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Your Favourite Video Game.

For a few decades, video games have been quite a phenomenal form of entertainment, many styles have been created, many stories have been written. There are tons of different genres and eras that video games get set into. You got your puzzle games, shooters (first and third person), adventure/action games, you got your indies, your side-scrollers, fighting games, MMO's, RPG's, (mmorpg's), and tons more... Everyone has got their own opinion, and their own reason for having that opinion.. So, take the time to think about which game (out of all the games you've ever played) is your overall favourite, and then try to remember why that game was your favourite, and what about it fascinated you so much. This is just for the sake of opinions. To make things easy, I'll start.. I would have to say my favourite game is currently, and has been Half-Life 2. I'm not a huge FPS gamer, but I guess back then, I had only had a crappy computer that barely ran Civilization III, I started to play on a nicer computer, thats where I played Half-life/Quake/Unreal etc. But when I played Half-Life 2 back when it released, it was just so much more technically impressive then almost any other game. The graphics were good, the story was great, and the mechanics were very smooth and logical. I pretty much couldn't stop playing it. Obviously, I'm not the only one with that opinion, since it won game of the decade (over another one of my favourite games: Shadow of the Colossus). There are many great games out there, that deserve to win awards, and become favourites, but none (for me) quite influenced my world of gaming like Half-Life 2 did.. It was so advanced for its time.. very few games exist that compare in my opinion.