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I sure do love summer.  The sun, the thunderstorms, and most of all the time!  I finally quit working at Little Ceasar's and now I'll be lifeguarding.  Luckily, it's mostly morning shifts, and I'll probably only be working every other week (she over-hired to prepare for losing a ton of seniors next year).  I can tell, this is going to be a great summer.

So, I'm working on Suikoden V right now.  I started a new game, and I'm going to make this a perfect file.  I'm going to get all the formations, skills, etc. in order (instead of having a random list), and I'm going to make sure to get all the music in order as well (last time, I forgot to get the Dragon Horse Race song, and it was stuck at the end--Yuck!).  I know, I'm OCD :D.

I'm really getting excited for Final Fantasy XII as well.  It looks just as political as Suikoden V, plus has a great soundtrack and some awesome sound voice acting.  I hope Square-Enix moves up its release to the summer.

Well, down to the last two days of school.  If I can just get past these days of finals, I'M FREE!!!

EDIT:  Well, I got bored tonight and totally redid my profile (except for my blog pic, that's too cool :D).  How does everyone like it?

Suikoden V is almost here!

First, we get Suikoden V only a month after Japan gets it.  Then, Konami blesses us once again by moving the release date up one week!!!  That's right, Suikoden V will be out in less than 2 weeks, on March 22nd!

I must say, this wait is going to be exteremely painful.  I've had enough trouble waiting 6 months for the release in Japan, now I have only a few more days left until I will be able to play the game myself, and it's hard!  I wish I could speed up time.

My only complaint is that I'd already scheduled days off work for the 29th release, so now I won't have as many days off for this new release.  And, it messed up the countdown calender I made!  Gosh darn it!!!

Suikoden and School

Wow, I really hate school. I realize that education is an unsurmountable blessing, but do I really need to know calculus or chemistry, especially when I'm going to be an author/writer? Well, I'll have to wait and see, but it really doesn't seem worth it right now. The least they could do is lighten the homework load. I typically have at least 2 hours of homework each night, and often times 3.5+ hours! That, plus swimming and my job--my future doesn't look too bright...

To brighten the mood, Suikoden V is looking great. After being announced just a few weeks ago, we've already got tons of info. This game is looking rival II or III as the best Suikoden in the series! After seeing the screenshots/images, and watching Gamespot's incredible 10 minute trailer, I have written up an article with all the good information I found in my union, here. I don't think I can wait much longer for this game!!!

My prayers have been answered!

First came Suikoden Tactics. It looks great, and I've already pre-ordered. Now, finally, after the awful disapointment of IV, Suikoden V has been announced! It was like a firecracker, suddenly the big news started exploding all over the net (feels like a new FF was announced :D). And I must say, this game looks very promising.

First of all, we've already got a very interesting setting, with lots of potential history and exciting events. The character designs look absolutely enchanting, and I'm hoping the are just as good as III's were (and not plain and boring like IV's). Hopefully, the game will also have a much deeper and more complex plot than IV, as well as some great character development. Due to the lack of details currently released, I'll be editing more on this entry as details are released, so check back often!

I've been to the Grasslands!

Well, I finally got back from my trip on Saturday. And while it was glad to be home, I really didn't want to leave. Let's just say, anyone who says "there's nothing in South Dakota" has never been to the Black Hills.

The trip was very two-sided. The natural beauty was just incredible. As I looked out the van window as we drove through the Black Hills, I kept seeing that title screen image on Suikoden III. There were moments when I was seeing an exact mirrored image (even the clouds). If I could live anywhere I wanted, I would live in the Black Hills. I also can easily understand why the Lakota people would refuse to sell this land to the Government. How awful that they would even ask these Aboriginal people to do so. We also took a hike in the Bad-Lands, and that was even more incredible. I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera that day! As soon as the pictures are developed, I'll make sure to post some.

On the other hand, the trip was very sad. Seeing other human beings live this way was incredible. Especially considering it was our US government that did it. To be honest, I really can't explain with words how incredible this whole experience was. All I can say is that it pushed me, an almost-17-year-old teen boy, to tears.

If you ever have a chance to travel to the Lakota/Sioux Indian Reservation, take it! Then try to meet some of these people, enjoy the environment, and I can guarantee it will change your life. It sure changed mine...

Goin' on a trip.

I leave tomorrow for South Dakota. Some folks from my church are going to some Native American reservation to do some service work. At first I was really excited, but now 9 days out with a bunch of people I don't even know/like without my beloved RPGs doesn't sound so fun :D. Well, there's not much else to say right now, so I'll just write an entry about how it went when I get back...

Suikoden union is up!

Well, after some hard work and waiting, my Suikoden Union, Stars of Destiny, is up! Anyone who's interested in joining, please do (whether you're a fan, or just someone who wants to learn more about the series). Also, if you do join, please invite other people you know to join. Well, that's all I have to say for now. Maybe something new will develop that I can edit in...

EDIT: Oops, forgot a link! Stars of Destiny

My journal gets a MAKEOVER!!!

First day of work was yesterday. I must say, making pizza crust for 3 hours straight gets boring. And the shift was short (4 hours), so I don't see how I'm going to make it. I say, if Gamestop calls for an interview, I QUIT!!! Making pizzas, or selling video games...hmmmmmm. Now I'm exhausted, and I'm really looking forward to going to Six Flags on Monday with the swim team! I'll probably have to work Tuesday again.

Anyways, I just spent the last 10 minutes making the beautiful image header I have now for my journal (no, I didn't draw it, that's official art). For those who haven't played it, those are some characters from Suikoden III (best RPG evar!!!1one). I won't spoil names or roles, but that is one of my favorite images ever, and it features some of my favorite characters from the game. I also changed the Journal description to a little quote from Suikoden III's instruction manual. It's a pretty cool quote (even if it's shortened), and I think it's appropriate for my journal. Maybe now people will start reading this, and leaving some comments (maybe if I would, others would do it to my own). Well, I'll probably have another entry later.

STOP THE PRESSES! I'M EDITING!!! *realizes no one reads these anyways*

Well, I was bored so I made myself a new icon/avatar and a new signature! The icon features Sarah from Suikoden III in a very cool pose. Then, the banner is all my favorite Suikoden characters. I couldn't find a good Suikoden logo (they were all for III or IV) so I just used the Japanese one (it does say Genso Suikoden on the bottom). Sadly, it's hard to see the logo, so I guess it doesn't matter.

The dead summer's heat...

It's the middle of July, and I am BORED!!! Seriously, I haven't been doing anything lately except chatting on message boards and AIM. I went to a movie last night (Willy Wonka), but besides that this week has been dead. Maybe now that I just got my drivers liscense I'll finally get a life back!

Lately, all I've been played is Suikoden III. I'm currently going through with Geddoe as the Flame Champion again, but it's hard to keep going. Maybe that's the problem with replaying a game after beating it again just a couple weeks ago. Well, this will be my 7th (?) time beating it I think. I'm also job-hunting so I can get some money. I really wanna buy a Wild Arms game, or maybe Grandia II. I just realized how much I need money now! And soon gas, and insurance, and more movies, and getting the rest of the Suikoden III manga, wow I've got a long ways to go...