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I'm in LOVE once again!!(lol! How are you doing thus far??)

Hi guys,

How is everything goes with you thus far? I hope nothing bad going on with you all! Oh, man..I have such good day!:lol:

I'll bet you put your hand on your forehead and goes, "What's now??":lol:

Well, my dear friends...I met Cat once again just hour ago at starbucks! Ah, we did talk little bit and I didn't want to keep her on the leash, I has to let her go and head back to work while I'm restore my strength when I'm eating delicious food!

Oh, god, she is so beautiful than my ex-girlfriend! She make my life much happier than it is already! Soon, I started to forget my troubles..sounds like she was able to erase my troubles away and somehow make me keep my eyes locked on her!!!

Did I tell you that she has such beautiful teeth I've ever saw??

Ahem, we were shy to talk! It's okay, tho, because she is still learn to talk with deaf people the way I see around here.

(Sighing) You have no idea how much I'm in love with her! I'm too nervous to asking her out, it's just that we are too perfect to be couple! If I send this pictures to you all and that will leave you and your jaws dropped on the floor!!

Perhaps, you'd gone black out too!:lol:

You'd encourage me to go out with her too!!!

Also, she finally give her email to me at last!! That's mean we will keep in touch while I'm in north. I told her that this is my last day and my last visit to starbucks, because I'm moving out!!

I guess that struck her nerves to learned that I'm leaving!:shock:

:cry: I do not want to leave her alone...I deserve to stay, but I can't! I needed to stay in North for only six months before I'm able to return to my favourite town!! I will let you know how is everything goes!

Yes, I know!:(

OH, well! I will never forget her face for rest of my life if I must have her as my wife!!:lol::lol:

Catch you later!!:D

I gotta to work on my submissions right away!;)

I'm in LOVE!!! (btw, how are you all doing???)

HI GUYS!!! (waving my right hand towards to you all!!!)

I hope you're doing good thus far since of my last visit!!!

  Guys, I'm certainly that you already knew that I'm in love!!! Yes, you heard me right, I'm in LOVE!!!!

I just met this such beautiful girl at starbuck coffee and I didn't expect to order my favourite black tea that help my body enough already. So, this girl approached me in a such cheerful way.

I had no idea why is she approaching me like this that way, she asked me to see if I'm deaf and I nod my head without my saying to her, I'm just speechless!!!

I knew that this is good news for me to be heard! Believe it or not, she does know how to talk with deaf people! She is not deaf, she is hearing. So, I told her that I wanted black tea and she does get it at what I'm saying here.

She gave me very hot black tea and I didn't drink that, I prefer cold one. She give me free tea..!!:shock:

Whoa! I reckon the romance is in the air, my dear friends!!

 So, I decide to talk with her more and I gave her my new email address and my new home address.

She promised me to contact with me like next week or so. I hope she kept her promise..! Oh, my god..!

She is so darn beautiful, I'm still speechless!

I could tell that we will see each other again later today or later this year!


(Sighing happily!!)

I have to go!! I'm too happy to leave now..!

Though, I've managed to hide my teeth, so she wouldn't be able to see my teeth. My teeth needed to have good fixing, tho!

Catch you all later! (Waving my right hand to you all!!!)

Also, I forget to mention this to you all, her name is CAT! Oh, MEOW!!!

Breaking news: my insurance has cancelled on me for good

Dear friends,

My heart is broken right now. From what I've learned that they are no longer covered me anymore. I'm very, very angry and upset and my face went like frozen and I couldn't deal with this!

I mean..I love state of new jersey, I don't know what's going on. I'm starting to believe that my mum did something to my insurance company! I know she request them to cancelled on me for good!

Arrah, I'm very, very angry at her.

She have no rights to butt in my life and my business too as well. Who does she think she is?? huh??

Right now, I have to go. My tears is flowing down my face and I can't handle with how cruel insurance cancelled on me!

I'm super pissed!

Sooner or later, I'll have to cut my mum out of my life for good! She will pay for this, I swear that she will!!!:evil::x

Mark my words, my friends!

(sobbing!) The insurance that I depend on when I needed to see the dentist!!!

The end draws near!

My dear friends,

  How is everything goes on with ya thus far? I'm very glad to hear that since last blog I've read and I see some of you has left commet on my last blog, which is, I'm very glad and it has lifted my spirit!

Perhaps, one day..I may open myself up to you all and the most of you may be finally getting known me better.

Yes, I know. I'm certain that you find me so private person who never open myself up to the world where they're so desperate to know me better. My friends, I just don't trust myself with you all. Not yet, anyways, because I'm afraid that the more you know me, you'd keep digging into my life.

Trust me, you won't find my life that pretty. So, I will let you digging into my life little more once I decide to trust myself with you all.

  I'd like to sunder myself from this discussion for now..I don't feel too comfortable talk about myself.

One day, you will known me alot better. Perhaps, I will have more friends who will left me lots of comments!!!:| Well, never know, my dear friends!

So, moving on...

Yes..the end has draws very near. The end has come this for me and my family here in fine town where my grandfather lives here. He passed away last september and there's nothing that we can do right now.

I'm ready to move on with my life and see what's up in the real world. But, I don' t know if I'm willing to come back to this town where my grandfather used to live. Lots of things that has remind me of him the most.

  At this most life that I has made me embrace the life more than instead of thinking about death.

I'm certainly the most of you already know that I don't want to die and that is, I wanna to live forever here on the earth.

(Sighing) I hate death so much, my friends. I really do!

Don't worry, because one day in your will be able to take control when you feel like it is your time to leave this world forever.

Perhaps, you'll understand what I'm talking about here.

  Anyways, I'll have to go.

Thanks for left comments on my last blog!

Plus, I'm gonna pm to tv staff to do something about those TOS that I've got the past week. I don't want to be banned!

Take care and may you embrace the life the more!

Hey there, how are you all doing?

hiya, friends.

I'm sure the most of you are noticed that I'm back and give you all a updated about my moving in the apartment that I'm hunting.

Well, It'll have to wait, because I'm gonna stay with my family up there in the north for a while, perhaps until this christmas. I need to get my feet up and be on my own at last! Right now, I'm grew the great frustrated when I'm gritted my teeth very angrily! kept prevented me from check my forum!

What's going on!?!

Now, I just got another TOS of warning, that I got spam! LIAR!!!

I never were, because I didn't come online and see what is going on here. Now, I'm very, very mad.

Next time I'm appear here, I'm gonna turn this profile into private and let problem be alone for a while.

I'm tired and sick of somebody reported me for no reason! STOP IT!:evil:

I've had enough of this stupid warning..! All I wanted to come here to make submission and much more, that's all! Stop reported me over this silly stuff!!!:evil:

Thanks very much!

Now,  I must be going. I have lots of work to do, I needed to complete my submisson.

I will see the most of you again next month.


I had good time this week and I'm going home today.

Good morning.

I had a such good time time week ever since I had this new username. I'll have to get using to this for a while. As I discover that this site is practically look so dead when I went to my friends' list and found out that most of my friends aren't here anymore. I'm starting to thinking that they're gone on their holidays, maybe?

Well, I will wait for their most return in the near future, so we can finally talk again. I really, really missed my friends very much, I have nothing to turn in to talk with somebody when I needed them the most.

  Now, in the future, I hope that I will have lots of new friends and I hope that they can enjoy my blogs as I can bring them on! Only the problem is, I don't got comments that much anymore. Only got the few comments. I'm starting to challenge this question to myself..what did I do? Do they find me so boring or no fun?

Perhaps, I should've talked more. I'm tired and sick of being so awfully quiet, I wanted to tell them more about me!:evil: I'm tired of keep it to myself...I needed to open myself to everyone in the world! I hope that will help to do that so.

"I prayed to the lord that I can open myself up to the world where I won't have to be so awfully quiet anymore! "

I hope that god will finally answered my prayer, I hope that he heard my prayer loud and clear!

Moving on....

Right now, I'm heading back home today. I just found out that my mum is on the away for business I'll have to returning to my hometown and prepared for HUGE moving weeks ahead of me!

Perhaps, I'll have to wait to get new laptop, so I can finally share my interests with everyone here at!

(Sighing) I better getting going and I'm prepared to post one final blog from I used on my old username, masterswordman.

Question of the blogs: Will I open myself to everyone at last?

New friends wanted and (I'm very, very, very worried about sweet_jane)

Hello again,

Seemingly, I cannot get new friends today, where I want to know them better in the near future. I hope that many of you will help me to get new friends before I return to my hometown where there's so many plans that need to be done. I have to get ready for apartment and of course, buy brand new laptop where I will keep in touch with you all!

Now, I'm very, very worried about sweet_jane. I feel her pain, she is so sweet person I've ever seen in my life! Though, I don't know her that well, but I'm forward to getting known her well. I hope that she can pull herself together and stop beating herself and moving on. I believe that her friends will forgive her and everything will be worked out in the end.

Her blogs is so beautiful and I was so moving and I was closing to bring a tears down to my face..!

Now, I hope that she is okay!:(

I had so much fun last night! (I'm reel new friends in today!!)

Hello there, I hope you all doing so good thus far!

You know, I had so much fun last night when I had this new username and I'm now comfortable! I chat with dozen of my friends last night and I had a such good time and I'm enjoyed post my comments on my friends' blogs and I hope that I can do so today.

Moving on...

Today, I'm grab the fishing reel to throwing it into the friends' pools to catch new friends to reel in on my list who are willilng to be my friends today!:twisted:

I'm so excited that I'm hunting to find somebody who'd like to be my friends, I wouldn't be surprised that they don't mind! I hope that they can make my day much better than last night! I'll try to make my best not to lie, but be honest with my new friends and making them laughing!

All I hope for the best!

((-To the victims: You'd better to be ready when I'm reeling you all in!!!:twisted::lol:-))

Well, I'm off to do shopping!:twisted: