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eGames Switzerland

Today I was at the egames here in Switzerland. While they are rather small comprared to other events, it's still the biggest gaming event in Switzerland.

I was able to get to see WiiUs ZombiU, looked ok. looks like the WiiUs power iss just a bit above the Ps3/c360 power level. Tablet looked okay too. I actuallly screwed the system by checking the classic controller which activated the home menu which screwed up the software. The had to reboot the WiiU, it was just a check screen with it's components, sadly no exact infos of the system. They were able to make it run again, after several minutes xD

I was also able to play some upcomming PS3 games. While I just watched the new Ratchet which seemed slower than the past games but offered split screen, I played LBP Karting (which is pretty much MNR, I easely won with my MNR experience) and Playstation All Stars. The first match of All stars wasn't able to load (Sly, Nate, 2 AIs), sowe exited the game which lead the PS3 to reboot. After the reboot we were able to see, that it has some weird Sony firmware on it that had additional menu points in the XML. We restarted the game and were able to play it. It was disappointing, it was rather slow to fill up the bars for level 3, so we mainly used level 1/2 attacks. It had some extremly annoying stuff in it like a rocket that could freeze you and the freeze felt way to long. It's okay, nothing more, nothing less.

EA wasn't there which sucks, Ubisoft just sshowed some music and sport games. Fifa 13 was everywhere which was rather boring. Nintendo handed out 3Ds XLs to play some Nintendo games, but sadly just stuff already out. There were some guys in LBP / Mario, ... costumes and some statues around (like a live big Jak)

Reviews form my Vita

As some might have seen in the forum I got an asia import Vita together with some games and played them all already. I started writing reviews for those games on a review page I started with a friend. Only problem though: It's in swiss german ^^ Still wanted to share the first two review scores I set for the games I had. Personally I'l use 5 as an average score, so 8 is already pretty good while a 4 as an example is slightly below average.

I rated Uncharted: golden Abyss an 8, it's one of my fav games in the series and a pretty solid TPS and I rated Touch my Katamari an 3 because it was a huge disappointment. Those are the two games I actually completed. I'll add more reviews about games I have yet to finish after I'm done with all the tests in my study (this blog is a short break in my learning phase ^^) and I'll keep you updated ^^

If you guys got any question about the Vita or the games I have for it, feel free to ask them :)

I own the following games: Disgaea 3, Dynasty Warriors NEXT, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Touch my Katamari, Everybodyys golf, Ultimate Marvel versus Capcom 3, Shinobido 2 and Army Corps of hell

For all interesssted in the revies, check out

First Blog Entry: My thoughts on the E3

I'm kinda disappointed. I hoped for a big console announcement from Sony and/or MS. There was generally a lack of announcements (that weren't known before). While the handheld market seems to shine, the console market doesn't progress as fast as I'd like it to. I want games with great graphics at 1080p 3D with 60 fps per eye on my consoles to properly use my Tv. The longer this gen last, the more I use my PC more than my consoles :S I really hope Nintendos first start to the next gen consoles leads to PS4 / x720 announcements soon or I can see Nintendo having no competition at all (having the causuals and the most powerful console)