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Macklemore is my new hero.. His music > Your Artist..

I just playing around with the last statement in the title. In all honesty I haven't heard music coming from an artist that touched me so deep in a long while. Songs on repeat, I listen to them, especially Wings multiple times daily. I won't say that I haven't listened to artist/bands's songs that made me think, but it definately far in between. (Good example would be a band in Korea; Brown Eyed Girls. Their song Sixth Sense has a ton of depth to it, as well as alot of hidden in MV. The lyrics arent suppose to too much, but once you understand the reasons to it, and images happening in the MV, then you will get it. But I am getting off topic.)

The first song, I heard was a popular one played on my radio station of choice. Thrift Shop was a catchy sounding song, that could stay in your head for days. I didn't think too much of it at the time. I just knew I have to find out the person behind it, because it hella catchy and I simply had to find it on youtube. I managed to remember few of the lyrics and BAM, i found it. Clever lyrics, a catchy beats, and a song about getting your own style without having to rocking expensive branded clothes. I simply love this song, but this wasnt the song that hooked me to this guy's music. The next will be.


Okay, so I presented this song to my friend, who must have already heard it, then from there he sent me in the right direction with another of his song. The song that would just would leave me speechless after the firt time I heard it. A song that would touch me in a way I haven't felt in a long while from a song. This song that presented to me something I could relate to. This song was about trends, how destructive they can be, and how everyone had them; from shoes to letterman jackets to whatever now popular today. Trends and consumerism was the tone and theme of this song, how something can define something so much, when in reality it meant nothing. This song I am talking about is called WINGS, (If you didn't already click on it in the first paragraph.) But wow, just wow, this song is so emotional, at least for me. I trying to recall such a moment, maybe Handlebars? The song ended with one of the best ending points, especially for this theme, "its only shoes."




I was hooked, I digged to listen to more of his songs and yet again, I was impressed from what I got. This time, another issue in our society that he was hitting on. The video, the lyrics, the message, and the song in general is simply amazing. This theme had to do with alot of things about love, acceptance, sexual orientation, and acceptance of marriage of same sex couples. I'm a straight individual, who believes in the acceptance of anything and everything, whether it be race, creed, and for what this song trying to present; that be sexual orientation. This song of love and acceptance is simple another good message, coming from a man of heart who simply speaks the truthin his music. This song is called Same Love, and is the final nail for me to go out and support him by buying his album, whether phsyical copy or Itunes.


We honestly need more of this type of music, that is well written, thought provoking, wonderfully beated, that is not autotuned, generic garbage that nowadays seem to be the only thing we get. These songs just either make your feel good, or feel something in general. Check them out, if you haven't already. Macklemore, you are my superman, saving the world's msuci one song at a time.


Blogs coming soon..

I said to myself I would actually start blogging on here, now the question is what to blog about..

I shall figure something out.

Blogs soon to come..

The toad that was a beautiful hermit.

There laid the little toad, once a hermit boy, but the evil witch of old specs casts a curse on the boy, and his dreams of wonderous things became no more. He could occionally slip by, but being what he was now, he could no longer be one of the hermits of the mountain called gaming.

But finally after long years, a chance came by, a magical thing came across his prosession. Something of great power that could restore that once upon of time. He was now a Hermit of gaming once again.

Yada, Yada.. I just got back into gaming and got myself a nice new gaming PC!

Behold its specs:

Core 2 Quad 2.4 8MBcache Processor
Geforce 8800Gt 512MB
320 Gig HDD +160 External Portable HDD
4Gigs RAM
Dual Layer DVD Burner
I decided to stay with Windows XP.

+ Recently purchased 22 inch LCD Widescreen Monitor and subwoofer/speaker setup.

Today I submitted it in, and in about a little more than week from today I shall be gaining my Gaming Rig.

Can't wait for Starcraft 2 and Spore, and soon be playing Crysis, Company of Heroes, Neverwinter Nights 2, and others.

Wow, this song and video is amazing.



The first time I heard this was on the radio at work, it sounded pretty good, so I jotted the name of the song, luckily I got it down. With that, I did the easiet thing, I used youtube to look for it/ Anyways, I found it, quickly load it up, played the video and I was like 'wow'. It was more amazing than I thought.

Its an definately good song, but thats not just that, it is the message thats really stand out in it. The images and settings in the video, along side the song itself, laid out what happens when human beings do too much. What really happen when ambition is too much and how we do things we shouldn't really do.

Anyways check it out. Here again.

Tell me your thoughts.

My Top Five Anime Picks

Personally, I am a huge anime fanatic, I seen my own share of animes; most of them them pretty good. This is pretty much a rant of my top 5 favorite animes of all time. I pretty much asked this in one my unions and this was what i asked. Here is it goes, "If you were to be left with only 5 anime series in existance, and you were only abled to view their episodes and nothing else from any other anime. Of these 5 animes, what would they be and maybe a little reason behind it." Thats pretty much all in the nutshell of what I threaded about and I so I decide to bring over it into a blog form for those may not be in the union but on my list of GS buds who may share interests in anime.

So Many to choose.

There is a great deal of great anime that I couldnt just squeeze so I decided which five had my best memories in and can share the same experience if I were to watch them either for the first time or for the hundredth time. These would be my five.

1 - First off would come; an instant ****c about a 60 billion double dollar bounty-man, you guess him; Vash the Stampede. I am certian you know the name of this oldie, if not (seriously who hasn't?), its Trigun. A mix of rib-tickling humor and gun-fighting action, with a dash of moving moments. Give me Vash. Give me the Gung-ho Guns. Give me Millie. Give me my Trigun.

2. Next up to bat, another group of cool catz, another ****c on my list. What do you get when you have an former cop, an ex-Syndicate member, lady luck, a dog, and hacker, aboard one ship. You get, well I am not quite sure, what you call it, I call it a great setup for an anime called Cowboy Bebop.We got a great show about Bounty Hunters; throw in some bounties, a crime Syndicate, and other crazy encounters, you got good stuff. A must see anime for any other fellow Bounty Hunters out there.

3. Whats better than cowboys and spacemen, how about Ninjas and Samurais! Yes, I am looking at you Mr. Jubei. Again with the oldies? Yes! Whoever thought "lets make an anime with a badass ninja vagabond who can use a technique that slice oppenent in half at afar. Toss in some wicked characters; villians and alike. Put in the memorable scenes, and incredibles battles with insane opponents with imagination gone wild. And you would have Ninja Scroll. Whether movie or series, Ninja Scroll is number 3.

4. For the 4th pick, I will go a bit on a softer tone or at least I think so. This particular anime is mix of romance (did he just say?) and comedy. What more awesome (or nerve-wrecking) than accidentally dialing down an angel to be your so called girlfriend when you were ordering a pizza? Having an angel next to your side, always, isnt so bad? Well, lets just say meddling sisters and the cosmo isn't making it easier for you. Great "aww" moments blended smoothing with some great humous moments brings you "Ahh, My Goddess".

5. Down to the last one, now there are so many great animes out, this final one was probably the hardest one to choose. We had action, we had comedy, and we had romance, how about all three of them one complete package. What do we get when you add in mechs, high school life, and pretty blue haired-gal? We get the wonderful anime called Full Metal Panic; involving Sousuke Sagara and his antics. Sometime the hardest thing to grasp is the easiest and for Sousuke, that is daily teen life. Taking down terrorists, facing life or death situations, and battling it out in a mechs known as Armslaves are a piece of a cake for this guy, its the whole high school thing that drag hims down. Its not like boobie-trapping lockers and pic-nic baskets with bombs was that be big of thing? This anime got it all; drama, comedy, action, and hot girls err awesome mechs. And don't worry Chidori is on the case with her paper fan to smack Sousuke upside the hed if tries to pull one of his antics.

Those are my five animes choices, you may agreed or disagreed, but to me those are some great experiences and I wouldn't want to left them slip. I am sorry to any anime thats not in here, if so differcult to number ones when almost all of the animes in my head are pretty close in greatness with each other.

Pre-Manticore Giggles..

First off topic, I think I am going to say this. I decided that I will start blogging more often now, more so than once in a decade kind of deal. I will perhaps actually frequrently do so, instead of 3 in a lifetime, Heh. My last blof was like around level 20 and I am in the 30-range, sad yes? Anyways, should be hearing err.. reading about me more often.. If you want want :P.. The random rants, and thoughts..

Anyways on to topic..

Very, very soon I shall sprout wings and claws and be not anymore what I am now..

I will be this.

If you don't get the illustration, I will explain.

Above is a picture a manticore, well nuff' said.

By June, I shall be picking up the Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle pack.. Whoot!

And then sometime after or around, I shall get myself a brand new gaming PC.

Wii+360+PC+PS3+DS = You can do simple math problems, right?

I shall run rampantly through System Wars, with my new powers of ownageship (eventho I did own a PC already) and demonish the untruths and lies of fanboyism. So pretty much, nothing going to change, alot of new games will open up for me tho.. Heh.

Yay me and my goggling skills. I should find a pic of a DS, but I am lazy..

I am just all excited and thats what thrived me to blof this random out of nowhere post.

That is all!


Level 20 / 3000 posts.. Whoot!

I just recently gotten to the epic level 20 here on Gamespot, with addition to that I have posted over 3000 posts. I feel like accomplished alot through time, commitment, and so forth, I think I could be considered more than just an active member by this point, perhaps a much more dormanant part of this GS community. I made alot of good friends, allies, and perhaps a few villians as well. I think expressed myself enough here, as well as give and gain insight from and to people here. Overall, I went through alot of fun, grief, and overall craziness, but I am happy I experienced it all. Thank you Gamespot and members of this community, I am here to stay!


Anyways enough of that, time for the important part.

 Whoot, I AM LEVEL 20! Yayz!


Next stop, LEVEL 30!

Happy Late Birthday to Me

Jan 1st, I turned 22, and I just thought I randomly blurt that out for the heck of it. I was going to post previously but was busy with the Holidays/New Years. It makes me think, I been gaming for a quite long time. Heck, it must been over a decade or so of gaming for their body and mind, to tell you to truth, I am lucky. It makes me look back to the childhood when I first saw video games, and wonder at which point it made it stand on my life. Even just seeing my first game console, which must have been the SNES which was the coolest thing I saw mind you. Everything change so much, both myself and video games, it make me wonder what things will be in next decade or so. I will continue to age along with gaming as I sure alot of  you all will be too. Anyways, that is all, nothing too important.

Wii = PS2

Whenever I get into the System Wars area of the forums, and notice one of those "Graphic Sucks" for the Wii. It makes me wonder, especially those Sony boys [and PS2 owners], do they realise themselves PS2 was lowest graphic console out there, yet they outbeat both Nintendo's and Microsoft's. Don't think of this as against anyone, I am not saying everyone is like that, no no.. But it really annoys me and consfuses me how something so similiar had happened and is currently happening can be washed behind their mind. It really anything thats new or anything, just something boogling in my mind and I thought I post it as a blog. I personally enjoy any systems, but it does irratate me.. Oh well, I am having fun with my Wii and thats all that matters..

Signing off, leaving behind random thought.

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