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Back to school!!!

Headed back in the morning to Austin, im pretty excited, I am living in a student run housing thingy. And since im single this time, I can take advantage of the austin hotties. Not looking forward to the classes though.

Well Now...

man a lot has changed in my life. Ive been working at sonic since may, but am quitting soon because im moving to Austin to attend UT. Ima study business. Ironically my GF is going to A&M. Im excited to finally move out. I have several g's in the bank saved up so i am not too scared of my financial situation. Ive slowed my GS activity, but im definitely gonna try to keep up with it.

Mah struggles and triumphs

So i asked my GF to prom and we are going, but i really need a job, buying a car and insurance has basically cleaned me out. Some coffee shop is supposed to call me......arghhh...Life has been pretty nice though recently and i saw Angels and Airwaves in concert last month and they ownt.

Life Owns

basically im in the best mood ever today for no reason, im lovin life, getting ready for college, and trying to get diesel at the same time. Marching is over and i plan on getting a job. Also Scrubs started again and it owns. Last season though. :(

I'm back snitches!!!!

Well, the mods hate me, i am just back from a week suspension for posting "lol" on a Harry Potter thread. :evil: Anyways i am back, how is everyone?

My AP scores

I just got 3 of them, English, Psychology and US History andI got all 5s. OWNAGE!!!! Along with the 5I got in human geography last year, that is 4 classesI wont have to take in college. My spanish score hasn't come in yet though, and I only got a 28 on my ACT so I have to retake that and take my SAT for the first time, other than that I am just chillin at my mom's house for July, then I go back to Plano and we have marching practice the whole month of August :evil: YAY??!?!?!?!

Another Year

Well now i am 17 with a license but no car :(. Anyways i got my future to look forward to now and i should be getting my ACT and AP scores soon. I really want to go to Harvard but it is too damn expensive. Anyways i have just been enjoying life and Transfomers is the movie of the year for me so far and next month i am going to Projekt Revolution.

Free At Last

Ive was suspended for the last 5 days and im finally back. Stupid mod suspended me for typing limewire as a joke. Arghhhh!! Anyways its good to be back

Yay Yay!!!!!

its my birthday today, but unfortunately i still cant drive, i start driver's ed in a few weeks though. So now i am 2 years away from college and adulthood. Yay Yay!
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