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Here's the updates on my cat (VERY good news!)

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In fact...

I've decided to spare my cat from all of this, because it turned out that he just wanna to go outside and play with other cats that he seeks out to do so. I never felt so much better for so long time to comes and I KNEW that he wants another cats in his life to keep him a company for long time!!

So, I guess this is way that god shows that I'm meant to be frozen with my beloved cat!! How excellent.

You know what's SO damn funny? Rovin tries to get away from Bryan, but he chase him away, because he want to know him better. I never laughed this very hard for a whlie long now! I'm very glad to report you that I was wrong to prove that my cat will be fine!! My grandmother said that SO!

Don't you worry about it!;)

**Laughing so harder!!!** :lol::lol::lol::lol:

If you are animal lovers (Please read this)

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cat with wings Pictures, Images and Photos

Dear animal lovers,

This day has come. The forbidden thoughts has crossed my mind earlier today, ever since my cat and I had struggling years to get through by! No matter what people tries to take my cat away for stupid reason, I come to his recuse to protect him so furiously to ensures that he will be in my life for very, very long time to comes.

Now it doesn't matter to me anymore. does matter to me after all. My beloved cat, Bryan, is getting worse each days ahead upon us, because he cried VERY loud and wanting to get out to hear bird singing. That's normal sense for my cat wanting to go outside to hear bird singing on the side. His crying at this alarming rate has got my attention at this very hour. No matter what I tried to tell him to be quiet, but he ignored my calling to ask him to be quiet, but driving us very crazy for not able to sleep while he cried too much at night.

Now he has peed all over on the carpets. I screamed and yelling at him for doing that. Coming at that result; he's very scared and running toward under the bed to protect himself from my screaming and yelling. 'Course..It didn't help that much at all.

Now, earlier this morning, I've come to this fateful decision that it's time for my beloved cat to go. To set him free from the pain that he has suffering for all years long. It's time for me to put him to sleep for all eternity and it kills me that I will not see him again, not ever again. That cat knows how to make me so happy! Almost feel like he's my roommate, because he sleep on my bed right next to me!

We have been through too much and now it's time that i send him to wonderful kingdom of heaven where my former cat will get his chance to see him for the first time ever. It hurts my heart that it's time for me to release him and having him hand over to god upstairs. This time, my cat will see my beloved grandfather up there, so they can playing around and be SO joyful!

Now it would be nice of you to mention me in your blogs, because I will need comfortable comments to read. Maybe taking your advice on what should I do with my cat bryan.

To telling you that I will turn my cat into ashes. That I will pour him down here in North Carolina for all eternity. hurts so much to see him go up there in heaven, but at least many cats will welcomes him there!!!

Please don't make fun of me, ok? I think I can hear piano is being playing in the spirit world!! They want him to come home. Thought that it wouldn't be very unwise if I keep him as frozen, so I will see him again in the far-fetched future, but the right thing is to send him to heaven.

"Good-bye, Bryan. I had wonderful years with you!! You make me to be better man! Now I release you up there in the heaven. God forbids, I hope you understands and that you'll forgive me!! Go and be with my grandfather!!"


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Hey there,

How are you doing, buddy? Has this life treated you so good?

Another major announcement: I've decide to donate my sperm

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Before anyone judge me so harsh on my decision that it's time for me to donate my sperm, please let me explain this to you. If this is very shocking to you and decide not to be my friend anymore, that I will understand. Nothing that I can stop you from removes me from your life for good.

All right, the reason why I decided that it's time for me to donate my sperm, because it's good idea and I don't mind any woman to carry my children in their bellies. Does that bothers me that much? The answer is no, not at all. My moon was at this line of uncertainly ever since I began to considers to have lots, lots of kids in my life.

Right now, my sex life is too damaged, thanks to those idiot doctors back in New Jersey, they lied to me a whole time while I begs them to remove a boils under my arms and I has to wait for three years for this crap!! Back in 2003, they told me that they're considered to removes big boils under my arms, but turns out that they changed their minds too damn many times and that makes me so angry. They did mentioned skin graft, but never did do this skin graft surgery back in 2003!! They were looking for a lame excuse to avoid this to make my life even more miserable! When I woke up from the surgery and found out that big boils hasn't been removed at all!! Only if you were there to see my face went explosion like volcano! You can sense a line of frustration across my family's face when they keep gamble the game on my life. They just sit down and watching me suffer so great.

My stupid school has decided not to let me finished the school that I've wanted thus far and so far they've done a good time to make my life upside down. Time has delayed as I continue to complained to them and did you know that I was about to sue them for gamble the game on my life?? That they should be able to remove big boils under my arm back in 2003, not 2006! The lien of hour has already stroke as I learned that my grandfather passed away on that very morning of September 11th, 2006. (Just bad luck to die that day, just to let you know).

That I can never, never forgive those idiot doctors for wasting their times to watch me a great deal of suffering while my grandfather's health hit down on the floor. That make me wish that I didn't grew up in the state of New Jersey. Soon I realised that state is corruption as I've been told. I think that hospital is part of that corruption as they gamble my life. That line of anger strike me and wanna to strangle their necks for what they've done this to me! I was about to start new life with my grandfather and god decided to took him back in the heaven! I screamed at god for what he has done this to my life and did I already beg him to bring him back to repairs my life that stupid doctors has caused!

Here am I three years later...

My life is going well and I realised that it's time to donate my sperm, because it's right thing to do. I will wanna to know my kids in the future once I met them in the person for the very first time ever.

Now, yesterday, I found sperm bank here in Raleigh. That's where I will be there in three or four years later. That require of me to seeks new lady friend to help me out to perform like this to place my sperm in the cup. Only if nurse could help me with that, but she only can help me with that magazines!:( Come on, what's wrong with that? I think nurses should help out to ensure that sperm is in the place of cup and have it frozen and stored in the safe place where no one will be able to steal my sperm!! It would be very nice if she give me a hand job, y'know? :lol:

It would make much easier to do that!!

I will let you know what will happens in the future. I'll be damned if I'm president of united states of America and those kids will learn that I'm their father and that the media will comes after them like an animals! That they are off limits and have no place to be in their business, y'know? I don't want that media treat them like they're king or queen! All I want my kids to have their normal life in normal cycle that they likes to do so! you think that my decision to donate my sperm is right thing to do? Oh, no, I'm not looking for huge loads of money to help myself out to settle my life right.

Remember, my sex life is too damaged right now. I will have doctors here in North Carolina to fixing the problem that Jersey doctors has causes the pain all of those years ago!! So, please understand my situation and you'd do the very same in my position!!

Now, I won't stop you if you decided not to be my friend anymore. I can take a harsh comments! Go ahead..tell me that it's foolish for me to donate my sperm! GO AHEAD!!

Coming soon to your small screen!

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Dear Blog readers,

As this hour approaches, I coldn't be more prouder to make the HUGE announcement as months goes too damn fast! Now, I'm sure many of you already remember that I left New Jersey back in December as they make my life so miserable and that they're threatened to take my cat away for nothing, do you remember that, yes? Hope that your memory serves you right as my fingers crossed for the best of all!!

Well..ever since I've left New Jersey for better life for me and my beloved cats, as you already knew that now I got five cats already pop up in my life. 'Course, I enjoy spend a amount time with them and they're no longer scared by me. They see me more often as I comes out to feed them the fresh food that they're seek out to please for. To be honest with you, they're very, very hungry like COW!!!! When I clink my fork into that bowl, they immediately run to sit down and wait for me to feed them like there's no tomorrow!! They meowed like crazy and they love to eat wet food than dry food.

You know what's so strange about my current cat? My cat is scared of his new family!!! Earlier this morning, I lifted Rovin the BIG, TOP cat to drop on the bed to greet him, but he's too scared to welcome new cats in his life, no matter how I wanted for my cat to meets them, he just ran away to hide himself in the bed!! His back feet keep scratch my hands off to drop him!! Guess he tried his best to be brave cat as he can be!! Rovin had no idea who my cat!! Although, he's very curious to know who he is, because Rovin is his grandbrother, y'know??

Ahh..this cat..Goldie! That stupid cat's attitude acts like human!!! When I lifted him and sniffed his nose, he went like "Why are you sniffed me in the first place?! Put me down NOW!!"

Yet, he struggles to get off of me, but I hold him like that!! Good thing that I cut his damn claws off, so he can't do what he wants to hurt my hands! It will take a few weeks to having his claws grows back and I will keep on to cut his claws off in the order to having the relationship with him!! Lucky for me, his teeth is not that sharper that I hoped for! He has bitten me before, but failed to do the harm on my hands! I patted on his head to let him know that I'm not going anywhere and that I'm in his life, whatever what he like it or not!! You could see his face when I told him that!! [Laughing]

My life here in North Carolina is pretty good so far!!

Mind you! Major announcement!

Just yesterday, I asked my grandmother to see if she has reach the decision on where we want to lives. Guess what? She chooses Wilson as I wanted for so long time since I got here! About freaking time!! We will move out very soon to make this our new beginnings and will live here for very, very, very long times to comes! You can bet that I will create new life for me and my cats and perhaps new girlfriend that I'll seeks out that this life appoints me to do so.

Not until we got new car and everything, we are settle at long last to leave eastern north carolina forever for good!! There's nothing here, I mean NOTHING!!! There's no mall, no wal-mart, no target, no movie theaters!! We has to drive to Washington more than hour and half for nothing!! That I HATE IT SO MUCH!!

Now, with spring approaches our leaving, I needed more people who will keep a close eye to know how am I doing so far with move to Wilson.

Like..more than 8 or 10 people..anyone interesting to sign up and see how am I doing?

For that..I need new series to title for my blogs here!

"Forest of Wilson"?


"Wilson: New beginning of life"?

Only you can help me to create new title, so I can mark a series premiere for that!!

Now, another announcement to make! I'm getting close to getting driver's license here! It's very, very easy for me to pass this test and get it almost immediately! Once I do, I'll be shopping for cars. I'm thinking about getting Honda Pilot or Toyota RAV 4. Guys, I failed to mention to you that I have long legs, so I need SUV to do that! Do you have best SUV for me to drive on it?? Please HELP!!!!

The reason why I'm so happy to live in Wison very soon, because closed captions here in eastern north carolina is VERY horrible and didn't switch to HD!! Very, very lazy, I must said!!

Right now, I must take my leave and will see you soon!

I know that I haven't been blogged like forever....

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Dear blog readers,

I'm sure many of you already knew that I haven't been blogged ever since last week!! For that, I needed you to give me more time to collect my plans once it's completed at long last. It isn't like I'm abandon you forever!!

Just needed more time, that's all.

Coming this week, I'm roll this plans out and I think you'll like it very much!! Gotta to go, see you later!!

I bring you this very sad news....

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The current state of our car..I've been told that our car can't be fixed. That bring my grandmother's tears to her cheek, because my grandfather bought that car back in year 2004. I supposed that it's time to let that go. It's for the best. AT least I got my HDTV that my grandfather bought that out for me back in August 2006.

That's enough for me. That's mean I'm very, very close to get my own car here in North Carolina. I really want that Toyota RAV 4 (2009)! It's so damn smooth and that's where we rent that car from enterprise! I'm thinking about get Kia Sportage. I will let you know how is everything goes around here.

I can't believe that they told us that they can't fix this damn car!!!:|

The question that you asked me last week: "What's wrong??"

There's nothing wrong with me. It's just lawyer. Our lawyer was here earlier. That's why I said it was that big deal.


Lawyer up!!!

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[Groans] Until this Monday. I'll scream the top of my lungs like there's no tomorrow!! :roll:

BIG DEAL!!!!!!!! :evil: