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Just to set the record straight, I did not write a "fake review".

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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
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I was curious of why the WiFi logo has changed and moved to the upper left hand corner of the box other than how it was at the bottom left hand corner. Does anyone know?
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Dave Dombrowski (Tigers President and GM) has said that the Tigers will never become a team like the Yankees or Red Sox because of the market in Detroit, and that isn't all that bad. They are still selling tickets to me and Tiger fans in Detroit. They actually had to stop selling season tickets becasue they were afraid that they wouldn't have enough single game tickets left. Well, if Illitch would have listened to me we wouldn't be having this problem right now, with only 40,000 to go around for one game isn't alot but If we were still at Tiger Stadium we would have 50,000 + tickets per game, and happier fans.
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I've had it for 2 days, I bought it on January 17th, so yeah, I'm a little late tfor the party as well.
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I respect Boston because Boston respects there sports. Except that guy at Fenway who threw a piece of pizza at another helpless guy.

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Yes, Boston has a great line up as well, But the best thing I see in Boston is Fenway Park, It's a shame we have an idiot like Illitch who wanted to move out of Tiger Stadium, one of the last great stadiums still standing. Now we are playing in the ugliest, sad excuse for a ballpark that there this in Comerica Park. Don't believe all the hype about Comerica, The seating is worst that I have ever seen in any ballpark.
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Sorry about all the typos. Also, it is not all Sheff's fault that Shelton was traded to Texas.
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2008 MLB Season in Preview: If anyone would like to post what theit team's roster looks like coming into next season and/or why their team will win it all this year or why they won't.

Now this is what the Detroit Tigers look like coming into play in the 2008 season and why I belive they are the team to beat.

CFCurtis Granderson 2BPlacido Polanco DHGary Sheffield 3BMiguel Cabrera RFMagglio Ordonez 1BCarlos Guillen SSEdgar Renteria LFJacque Jones CIvan Rodriguez SPJustin Verlander SPKenny Rogers SPJeremy Bonderman SPDontrelle Willis SPNate Robertson CLTodd Jones

That's a pretty impressive lineup an starting rotation, huh?

The only problem with this lineup is Gary Sheffield, I have felt that Gary Sheffield has been a cancer to this Tigers' ball club ever since he has gotten here. He took the playing time of Chris Shelton, a good younf ball player with a bright future and he is also to be blamed for Shelton being traded to Texas.

There is no doubt that Granderson, Polanco, Ordonez, and Renteria will put up their usual good numbers like they have year in and year out since they have gotten to the big leagues and I have to say that I am worried about our defense this upcomng season having Guillen move to first and Cabrera taking Inge's spot at 3rd. I don't really know that much about Jacque Jones, I really hope that he is not washed up or puts up the kind of numbers that Monroe did when he was here, I would much rather have given that LF position to Marcus Thames.

The rotation looks good, although I am still worried about Bonderman and his ability to get out of those important first innings without any runs put on the board. I fully expect Robertson and Rogers to have good bounceback seasons.

I believe that the one huge reason the Tigers fell apart last season was because of Dombrowski breaking apart a great team, I noticed that everything started to go downhill about the time we traded Maroth away and it just kept getting worse after that especially following the Monroe trade.

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Detroit Lions 16-0, Super Bowl win vs. an overrated team.