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The Begining of the Start...

I've decided i'm going to use this space more often, as in more than everytime the banner changes. So i'm going to do the simple thing. Lists. Thats right you heard it here first folks. This post signifies the first in what i hope will be a long like of "My Favourites" lists which will not only change the appearance of this bloody page once and a while but will also be used as a tool in the very very very overly common "Favourite" threads that crop up EVERYWHERE.

And as the people who will be viewing this is is the 2 or 3 of you that actually pay attention to blogs and the 1 of you that actually pays attention to mine, i'm going to open the floor and let you decide what my first list will be about, although in all honestly i'll be the one that chooses not you, (don't you hate on those reality tv shows where they are all like "Oh you decide who leaves the house" when you really don't, well now you can hate me) however it will be one of your suggestions so i'll just leave it open to interpretation.


10K Posts and a New Banner.

Firstly i know i posted a new banner like two weeks ago but this one is in honor of the release of Spider-Man, not that i like Spider-Man better then Superman or anything, it just felt about time to honor something so now i have the "Darkness Taking Over" Banner that you see above. I'm sure theres no need to point out the very obvious symbolism... Secondably (as Tobias would say) another reason to do this blog was because i achieved the monumental 10k posts. Now i'm sure you all want an autograph or sample of saliva to clone your own me from but thats just not going to happen, i don't do autographs....

Another New Banner.

So i'm bored at the moment. So i quickly threw up this banner for something to do.


I really have nothing else to say other than i'm very very bored right now. So heres a plan, come up with the best thing to do while you are bored and win nothing...

4000 Profile Views...

I really don't know what you are all looking at or for but thanks for the attention :P

Also i'm aware 4000 (actually 4008 (+ 37 new)by last count) isn't as much as some more popular profiles get, but giving the fact that i don't do reviews, regular blog posts, or video posts, i'd say this was quite an achievement considering that. So all you saying "bah thats nothing" shut up, or i will cut you...


Thanks again :D


Level 27


But seriously, why was that easier to achive than the infamous level 25? Ah well thats behind me now!

Apparently i have a Sheng Long now...not gonna argue with that.

A New Banner v2.2

Well its been the better part of a year since i made my last "blog post" (even forgot where the "New Blog Post" button was) so i though i'd update that as well as my banner, since i have nothing else to blog about.

So could can expect many versions of my Abstract Banner Series just so i have something to blog about. Any blog/banner inspiration is gladly accepted. :P

New Banner

As you can see above i got rid of that crappy one that took me little under 45 seconds to make with this new and improved one that i made from scratch!

I've also started uploading some videos, if you have some spare time i would appreicate it if you could check them out.

Now that i remember if anyone would like a Banner made all you have to do is ask, ive me an idea of what you are looking for and i'll do my best to get there.

The Blog...

I haven't updated this blog in a while, mainly due to the fact I'm not exactly sure of what to put here, you tell me, you're reading it, what would you like to know?

In the past i've only added blogs because i was either bored or.......well bored is really all there is. I do wish this to change though, but i just need inspiration.

1100 Posts

Odd number to blog i know but i missed my 1000 spot so i'll just do it here instead, see how long it takes me to get to 2100 :D
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