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EVE Online

Just started playing the 14 day trial of EVE Online.. maan I'm addicted, this game is ace! What sucks though... the trial runs out in 14 days, and I don't have enough money for a full subscription, with the monthly fee :(. I guess I'll have to try harder to get a job :P

It has been FAR too long since I updated this

Wow... what can I say? It's been AGES since I updated my profile here, or went on the forums or ANYTHING! I'VE MISSED YOU GAMESPOT!!!!!! *ahem* Aside from that, I've not had a huge deal of time to devote to gaming recently. Mostly I've been playing old Final Fantasy games and the occasional venture into Anarchy Online. Hopefully I'll have more time to play games soon! But for now, bye bye! x


Well I'm getting really into MMORPGs at the minute. Ashen Empires is great, and I've signed up for the new 1 year free deal with Anarchy Online, which I am enjoying greatly.

Hopefully, soon I will have a subscription on Lineage 2 though, I haven't played it since the open beta, but I finally have a chance to get back into the game.

The legendary first entry

Well, here it is. I have finally started writing in my wonderful shiny new Journal, provided to me by the kind people at GameSpot!

So... what exactly am I going to write in here? Well, for now, I'm going to tell you a little about what's been going on in my little world of games recently.

I have finally got a copy of Final Fantasy VII for my Playstation, and I am enjoying it very much! Although, I still believe that Final Fantasy VI is better.

I also started playing Deus Ex again recently, except this time at the highest difficulty setting. Strangely enough, it still doesn't seem too hard... hmm...

Right now, however, I am going to dig out Call to Power and start up a game of that, because I'm bored and I haven't played it for ages...

So, I'm off to do that. Bye!!! (as if anyone is reading this anyway.. haha)