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Faceboot's New Page!

Faceboot, my free online daily life comic, is officially moving to a new host at and the new pages are up for you to enjoy. So, enjoy! ^^/

Happy Idul Fitri!

Yeah, Happy Idul Fitri 1432H for us Muslims!! \^^/

Lesse... I've updated my webcomic, Faceboot, at as usual. And, um, what else? Nothing more, I guess, I haven't been able to online as often as before. Money thingies. ^^a Well, have a great life everyone! ^^/

Btw, my Facebook account is Arma Lani and my deviantART account is kelingking2 should you need me there. ^^v

Got 2nd!

Hey, what do you know, I won 2nd place on Sen Yuurei no Matsuri's Seiyuu Competition! \^O^/ Not bad for something that was entered just to have a crazy day once in a while, huh? XD Oh, and I was cosplaying too, the first time ever in my entire life! XD If you wanna see my pic in the costume of Genbu no Shin from Saint Beast, search my facebook: Arma Lani. That green haired profile pic is me. XD And I just finished playing Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. It was awesome! I'm replaying it rite now to get the other endings out of curiousity. I'm just glad Atlus made it so we can save our stats after finishing it once so we don't hafta go thru another hell to see the other endings. Any of you played this game too? Last but not least, my webcomic, Faceboot ( is going great! 10th week and it got 500+ views already! I'm so happy! ^^/

Google Marked My Webcomic as Badware?! WTH?!

I'm furious at Google at the moment.... :evil: It blocked my webcomic address and marked it as badware so most people won't be able to view it. D< So, for those still wanted to read it, please change your bookmark to:

Thank you kindly. m(_ _)m

100+ Views!

I just can't believe that it's already over 100 views for Faceboot, my webcomic. Thank you so much for those who still wants to read it so far. m(_ _)m


That's the title of my webcomic and you can view it at eventho it's a forum but you don't have to register to read it, although you have to be registered to post comments. Thanks and enjoy! ^^/

My Webcomic! (Coming soon this Monday!)

If you're interested in reading, please drop a visit on my blog again by Monday. I'll be posting the link to the webcomic. Oh, and don't worry, it's a free comic. ^^b I'm planning to update it thrice a week, but still not sure. Will inform it again later.

Online: Good?

I have a modem now so I can practically online 24/7, but due to the old comp I have, I still won't be able to play online games. That's the downside. The upside was I can download PC games now to be played offline. So, I used to think that it might be great to have my own modem, but now that I have it and can't really use it at max, I believe I just felt it as so-so.

Next plan on money: external harddisk. Or just save it up till it's enough to buy a new and better comp. Still thinking it through.

Cursed You, Soma Bringer!!

Is the English version of this game out yet? I'm playing the Japanese now. The game was pretty addictive, I haven't been playing RPG lately since it's either too annoying to battle (FF CC series is HELL!!) or it's just too boring and typical for a storyline to enjoy, but I'm really into Soma Bringer, I haven't get a good night sleep for a week out of battling for level ups and story progress, plus that annoying-but-challenging non-story-related boss!!

Cursed you Soma Bringer, for being an RPG I would still enjoy even during that so-called-boring-leveling-ups!! ^^b

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