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Total surprise

Well. There was one game I missed alot when I moved to the US. as I only just got it and I moved to the USA.

I saw they had two new Total wars out and more. Well, I took the plunge, I got the Total war Empire, and Nepolan. I hate England and I hate france more lol.

So with Empire total war, I get to kill English, Nepolian, I get to kill Frogs. Perfect!

The Stragady game I love I will be with this for ages.

The Demos do a great job of drawing you in.

Ea sports active 2

Ok so I'm at the point where.

I'm not playing any mmo or other type of whats considored "normal" games. I am currently doing the EA active 2 9 week program.

That game is actually good and it helps anyone willing to get fit, For the Wii. The game has an achievement system like the xbox called milestones 88 of them.

You get to choose your trainers and what you want to do. The actual work outs are fun, listening to the trainers are good because they tell you while in your work out what your doing wrong. Yes Big brother is watching, the game knows if your cheating, It even knows if your not breathing. (1st time it did that I was like What the French toast.)

You can join groups and it actually gets you fit it works.

I was on week 3 of the 9 week program doing it on medium intensity, I've restarted it to start on hard. Before my Heart rate recovery rate was 2 minutes (the games maximum is 2:08) A week later I got it down to 1min and 11 secs.

This thing works. It helps with fittness and some strenght work out but not a lot though.;title;3

This game is on all platforms except the PC. we got the WII version and I defently tell people to give it a try. If your losing weight or wanting to get fit try it out.

Yearly blog ? WTF (French Toast)

So, I realized its been almost a year since I posted. That just isn't right but I guess I've just been too lazy. I've been logging in everyday just never writing.

I'm still very much a gamer but getting time to play games is another matter. The mmo of Flyff is once again in the past. WoW is a short lived thing. The cat-updated destroyed the game so I wont be returning to that either.

Most recently I got a wii system for both my self and my wife.

Been playing, Mario Kart, cake mania and ACCF (animal Crossing:City folk). I have to say the Wii system, I had my reservations about but in all it isn't that bad. (I personally like the safety demonstration video on Youtube they have.)

I got to play the launch game Zelda: Twilight princess. It was kind of bad I'm most certain I am a PC - Gamer. I've crossed the barriers and tried a DS. Xbox360 and now the WII.


Zelda: TP. was the first zelda game I decided to play as it looked like something between a RPG like Assassins creed. But it was just dry for me. If I wanted to read that much I'd pick up my Nook color from Barns and Nobles.

The Wii games are more defiantly family orientated and designed towards that.

Xbox is for Action gamers.

PC for the high powered all round games.

The MMOG I'm paying a attention to is game is simply looking like a ground breaking breakthrough the genre needs. Every character has voice over (FINALLY.) A Game that is looking like, feels like and even has Blizzard worried that could break the all time MMOG King World of Warcraft.

Multiplayer - Dialog conversations. Making every decision non-reversable, they matter and make you think and effect your own personal storyline which you are in direct control of.

This MMOG is basically KOTOR 3. If you loved KOTOR KOTOR II ( You will break out in sweats and faint.

Ok. I will leave it at that. In life things are going good. All is well

WoW, what hit me?

I have not played a decent MMORPG for years now. Because of my wife, we've been playing flyff for 4 years. All that time and ever since I left wow. I never gave world of warcraft a 2nd thought.

Recently I saw the updates and I downloaded the trial and now it is all I think about. WOW done a number on me. Playing the trial was like breathing for the 1st time while being under water.

I am trying hard to get her to play WOW. It's a MUCH better game than flyff ever will be. Flyff many called it a fake mmo. I agree and I really want to try a death knight. I left before any of the expansions came out.

sto open beta review


Well, first off technically, I'm a gamer and I'd put my self under the label of those "Fanboys"

I've watched TNG, Voyager and DS9, I've met Mirina Siritis and the person that played Kul dukata in DS9.

They are very interesting people. From a fan point of view this game is Star trek or as close as any game can be called star trek. I was personally glad they got some of the actors to do voice overs and I really hope they do more.

However for me the game is kind of a drag not seeing any of the main characters from the series except for Naoimi WIldman on DS -K7.

Deep space 9 for me as amazing as it looks is just not the same with out the crew of the series there. I know they had all moved on etc but It's not the same, No sign of Admiral Janway, or Admiral Sir John Luc Picard (he got a knight hood this year.) I haven't seen any sign of B-4. I haven't seen the Klingon side but I haven't see Worf any where.

For me the Balance between MMO and the series has not been met yet and it could be improved on by a lot.

From the standpoint ofr a Gamer, The game has a lot of work to be done before it's ready, but the shell of a decent game is present. The community with the Developers team is getting this game into shape. I am keeping in mind this is Beta.

The ways I can see it improved on is
1. A better for the game to introduce the player into Teamed missions. - That Rescue hostage ship for one is a perfect example This mission is a clear example of where the game is designed for you to go and team up with some one. This is not clear that you have to do this and too many my self included attempted to solo this, Although very differecult I couldn't do it.

2. The PVP system needs work not exactly user-friendly - I attempted to do one I joined the queue and I went to g and wait and its confusing and I've done a lot of pvp things on SWG , WOW and others I know my way around pvp games. However from the stand point of a new person it isn't all too clear.

Where the game excells at is put you right in the center of attention. It help guides you up from nothing to being able to fight on your own which is good.

Too many have you dependant on other players to level. The text / Story quests are excellent some are not finished or bugged but yet again the community / Developers are solving that.

This game is only in Beta and I personally am very impressed,

The only thing missing is lack of material for the hard-core fans like the missing main people, They need to make things look better, The games glow and graphics are turned off for beta because I know the details and special effects can be and will be a lot better.

When I come to write my review on Gamespot. my score for ths will be... 8.5/10

There has only been a few games that got me to want to play it and keep playing it. I purchased the Life subscription and I do not regret the choice. This game is only going to get better and I will be here helping.

I know it has been ages since I lost wrote a blog

Well it's been 3 years since I came back to the U.S. I'm Still trying to my green card business sorted out. I haven't had much time to do anything else.

I've been playing Flyff alot and I play some of the games with my step-son. I am very much looking forward to STO I will be in beta. Soon as that opens it' bye bye flyff and anything else. I'll be on that for life so looking forward to that.


I'm Back

Well I am back,

It has been a long time since I was last here been very busy with well, life. However things have now allowed a little more time for me to do things I used to do like bloggs and reviews.

Well a lot has changed for me, once a pure pc- gamer only swore not to play anything else. Well we got an x-box 360 and a DS lite, My wife and I got a DS for us both and our step-son. I don't really like the DS that much but it is ok.

The x-box I have to say it is not as bad as I thought it would be and I like playing on it. I know the X-box will never be as good as the PC, but it is still good with the game play value the x-box offers.

I've been playing all the Guitar hero games and Rock band which is my personal favorite, these games I think are just great as they allow everyone to come and play and it has brought the family a little closer together as everyone plays and takes part. So we always have a full band to play which makes it a lot more fun.

The games I got for the x-box 360 : NFS: Carbon, - I am still playing this game and I love it,classic NFS game and I am still playing it half way through the career.

Assassin Creed: I wanted to get for the PC, but the X-box still offers a good system to play it on the game is a lot of fun however I still know deep down the game would be better on the PC with the rest of the RPG's.

Bully SE: This game is like GTA and it ressambles the franchize main game well and it is a good addition, I was always annoyed this game was not on the PC, hoped they would bring it out for it like they did for GTA. However still good.

DDR/DDR2 : These games are always fun and Good work out. I have great fun with my step son.

Guitar Hero II & Guitar hero III : Rock out!

Rock Band : This game is way better the support of MTV on this game helped it to be really great, there is a really long lasting play time that will keep you playing this game forever, new songs coming out every week stops it getting boring, and lets face it. The game only gets boring after you complete the Endless set list on expert. Completeing all 58 songs with no break.

Well that is all. Game wise, I am still in the U.S with my very loving wife. Who I still very much adore aswell as a very perfect 6 yr old step son.

Well thats all.

U.S here I come!!

Well 30 days later... I'm about to embark on going back to see my lovely and very supporting wife.

I recently lost my mother this week rather suddenly last Monday, so i've not been on my best form this week. My wife has been very! good I would of been lost this week if it wasn't for her.

 I really need to go home, to be with her. So as you may guess I'm really looking forward to going back home back home to where the keys on the keyboards are in the right place.

I can't wait to go home, to see and be with my wife and step-son.


PC Games up for sale on E-bay

Well I've come to be in need of money, as I prepare to move to my new life in the good olde u.s of a with my adoring wife and step-son.

 So clearly not everything can come with me to America, which means a great opputanity for gamers to get some cool games from me.

 I will be putting some of my old games up for sale, 14 in Fact,  I will put links to each of their listings here so feel free to look. Currently I've only put two up. For sale Tomorrow I will put more up and Saturday I will put the rest up. I shall edit this blog post with each posting.

 Gamespot buddie bonus: If you are on my friend list, and you win the auction, P&P will be free.

  1.   Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis PC CD-ROM  Starting price £5


  1.  Tomb Raider Chronicles Starting price £7


  1. Knight Rider the game PC CD-Rom Starting price £2


  1. Monopoly Tycoon starting price £5


  1. War Chess PC CD-rom SOLD


  1. Heroes of Might and Magic III PC CD-rom starting price £2


  1. Mech Commander Gold PC CD Rom starting price £2


  1. Thief : The Dark project PC CD-rom starting price £2


  1. Homeworld 2 PC CD-rom starting price £5

Check back tomorrow for more!

err uk.gamespot !!

err... well I'm back in England until June, and I'm having to get back to getting used to changing the address of gamespot so the U.S site comes up and not the UK site.

 No offense but the U.S site is just better. People in England would be wise to buy from the U.S cause everything will be half price basicly, I got C&C 3 over in the states for $49.99 which in £, on that day the exchange rate was at £1 for $4.  So you can work out the safing. So it would make sense for the UK customers to buy from the U.S.

I have to say though I saw what people meant about how the PC games are disapearing from shops. Everywhere had the Xbox and wii and ps2 games but I often got a "sorry sir we don't sell pc games here." I found they had them at Best buy but. Something needs to be done about. PC gamers should make some sort of protest or something to get more shops to sell the pc games. Espacally the pc is the better game system, even if you don't like to admit it.

I'm also having to get back to being used to a English Keyboard, Which I'm surprised to say I got used to using a u.s keyboard faster than I am with this keyboard again. The only real difference is the @ is above the no.2 key on the u.s keyboard but on this keyboard the " is above the no.2  key. Also on the English keyboard no. 3 has a £ above it and what the American's call the pound sign # is next to the return key on the english keyboard.  There are other differences but I honestly have to say the U.S keyboard is better layed out than the English style keyboard.

 The only problem I have with the U.S keyboard is there is no £ sign on it. Which I guess isn't a real problem, when I think about it. ex. How many times would the average u.s citizen use the £ in the average day.  I just feel if other countries have the $ on their keyboards, then the U.S could be nice enough to put the £ on their keyboard.

 I am missing the good old u.s and I feel like a Forrigner here now. So I can't wait until I rejoin my loving wife! lol still can't get used to saying that.

I miss her alot.