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Walking towards the next-gen

Walking towards the next-gen

Greetings people,

I decided to write this post to state my opinion regarding the latest gamespot articles about the next-gen. This generation of gaming is finally coming to an end and all I can think about is "Too soon or too late?". Don't get me wrong, I own a PS3 and over 100 games on it. And I freakin' enjoyed it A LOT. But let's be objective for a minute here. Comparing this gen to previous ones, this one is the weakest of all. Remember the Playstation and Nintendo 64? Remember Crash Bandicoot, Abe's Odyssey, Resident Evil, Parasite EVE, Dino Crysis, Final Fantasy VI-VIII, Metal Gear Solid, Super Mario 64, Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Perfect Dark? Of course you do. And don't get me started on Playstation 2 and Xbox. When you thought it actually couldn't get any better, suddenly you played Metal Gear Solid 2, Final Fantasy X, Resident Evil 4, God of War, Ninja Gaiden, Forza, Alan Wake, Max Payne and so on. I could be blabbering for hours, naming epic games. But not in this gen. This gen was simply "good". We got our hands on some pretty epic games, but for me, it was just not good enough. Sure, I won't forget Assassins Creed, or Demons/Dark Souls, Uncharted,Bayonetta, Heavenly Sword. But still not good enough. Why you ask me?

Although a lot of AAA games came out with a big success, and indie development went a step ahead with titles like journey, limbo or braid, there where A LOT, and I mean A LOT of dissatisfying games in this era. Not because they were not good, but because they were small-length, tiring with too many cutscenes with their epic graphics, resulting in waiting for a release for two years to get the game and play it for... 8-10 hours? Absurd, I tell ya. Then WiiU came out. You guys might hate it, but forget the loading times for a minute. How great is this technology? This controller? How great is it that we now await a ZeldaU in 1080p? I'd like to get my hands on that baby. And finally, the rumours started with Playstation 4 and Nextbox. We got to hear about the 256 SSD drive of PS4 and the Illumiroom of Nextbox. Fingers-crossed, DON'T mess it up developers. Please. Gaming today is a form of entertainment that every age deserves to play. It's not just the "Secret Santa gift" for your seven-year old child. This means that I don't simply need GREAT graphics. I need gameplay, mystery, plot and duration... I need to spend my 60E and not be sorry about that. I do not need launch-day DLC's that cost 15E each.

This generation of gaming, gave it it's best to give great technologies to the next-gen. I'd like to think of it as a very nice transitional point between the PS2 and PS4, Xbox and Xbox720, Gamecube and WiiU, Steam and Steambox. I still fear about the digitalization of gaming though. I'm sorry but I adore my Blu-ray cases. It's safer that way. I wanna rent games to my buddies and vise-versa. I don't wanna spend money on new HDD or SSD so I can own my games.

Anyways, sorry for blabbering. Feel free to comment on my opinions and post yours too! I'd like to talk about it with you guys.

Cya soon!

Diablo III thoughts


A lot of hype has been going on for about a month or so about Diablo III. The funny problem of the gamers this time is that Diablo III is way too hard. In fact, I would say that Diablo III is not hard enough. Inferno has been nerfed, and melee classes have been boosted in order to get closer to the requirements of the gamers. The biggest problem is that gamers tend to compare Diablo to World of Wacraft. Sorry Diablofans, but ?DIFFERENT TYPES of gaming?. You can't compare an MMORPG to an Action-Hack'n'Slash-RPG. It just doesn't work this way. Blizzard trying to enter the halls of hardcore gaming is an amazing move. With less people playing. How many times have you played DOTA or WoW or CoD, Battlefield, Counter Strike etc, and in each and every game the problem is one. The low-skilled people. The matchmaking. Diablo III can strongly differentiate between low medium and high level people. You weren't good enough to finish inferno? Farm and get better. Learn your spell cycles better. Improve yourself. Don't cry about the game being too hard. Same thing goes for those of you who have talked wrong about Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. It's just how these games work. Hardcore skill. Nothing more, nothing less. If you don't want to play Diablo III or any of the other hardcore level difficulty games, then don't. Just don't send your ?complaints? to the companies in order to nerf the games. FYI, I still can't finish Act IV on Inferno. I am a Wizard with 33k dps, 30k life and lvl 61-62 gear. I'm pretty sure though, that with lvl 63 items it will be acceptably difficult. Play the game, don't hammer it for its difficulty.

Diablo 3

The title says it all. This blogpost is about the most anticipated game of all the millenia :P (seriously, that's only my opinion, don't hate on me guys) So, I've been reading a lot in the forums of diablo (BECAUSE I HAVE NO BETA BLIZZ!) and now people start arguing about whether it's a PvE or a PvP game. Most of them say it's PvE and I think that's as wrong as it can go. You have a ranked arena system which you haven't even tried yet!! I believe that after the end-game PvE, PvP comes next. For life. Because I know you guys and I know that you will have ALL the characters end-game by the end of the first 6 months. So? Strict PvP. I hope I'll collect all your ears one day ;) Seriously now, what's your opinion? PvE, PvP or don't care as long as you play D3?

Legit? words of a true Indie developer..

Soooo, I just finished watching the interview of Jonathan Blow. The interview described a lot of my feelings about games. But should we face the game developers as a company, or as people? If we were to face them as companies, then Jonathan Blow is correct. Games these days simply tell you what to do and then you do it as if they are speaking to a robot. Something like an interactive movie. This, in my opinion is very wrong. On the other hand, I hardly believe that if a respected indie developer worked for a AAA-company and the company told him "I want the game to appeal to ALL audiences, so make it explainative" he would say "NO, I won't because this isn't gaming." On the other hand, facing developers as people, then I believe they too share Jonathan's opinion. The problem is not in the developers. The problem is in the marketing. The game market has switched it's views in order to appeal to a greater audience. Most games are "noob-friendly" while only a small percentage of these games allow you to be immersive, creative, doing stuff on your own. So tell me guys: What would you do as a AAA-developer to make gaming better?

Heeeeeeey!! My sister has one of those!!

So today, I was walking on the sidewalk, minding my own business and then a couple of 15 year olds walk by me. One was holding a PS Vita. The other kid shouted "OMG YOU OWN A PS VITA OH MA GAAAAAAAD SOOO COOOOL" blablabla, and I was like "whaaaa??" Since when PS Vita became such a golden gadget with that pricing? (Yes people, I'm still rumbling about the pricing of the memory cards for the love of God)

The day before the PS-Vita was globally released...

Playstation: HELL YEAH!!
Playstation 2: HELL YEAH!! x2
Playstation Portable: Amazing handheld device
Playstation 3: Amazing and promising. Didn't prove that way after all, but still better than its rivals.
Playstation Vita:... ... ... ...

What the hell has gone so wrong with PS Vita? So let me see if I understand correctly. There are 2 versions of PS Vita, one powered up with 3G. Why? So we can have Internet On-demand while already having WiFi! Yeah, thanks Sony, that will make me pay the 50E plus...NOT?? I've been a crazy Sony fan since forever, but still, I can't allow myself to buy a PS Vita. It's great and promising handheld but I KNOW I'm gonna get in memory troubles in the near future. Really? 30E for 16Gb flash card? Really? 249E HANDHELD? Against Nintendo 3DS? In my opinion, PS Vita lacks in 2 things. First: I'd really like cheaper flash cards so I can download all I want from the PSN(a.k.a. Sony Entertainment Network). And second: Please, please this device would be FANTASTIC if it was Android compatible. Why is Sony doing this??
p.s. I also think that the backside touchscreen usage will ruin the experience out of many games... Hit me, blame me, but I really think it's a mistake. And PS Vita is an overpriced product.


An oldschool gamer

FF XIII-2. To buy or not to buy

Thoughts have been circling around in my fuzzy head about FF XIII-2 since Kevins review. Should I buy, should I rent, should I not bother? I've been a fan since forever and it's kinda hard not to add it in my collection, although I see square enix have been on the downfall since the merger :/ Aaaah... I miss the old Fantasy days...

Gaming: 2k12 version

Hey guys, good morning. So, here's the way it seems to be.

We have succesfully arrived at 2012 and we haven't actually heard any GREAT news about games. Think about it. Diablo III postponed, Console to drop out at E3 says cloud gaming developer, Wii U to change name, VITA isn't that great after all,Razer's Fiona (seriously??) etc. Also, with announcements from Sony and apple we understand that mobile gaming is gonna go really high this year. Android smartphones will have their share of great games as well. BUT is that really what you wanted to hear? Where did the games go? I am 22 years old and havebeen playing games since I was 5. I most certainly don't want to read about mobile gaming, nor cloud gaming. I decided to analyse the three general types of gaming I see today and hope to receive some interesting answers from you guys :)

A) The cloud gaming:

For those unfamiliar with the expression, cloud gaming is a new type of online gaming that allows you to play a game which resides inside another operators serveron demand through a client. What actually happens is that the server streams the game on your screen so you can play it. Pretty impressive eh? Or not so much? I'll admit that having the ability to play any game without caring about the requirements on pc is really cool. The only thing you need is a good internet connection and, of course, money(DUH). I seriously doubt it will catch on though. As advantageous as it may be, cloud gaming has serious disadvantages that will stop gamers from using it. Such disadvantages are:

1) Requires fastinternet connection. So if you are facing problems with your ISP at the moment, or just moved in and haven't established an internet connection yet, or having your perfect gaming laptop on a trip etc, forget the games! You may as well play solitaire (if it isn't provided by cloud at that time). And what about the speed? If 100.000.000 gamers log on to the servers to play, what will happen then? Don't want to imagine it? Me neither.

2) Cloud gaming will never reach consoles. Call me crazy, but this is my opinion. I don't care that my PS3 is 40GB. I love my PS3 and do you guess what else I love? My Blu-ray cases! Not because I want my shelve to be full, because a Blu-ray, an HD-DVD or DVD, CD, tape, VHS, will last forever as long as you take care of it. Cloud will certainly NOT be able to provide you with a game for life. We've already seen this with Onlive (popular cloud gaming client). Buying the game through Onlive means that you will have full access to the game....... For one and a half year! So, if you're suggesting that I won't be playing Mortal Kombat, Gran Turismo, White Knight Chronicles, Dark Souls etc in a year and a half then... you need to see a doctor my friend..

3) Continuous personal data streaming online. Why internet? Oh please, tell me why do you need to know who I am, what I'm playing and when, how many hours did it take to finish it and... my credit card number... Why? Didn't you learn from what happened to PSN? Don't you see what is happening to XBOX Live? And you're throwing cloud gaming in my face stating that "OMG, it will be so cool" in these times? Sorry, internet piracy about gaming is waaaaay too high for me to risk constant personal data exchange for single player games. (I'm against SOPA,PIPA,ACTA by the way :) )

So why is it so famous? Am I the only one so negative about the cloud gaming? And don't get me wrong, I LOVE the open-source idea of cloud programming. I just don't think it's suitable for games. At least for now...

B) The Smartphone gaming: Ok, Sweet. Kinda cute actually. I can'tstress outhow many hoursI haveplayed Angry Birds. Or Fruit Ninja. Or Infinity Blade. Yeah, cool minis but that's enough. Playing Angry Birds is different than playing Uncharted and Alan Wake. Playing Infinity Blade is different than playing Final Fantasy. Do you remember when we were kids, 15-16 years old, with our 3210,3310,3410 playing Snake? Did you expect that at some point, mobile gaming would threaten the existence of your favorite gaming platform? I'm not blaming the companies. THQ made millions out of Infinity Blade and it was an iPhone exclusive. When I say millions, I mean more millions than a game would sell on a PS3 or Xbox... So I wouldn't blame THQ for dropping out ofthird development in consoles and start developing for smartphones. But beware Apple "gamers" and Android casuals. You're destroying the handhelds and starting to seriously annoy the big ones! I don't want the gen afterthe next gen of gaming to be about smashing a 7' touch screen! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Keep it simple, keep it clean. We grew up with our controllers and we don't want them to be replaced by iPhones, Fionas, Droids etc.

C) The gaming as we know it: And finally. Now we start talking about the real stuff. I think that every old school gamer will agree to this: Games today compared to games back in the day SUCK. But admit you are having fun. And you're finding your hardcore game every now and then. And you're wasting your days and years playing CoD, BF, Uncharted, WoW, SC, GoW, Killzone, Forza, Sonic, Mario,and many other GREAT titles we've seen for the last ten years. We may moan about how the new FF is only 25 hours, or how we didn't like GT5 because it is GT2 with new graphics, but we need that stuff! Ok, they need improvisations, but how can we speak of improving gaming when there are developers paying attention to the applestore and Android Market? The way I see it, platform gaming is going to become endangered species given the circumstances. We needcleverly made IP's people! Anyway, my point is "gaming means holding a controller, or a keyboard and mouse, playing a game ON the system that you really like. Not streaming through another one, or touching asmall screen throwing birds at pigs."

I mean c'mon, who doesn't love Dark Souls? Who didn't love Demon's Souls,Ninja Gaiden 1,2? Who's not anxiously waiting for Diablo III? Do you know why? Because these games reminded you of back in the day...Long or really hard (or both :P ) games that require brain, tactics and reflexes.KEEP IT CLEAN WITH GAMING COMMUNITY!

Thanks for the patience of actually reading my whole first new blog post :P

Cya soon!