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All systems go!!

Well I have decided to go ahead and pick up all three systems. I picked up my last console today, the PS3. So now I have all three, 360, Wii and the PS3. So I guess I am a PSWii60 gamer lol..

Tired of people questioning my Veteran status!

There has been sevral occasions where somebody has questioned my Veteran status on this site. The other day this punk kid tried to say I was some 12 year old kid who lived in a fantasy life and that I was never in the military. Then he tried to make me out to be some warmanger, What a punk. He also was stating how Nam was a boring war, and nothing really big happen during the time the war was going on. Said he read all of that in a book. WHat a dumb ass punk. I looked at his profile he is some fat snot nose 18 year old kid. Still fresh off of his momas tit. But I do get tired of this. I was in the United States Army Infantry from Sept. 1997 to Jan. 2005. I was in the 25th infantry where I was a machine gunner, riffleman, Grenader gunner, Saw gunner, Team leader and Squad leader. I made my SSG in 5 years, and had earned 12 diffrent medails and ribbion in the 25th. I was there from 97-03. I also eaned my EIB and AA wings, was deployed to Japan 2 times, Austrillia once, Bosnia once, and state side trainning. I went to Ft Benning GA. I was an instructor there from 03 to 05. I was then Medically discharged in 05. So for all these little kids on this site who want to question my status, why don't you go try and do the stuff that I have done!

Kids on this site

There are way to many kids on this site that keep asking fr advice on how to undemine there parents authority when it comes to video games. Like this kid today who was 14 asking if it is worth him to buy GOW and take a risk of getting cought playing it buy his parents, they would take his 360 and get rid of it. Well this kid should have his 360 taken away and tough a leson. There are reasons why these games are not sold to minors, and if I cought the store selling these games I would take there licence or fine them. This is the reason why we cant have games like the first San Andreas, unedited. If it was me and he was my kid, losing his 360 would be the last thing he would need to worry about. But basicly to many kids are on this board, and the ones that are and are mature, no worries this is not directed to you. It is to the immature kids.

My 360 is making me happy!

Just wanted to take a min and comment on how I feel about the 360 games that came out. I am made that MS wanted to release all these great games at once. Man my pocket book felt it! No just joking, I use to be a Sony fan. I loved there games from the PS to the PS2. I bought an Xbox and took it back in 3 days, I hated the way that the controller was, the games and even the fact that you have to pay for online play. Well the 360 changed my mind, I love it, even thought you have to pay for online play, it is justified. So back to these games, I bought GOW, COD3, RB6 Vegas, I know more game out, but I also bought Oblivion. With the few games that I got, I haven’t played all of them yet, just GOW, RB6 Vegas, I love them, there great games. So this is just the icing on the cake for this system. So I am sorry to say to Sony but if MS continues the trend of these games, I believe MS will win this so-called war!:lol:

Do not taunt the PS3 fans

So the other day I was board waiting for my nighttime class at school; so I jumped onto Game Spot to see what new info was there, and then I decided to say in the PS3 forum that for all the people who where going to wait inline for the PS3 in the cold, that I would be at home playing my GREAT 360 and drinking coco, but I would think about them. Well it made a lot of people mad I guess, and one guy went on there to bash me, which was expected, and could not speak proper English; He was saying stuff like “why you be” and sound ignorant. Then he decided to question my veteran status, so I told him to learn how to speak proper English, and that I was jumping out of Black Hawk helicopters while he was jumping off the school bus, well then they bashed me because I misspelled helicopter, and was talking all kinds of mess, which is no big deal, that’s what I wanted to do anyway, rouse them up. Well then I revived an email stating I was suspended for that. So the moral of the story, don’t go into other forums and harasses other systems.