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Guess who's back?

Hey Guys,

Just drop in to said hello, that's all. Lots of things have happened as of late. But I can't say that much no more. Take care and God bless you!!!

Oh, boy....I might be returning back in New Jersey!

That's right!

We might be returning back in New Jersey very sooner than I wasoriginallythought! It's just that I love North Carolina, but I'm willing to give this state a another chance of not failing me this time around.

Lots of crazy stuffs going on down here in North Carolina. But I've met very interesting people and only few I really want to date them. Hot girls living can I resist that? Will that resent my returning back to New Jersey?

I'm praying that I won't be miserable here in North Carolina! Anyway..I will let you know what of our options are as of right now!

Blimey..It would be awesome if we're returning!

What's my best option? (Yes, I've returned)

I'm very tired. Since "Universal Heroes Series: Lion Heroes" going to be a toku series...I'm really stuck in between. I don't know which companies I should be hand it over to.

I was thinking of going to NICK or Warner Bros..I'm really stuck in between. But I'm really afraid that people's going to think that this is "copy-cat" of Power Rangers....

So much that I really want this new generation to accept this new toku series I'm planning this year....

I was told that I shouldn't submit my scripts to Saban, due to their policy!So, my worst fear is being realized. I'm really, really stuck in between.

So, Toei is only my best option? NOOOOOOOOOOO!

I have left completely, guys.

It's so preakking stupid that and movietome won't let me to do my blogs! What the hell is that? Apparently to me that they don't care about users anymore, so I'm here to let you know that I left for good this time around, it's now worthless.

As of right now, I'm posting my blogs from gamespot, so there's nothing that I can do about it. I'm too damn busy to working on my projects. So see ya. Call me once and movietome is getting better in the future!

undo the damages comes first

Friends of mine, before I can tell you what my new project is, my computer that required to undo the damages. Well, it's the scripts that I've been making the attempting to access, but adore said that it is not allowed, that reduced the speed on my computer, that's unacceptable. Thus far, I choose monday to go back.

Grr! I'm trying to learning the scripts all over again, so I can starting go back to working on my brand new project! :evil:

Next week, I'll be returning to this site. [Sighing] I hate to saying "I" a lot, it sounds so annoying, don't you agree with me, yes? Is it normal?

Long before I make my triumphant return, for that, I'll remove my old friends from my friends' list. I'm going to have new friends to coming in.

OH, Max, you're starting to sounds like my dear friend who got banned recently. Guess that's resonable for me to making my triumphant return to this site coming next week.

Everyone, I have a question. Since I got bad habit for saying "I" a lot, so what can I do to make it stop? I don't want to saying "I" more than 100 times!! :? Can you help me???

EDIT: Wow, gateway sucks ass! It won't letting me to do undo the damages at all! :evil:

Got my motto back!

Hey guys,

Just want to letting you know that I finally got my motto back tonight. For that, I'll coming back to working on my story series project. I will tell you about it tomorrow afternoon.

End of Arrowhokie23 (Most sad announcement of all)

Ladies and Gentlemen of blog readers,

Just as I promised that I would bring a very formal announcement yesterday, so there you have it ladies and gentlemen. The era of Arrowhokie23 has come to painfully end as I've learned that one of my dear friends have been banned recently, will not tolerate this anymore. Just to letting you know that Mods are VERY, VERY young here and loves to pick on someone and having them banned for no reason without having the series of TOS investigation at all! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I hate this place where it does feels very prison!

Let's speed it up, everyone. Let's see here, first three of my beloved friends got banned for no reason, just because they were targeted by very younger mods. Again without having to investigation to find out if they doing any wrongdoing, but this is unacceptable behaviour that I will not tolerate any longer. Feeling like I have to be very strict on those mods for what they've done to them, but guess what? Their fun is come to end very soon, I'll monitor this situation from time to time, everyone.

Most of mods should be up to 23 and up, not those younger kids who loves to having fun to banning lots of people! It's getting out of control right now and I will not permitting them to targeting me the very next, I'm off-limit to those younger mods! Here's my message to mods to reading this, staying out of this! If you decided to targeting me to having me banned, YOU will be very, very, very sorry! Let this be warning to you; you won't like me when I'm very, very angry! You've done this to my dear friend who raises us to roaring laughing like crazy when he wrote his crazily blogs, now he's gone, it's because of you! Now I hope you've had your fun, but this is where I will not ALLOW to have the power to be abused! I will find how old you truly are and have you de-mod for good!! You're truly immature, damn you to hell!! GO AHEAD, I DARE you to targeting me and the very next moment, you'll get your ass kicked like there's no tomorrow!

As of today, I will continue to writing my blogs, but series finale will be next Friday. This is where I leave you a most respectful farewell, so I will never forget you! But remember this, I won't be gone, but don't know how long must I be gone. This will be my mission to end the power abuse of mods!! I will not be victim of this situation where I cannot escape from!

MODS, Keep laughing all you wants to. Sooner or later I will wipe your smirk smile away! CURSE YOU TO DAMNING HELL!!! :evil:

Man..I missed my dear friend, but he is not gone at all. I'm coming after him this week to finding out where he's at. Heard the rumors that he may be at this green forum or whatever, but not going to waste my time to looking for him, but will have my conversation with him very soon. Once I do, I will let you know what is he saying about being banned for good. I will discuss with you on how to dealing with those immature mods. IT HAS GOT TO STOP RIGHT NOW!

Take this message to your friends and letting them know that we will not tolerate this kind of power abuse of mods! :evil:

Anyway, we will discussed about this tomorrow morning to evening!! See you tomorrow!