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Gave up on that other home pc forum and back to G/S ?

about 4 years member , surfing it about a year

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I've had a ASUS ATI 5770 1GB DDR 5 ram for 3 years with no problems , worked great on Bioshock 2 and Infinite, maybe you got a bum card ?

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Every time I try to access "ask the moderators" or any other moderator link I get the error message below.


You do not have access to view topics on this board.

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Thanks for reply.Yeah ,It is a bit strange, I tried my laptop with chrome browser, worked perfectly but on my main PC with Firefox and Explorer no go.So it is just a PC issue.I,ve had no problems wth other sites, so like you said it could be a security issue or a bit of a bug some where,I'l just see how it goes. Thxs

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Every time I try to open my inbox or options , my browser opens a new window which only loads to aprx 80% then freezes.(The new window is blank).

I,ve left the window open for 10 mins + (still nothing). Also tried different browser with same result. Any suggestions ?