more and wanna to take her head off for hurrying me up without saying good-bye to my cats!! As I suspected that Rovin could wake up and starts looking for me all over the place, because I never got my chance to tell my cat, Rovin, that I'm head off to Greensboro! Many adventures awaits to welcomes us..I'm so excited!!!

Let's fast-forwarding to that day we got here...

Like I said..Greensboro has already took my breathe away!!! 'Course..I went to school.."University of North Carolina at Greensboro." That HUGE-ASS school I've ever seen in my entire life..never imagine in my life that school is much, much, much bigger than I attend to my former school in New Jersey!! I walked up a mile wide..that hurts my legs!! Nonetheless, I never complained!! If you wanna to learn more information about this school, go to

That should take you there!! I trust that won't disappoints you!!! But sorry to disappoints you, I'm not going to that school, because I will have lots of stress to finish all of that heavy homework that professors placed me on!!! My majors are Political science and English, but was so close to being interested in earth science..more like universe science, I think. I'll look into it and let you know! As of right now, I'd rather to go to community college, because I want two years attendance, NO four years for me!! I'm sure you already know why..I'm set for this role to running for president of united states of America in year 2020 or 2024 or 2028. Only if republicans took white house back that time, I will work with democrats to throw their supports right behind me, because I will strike the very core of history once again! This time, I could be nation's first-ever deaf president! You heard me right, my dear friends.

Many thoughts has already throws off at me a couple of years ago, I was worried that threats may make some serious attempts to take my life rather than enjoying my life even make my life be more interesting. I was so close to dropping the race out to throw my hat in to announcing my bid for president in 2020. Thanks to Barack Obama, he woke me up and realise that it's time for me to reclaim my dream that I always wanted to have ever since earlier time of my teenage life. That angers me even more that I don't see deaf people being place in supreme job in the highest land ever on the being governors of each of the states and first-ever DNC deaf chairman, senators and lots of more! That's about to change once I take the office in January of 2021, I hope!! Not without your help to reclaim my dream to share the greatest struggles that deaf people have in the past..not just them, black people are share their struggles too as well!! I want to end this madness that people who don't care about deaf people like they did this to me..NO MORE!! Enough is enough!!!

During of my administration, you'll see serious change like Barack Obama did. I will ban lobbyists for many of years..more change will bring to Washington! Hey..if Barack Obama fails to make many promises that he did during of his campaign for president, then I will do it myself!! I have no doubt that he and I will be become very, very, very, VERY good bestest friends ever. Americans, I ask of you to come with me on this long, pain-staking journey until I take the oval office!! Many things that I will not rest until government change in Washington!! Being deaf doesn't stop you from do whatever what you like! My inspiring..that would be that woman I'm crush on, her name is Marlee Matlin!!! Being deaf in her profile, that doesn't stop her from enjoying her life even more to make it very interesting. Being actress..that's what it has make her SO famous! I know that many of you are not ready for learning more about deaf culture, but I felt that a great sense of urgency on this situation...

That's because deaf culture could be disappears from two to three centuries for good. I felt that it's up to me to stop that, because god created deaf culture for good reason. I intend on to tell congress to create a new bill to leave deaf culture alone. 'Course..if I become president, I'll make sure that deaf people will get much, much, much better education that they will ever had in their lives for long time to come. Even into next century as well. We must take challenge of 21st century that requires us to meet on it. I will not accept that deaf people are being muted and very stupid. That they are not very smart and that their grammars is being like three years old, that's because they didn't got bestest education like hearing people having. Lots of deaf people needed to learn like hearing people do that. It's time to make sure that deaf students all across the country to get bestest education to improve their grammars. Come on, people!! It's 21st century now and we cannot live in the past like they did before. I intends to end all of this crime against deaf people..for not getting the help that they very much needed!!

With your help -- We can make it happening!!! Also I'm very interesting in Cuba. To make Cuba to be like us..having democracy in their country with new president and adopt America way. It's time that Fidel Castro and his brother to go. I'm not afraid to make that happening! Mark my promise; Cuba will have their democracy!! We will teach people of Cuba to learn many of new way. Perhaps elect to first-ever governor of Cuba. Or Prime Governor too as well. Their government has got to changes to meet challenge of 21st century that place them on. For so long, people of Cuba can dream of having democracy in their country ever since Fidel Castro took the power to control this country, I'm not happy that people of Cuba are forced to leave great country like this to having freedom here in the united states of America. Very angry with Fidel Castro for what he did to make Cubans suffering for something that they want to make their lives more enjoyable with democracy in their lives.

With me being president of united states of America -- I will return a normal life in good country of Cuba. I'm not afraid to change the government of Cuba. I'm very interested to built my relationship with this country. I want America to be friend with this country..perhaps fights alongside with me against terror! We must finish fighting off against terrorists who took nearly 3000 lives back in September 11th. Their action is very unforgivable! They must be removes from the face of the earth for good. I will not rest until they are defeated at our hands at long last. 'Course..will not rest until Osama bin Laden to be capture or killed. We must march to Afghanistan to finish this battle once and for all. We may not finish this battle in my first term, but will never be more sure that this battle will be done in my second term if I'm reelection! With your help..All of this things will be happening!!! Challenges of 21st century that we must solve with your help, we can do it! We can!! I believe in freedom in exchange to protect citizens of earth to leave a better world that next generations will enjoy for long time to come!!! Help me to make this happening!!!

May god bless you, Americans!!!!

Go and spread my word!! Reminds your friends to make this happening to make the history once again!!!

-cough- Why? Hello there!!!

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Dear blog readers,

I wanted to let you know that I have a long, good journey back home here in north carolina. It's no big deal, but pretty boring being here in the eastern carolina! I have long list of things that I've always wanted to tell you on about!!

Wanna to know where am I? That's secret location! I will let you know in a mere hours away! I needed the time to asborb the life of north carolina. I trust that many of you will sit down with your blankets and pillows..of course..with your favourite coffee or whatever that suits you the best.

Right now I needed to take my leave to check this philadelphia news..that's what it's keep me going. Very good information there. I hope that I will like in western carolina. My aunt told me on the phone that there's very, very, very big city with lots of people around. And, that is, I will enjoy while being there.

Hmm..we shall see. One day, we will return to our rightful home! We missed New Jersey so much, but we will live in Delaware, anyways. That will allows me to visit to see my dear friends and of course..this hot chick that I wanted to express my feeling!

Anyways, gotta to go. See you later.

Peace out.

Series finale of New Jersey (BIG FINALE IS HERE AT LONG LAST)

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It's about time that I bring you a very, very, very sad end. Series finale of New's something that I didn't expect for so long. If you live in New Jersey, you will know that this is going to be my last night being here in this state...

Final journey it is! There was one final battle between me and this evil social worker and this horrible organization, it's DDD. I'm sure many of you remember that they threatened to take my cat away from me. Well..I guarded him so furiously to fight this long-standing battle against them. I will never forgive them for what they've put us through for this pain that I has to bear for!!

Now..coming tomorrow..the final journey that will takes me back to North Carolina. That's where my grandfather's home state that he born. I will be at peace! You have no idea how long I've wanted for this freedom!

Now I have come to said a very, very emotinal good-bye. I spend a good life here in this fine state. Now it's time for me to move on and be free from DDD and this evil social worker. I'm sure many of you will be so happy to know that I'll be free from them at long last!!

Now..there'll be mini-series of North Carolina coming your way!!! I'm going to tell you many things of adventures that you've longed wanted to hears for so long!!

Then there'll be FULL series of Delaware where I will end up live on that fine land where I won't have to worry about sale tax!! It's free for me to pay whatever I like to do so!! I know many of you're jealous that I'll live in Delaware!:lol:

-salute- So long, my dear friends!! This is final farewell!! New Jersey, I thank you for give me a wonderful years that I enjoyed to do so!! North Carolina and then Delaware..HERE I COME!!!

Be ready for new adventures, my dear friends!!

(Running towards the door and bid you a farewell.)

Be FREE, my friends! Don't let anybody treats you like crap! Listens to your heart!! Hyah!!!

OOOH!! I forget to tell you that you'll be meeting my newest member of this family, his name is Rovin. It's very cute cat. He's awaits of my arriving!!! Can't wait!! See you later!!!

Interracial issues.

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Official blog title post: "white race go extinct in 200-500 years".

Hello everyone. How are you doing???

While I was research in white race..not too long time ago. I was told that white race will become extinct in 200 or 500 years later, due to interracial people. They'll be driven out to be disappearing for good.

To me, I never dream that white race will be become extinct for good. Right now..I want you to think what will happens once they're gone. That's mean there'll be no more blue/green/hazel eyes. There will be no more redhead/blonde hair. You'd have to deal with mixed people like lots of blacks and others.

For that, I'm very afraid that white race will be disappearing for good! Come on, I love those people so much. Despite my lust for blue and green eyes! That's my weakness to fall for blue/green eyes and redhead/blonde hair.

However..I predict that we will have people with purple, pink, green hair. That's because future society will let them to have it. Or we could witness first-ever new human race with strange color skinned that we'll ever see for long time to come.

What strange human race that could be? Possibly green and blue and red skinned people. 'Course, I was told that scientists are already worked on to do this experiment to painted human race a whole new look. Can you imagine??

That I can live with that. I always wanted to date people with green and blue skinned! They would be so powerful creature that you cannot mess up with! Hard to tell..they are beautiful creatures to create to begin with!!

I'll laugh my ass off if Sylent like the new human race!!! Sylent..DO ADMIT THAT!!! We both already know that you will like beautiful creatures!! Your weakness is green eyes, right? I think green-skinned chicks will be a very good matched for you to fall in love with! Sadly, you won't be around in three centuries later, but I will be here. May I suggest you to join up with me to experience a wild world of new human race that could explode your head off!!:D

Or should you paint your lovely girlfriend for that green??:D

Trust'll love it.

Anyways..That's what I've been told. New human race is due to be here by 2029. Again..that's what I've been TOLD!!!

Gotta to go! See you later!!