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MY Recent News & About to buy a PS3. Suggestions.

So, Im a married man now! I know, i totally cut straight to the chase there. I got married June 6th, And i have not had time to do anything really. I recently got time to Hang out here on my old websites, so here i am!

MY questrion right now though,most importantly.. I am getting a ps3 soon. Tell me some fun Third person shooters, FPS, Adventure, Action Adventure, and Racing games..

Right now i have my Eyes on MGS 4, Socom Confrontation, The Saboteur(when released), Cod Modern warfare 2, COD World At War... Basically im into Shooters as u can see.. But i want to widen my Adventure, with some Bright, Exciting Games, Not all based on murder!. haha. So just hit me up with some Opionions on what to get!

HAppy Holidays, You Ba.....

So How was your christmas ?(i refuse to say XMAS!)

Mine was ok. Stressful as usual..

I Recently got Resident Evil 4. And i'll just mention that it was the first M rated ame that i actually walked into the store, by myself, wihout my mom and bought a M rated game.. being 17 KICKS !!! !... thankfully i have my state I.D.

Re4 is AWESOME!! it is scary at times... It reminds me allot of that game "Gun" if any of you happen to recall it... RE4 is about 10x better with better action... but Gun was the s!!! though!

I'm pretty deep in the game though.. it's probaly THE best game i've played like this so far... the best shooter anyway... GTA has the title for best Action/Adventure though.

I hope you guys are doing great! I hope you all have a Happy new year.

I've been trying to post Message boards here at GS.. but it's REALLY laggy and slow... It's like trying to play Socom 2 on dial up.. it's impossible!!!!! haha

ArkansasBoy91 is back!!!

Well, with all the Exciting news based around Guitar Hero IV and Rock Band 2, I have decided to return.

I have been very inactive for a year now. It started off when i fell in love with my girlfriend.. it was around this time last year.. I got to where i couldn't eat, i couldn't sleep. I wasn't Depressed... i was just worried if she actually felt the same amazing way that i felt. she really did. And we are happily together, still to this day. We got together August 31st 2007. And we are highly anticipating our first year coming up in just a few weeks.

I got inactive due to me feeling like i was happy enough with my life that i didn't feel like coming here anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that just because A hobby is blogging And/or Message boards means your not "Happy". i'm just saying i feel like the reason for blos and message boards is because we get bored and we can't think of anything else to do because all of our friends is doing something, therefore we have NOTHING ELSE TO DO!!! To me, Blogging and message boarding is just a good ole time, and i highly enjoy ranting Or maybe flaming someone or something every once in awhile. It's allot of fun Stretching your mind out and getting creative with the blogs.

So What's new with me?:
A. I have currently been focusing on my Solo acoustic music project called "Bright AS Orange". it was recently called "Thanks for yesterday" but that was a HIGHLY boring name and a name like everyone else would pick. Bright as orange is more Creative, it makes more sense with what i'm doing. My Demo will be done by the fall at the very least.. if i can get home recording time anyways.. It will be downloadable on my upcoming website.. or you could get a copy for yourself with a booklet... i was limiting the copys of Album/cd/booklet mix.. but if people actually likes this stuff then i will put out copys for awhile.. it won't be the best sound.. But i'm doing what i can. just because the sound is not "perfect" doesn't mean the cd does not have potential.

B. Me and my girlfriend is about to celebrate our first year anniversary... Like i stated previously.WE are very happy, very in love

C. I'm back Due to me being siked about Guitar hero IV. You guys will probaly catch me in the Guitar hero 3 and IV boards.. i might pop in to the Rovk band 2 boards aswell.GHIV seems VERY promising & i LOVE The song list. it has Blink 182, +44,Smashing Pumpkins, many many bands i love aswell!!! i'm very very excited!!! I'll be around here for awhile!!

Take care guys. It's awesome being back. I can blog with you all again.. if you actually read my blogs.

A Bunch of NEWs!!!!!!

Hey all, Whats been up??
I have allot of news this time around.

May 7 i turned 17, which i wouldve posted a blog saying " Hey, Im rad... give me attention im a year older!!!" but, im not a pre teen anymore and thats kinda lame so i figured i would tell yall a month and a half later so i wont get any "happy birthday" crap.


I have a bunch of music news.
I have 3 bands now. I have The New syndrome which i have currently made inactive Due to the fact that i started a solo side project called " Bright as Orange" which is what im using for all my ideas and hopefully i can go back to TNS later on when im better and make it killer!! Me and my girlfriend started a band called " Heres your love letter" and it's just a Cute little band we started we thought would be fun, we thought it would be cool to take all of our ideas and throw into one.. so Yeah! its awesome

TNS, life, future

I have been working hard on mydemo. I have like 5 songs almost done. I'm even playing in drop d tuning to get ideas. I've did pretty good so far. I hope everythin works out for me. Myfriend is a manager of this awesome band, & he will let me tag along during the summer to go on tour with them. i think it will be awesome. if ihave a job, i dont know if i can go or not.. i need money so i'll be able to m ove byt he time i'm 18. but if i go on tour i may not have enough money to move.. so nowit comes down to whats more important.. i want music to be my FULL TIME JOB, playing it, wriying it, selling it, teaching it.... but i need money to do all that and to move.. or a huge majortour.. so i dunno what im going to do. if i dont have a job by summer, than hell yeah im going. if i have a job, i'll miss out on allot that means so much to me. What do you guys think??

Well, my Demo should be ready by May. I willhave it downloadable online or you can get a DEMO with a full booklet... But those will be limited.

Jeez, job searching is weiiird

So yesterday i decided to go job hunting

I Applied at 2 grocery stores, im going to apply at 2 other places today. And i hope out of all of this i can find SOMETHING!!!! haha.

My parents are giving me trouble with it. my mom said she is going to watch my money an she will know everything i spend it on. my dad keeps shooting me dirty looks for no reasons. and yesterday i was wearing a BLINK 182 wristband and my mom got mad, she was like "WTH ARE YOU DOING WEARING THAT BLINK WRIST BAND WHEN YOUR GETTING APPLICATIONS!!!!!" and im like " i ALWAYS WEAR THIS MOM, how would this wristband possibly take away the chance of me getting a job?!" and we are all fighting about it for like 1o mins. gosh, it was BY FAR one of the stupidest fights i have ever been in with my parents this year! lol.

Ok anyways, how are all yall doing!?

Drewski90 BANNED?!??!

YES!!! no offense, but that dude is VERY ANNOYING with his blogs.. posts a non sense blog everyday, asking about sometjing stupid.... and then he doesn't even talk about it really.. he just racks up his blog posts just for fun.. i use to post question blogs a long time ago when i realized " no one is gonna read this crap, and if they do they are NOT going to respond to it. and if they do, they are no better of than me" lol. He is now Banned! apparently. i clicked his page, and sadly it says User band!! i'm not happy he is banned. why couldn't they just ban his blogs, that way we would all be happy!? lol. ok ok, im not trying to be mean! but jeez his blogs were irritating.. i swear he was just posting them for people to say " WOW! look at how manyblogs he has!" see, i post blogs bragging or maybe..flaming????? about something.. and i actually want it to be a long intriguing conversation.

Any way. Sorry about getting band Drew. If you come back! stop with the everyday blogs involvin g A QUESTION and you leaving it at that.. if you do blog everyday, give it a point and a reason. thank you

Arkansas boy 91

My Newest Band Interest(s)

I recently decided to give A.F.I a listen. I've known about them for YEARS, but i never liked them because i honestly dont know why.. the lead singer ALWAYS freaked me out, he looked so *** and like a girl so it freaked me out.. and the guitarist looked the same.. but now that it hink about it, Now that i actually listened to about 45 of their songs.. i realized that this band is AWESOME and they have an Amazing sound, Their music is very catchy, and it's totally incredible. I love Davey's voice.. It's something diffrent, and i really like it. ok, love it!. They have became one of my MOST favorite bands. and Decemberunderground is now one of my favorite albums ever! I can't really explain why i love it so much. it has some Awesome Bonus songs like " On the arrow" and " Rabbits are road kill on route 37". I'm going to listen to all the AFI Albums i can! i never expected them to be THIS Good.

Also, i have got into Mindless Self indulgence. They are like Electronica Rocky punkish stuff.. i cant really explain it, at all. but they are pretty darn good. The Lead singer sings like a girly girl, but its still pretty awesome. check out their myspace . Iheard about them back in like june, they were suppose to be on Guitar Hero 3. their not on GHIII that im aware of.. they might be featured in the Multiplayer, kinda like Red hot Chili Peppers & Bloc Party.. but i seriously dont know. Check out MSI Anyways though, they are really cool with a Catchy sound, Different Vocals... but pretty cool altogether

So, Everyone!

How is life for you all?

Mine, it's so Amazing. Thankfully, i have found the right girl. Our 6 months anniversary is FEB.29. And Feb.29 is ALSO the 182 day of us together. and for you all that know me, i LOVE Blink 182!!! so this is a rad day for me 100% anyways!

I Have been writing songs. Hoping to get a Home DEMO done here in a few months so i can work on getting my music out there. Check out & tell me what you think about my unfinished demo's. Im doing my best to get it all finished.

I'm hoping to get a JOB here VERY SOON! i'm gonna work on getting my drivers permit aswell.

& im gonna try to master Guitar Hero, So wish me luck.haha