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Demon's Souls is killing me...

I recently started playing Demon's Souls and I already realized why the game is praised so much after playing couple hours.  It really punishes you not because of its difficulty level but just because you make mistakes such as late rolling away from an enemy or not guarding when you're supposed to.  On the other hand, for someone who makes a lot of mistakes especially with this kind of game play, it takes its toll on me.  When my character dies in the game, I know what I did wrong and I correct that yet it takes a lot of time and patience.  Moreover I am prone to heedless mistakes as I want to eagerly advance in the game.  Overall, it is a great game but I am very curious if I will be able to complete it with success.

Identity Crisis

Nowadays, I am putting a lot of hours in video games as my work schedule allows it.  Moreover, I have at least 15 games at home and ready to be played as soon as I complete the next one on the list.  I am having a great time, however I am really having an identity crisis in terms of the protagonist of the game.  Since I start the next game when I beat the current one right away, the main characters are all mixed up in my mind :( .  Couple days ago, I was brutally massacring the demons and angels in Darksiders and now I am mixing herbs and stuff with a 15 year old alchemist girl in Atelier Rorona :) .  How messed up is this?

New Games Added to My Collection

I was eagerly waiting this time of the year because of two reasons.  First, I saved up some money to purchase new games and second, our religous holiday is coming and there will a lot of time to play games. 
At first, I couldn't really decide to save more money to get a new generation console at the end of the year or purchase more games which I foolishly ignored when they were relased.  I realized there is still a lot of time till the end of the year which I expect the X1 and PS4 will come out.  Moreover, I thought even the line-ups look a lot better compared to PS3 and XBOX 360's line-ups, the cost and the risk of the quality of the new consoles are questionable. 
I definetly want to see how some of the issues will be adressed and turn out when they are out such as "always online".
When and if postman delivers my packages on time, I will be having Far Cry 3, Ni no Kuni, Tomb Raider, Saboteur, Dark Souls, Portal 2, Borderlands 2, Dishonored, Darksiders 2, Tales of Graces F and Atelier Totori.

I miss good old Final Fantasy days

I am currently playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the more I involved and get deeper in the game the more my frustration takes me over.  As always there is no complaints in the graphics department, however Final Fantasy titles is losing the charm on me as the titles continue.  I had a sprinkle of hope after Final Fantasy XII but FF XIII crushed it.  Quite frankly, I really can not point exactly where the problem is, yet the fact that Final Fantasy series aren't giving me the fun and pleasure as it did with the VII or even X makes me feel I am right.
On the other hand hope is a weird thing, as I still hope Versus XIII is going to change things and but everything back on the track.  Time will tell...

Mass Effect Mania

I've decided to start to ME trilogy all over again and this time I've purchased all game add on DLCs. I am almost over with the first part and I am having a blast. However, I still go almost with the exact choices as I did on my first play through. I still go with paragon choices and keep Wrex. I think only difference this time will be an alien sex :).

Shopping Mess in Holiday Season

As a grown man who uses holiday season as an excuse to do excessive shopping for video games, I am having a lot of difficulties nowadays. Who knows, maybe this a curse which is put by my wife as I try to rationalize my spending spree on video games as "This is holiday". That part is another blog material anyways :).

Here is my dilemma:

I have a NTSC/U system and I do my shopping (after I moved back to Turkey) either from or from Both are good in their own ways, however shipping costs are crazy if I purchase from Amazon and one of my package has been lost during delivery. Moreover it takes a lot of time to receive the shipment. On the other hand, these problems can be overlooked when I shop at but it is not easy to find a game with US version and with a good price all the time since DLCs' cause problems otherwise.

Sometimes I miss my good old days when I get on my car and drive to local EB Games or Gamestop and purchase whatever I want.

An Observation about My Personality

I have played so many RPG games that I needed to build a game character from the ground up. Whatever game it is, all the personalities are paragon.

Even in game, if my actions have influence on the game characters' personality like in Mass Effect Fable, or Dragon Age I always help people even it is a 30 minutes long stupid fetch quest. If I somehow accidentally choose the renegade decision, I reload the game to undo the wrong doing. I feel I am obsessed about walking the moral way. Moreover, if the outcome of the quest will be evil whatever I choose to do, then I totally ignore that specific quest.

I think I am a good person :).

Blink of an eye - Heavy Rain

I finished playing Heavy Rain and let me tell you it was a great game and fun to play however, the game had ended so quickly yesterday that today I remember so little regarding the game and its plots as I haven't played Heavy Rain at alll. I barely remember some things.

I was planning to play RDR Undead Nightmare Pack but I think will play Heavy Rain one more time.

Filling up my Wish List

I've been searching most anticipated games of 2012 to fill my wish list for the past two days. I purchased many games during the previous five months and I realized I had few games left in my shopping cart which is my wish list in this case.
I added so many great games but 3 of them tops all for me.

3) Halo 4
2) Grand Theft Auto V
1) Mass Effect 3

I am also expecting Overkill and Binary Domain will be pleasant surprises in 2012. I hope 2012 will be better than 2011.

I got cured

It's been over 4 months and I finally got my last chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I am at home and trying to recuperate. I had a tough time but I feel I've been blessed since I am cured.
I am very grateful to God that I am surrounded with people who loves me and supports me in every way they can, especially my 6 years daughter. I have missed my life so much and looking forward to be back to my old-self again.

Love all