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Apparently BUY does not mean OWN

So apparently when you "BUY" a TV Show or Movie off of the PlayStation Store...you have the right to download it and watch it whenever and wherever you want. That is unless your hard drive gets corrupted or you choose to upgrade your HDD...or maybe even your PlayStation screws up and you have to purchase another. If that's the case then you must pay for and "BUY" everything all over again.

When your purchase any videogame content on the PS Store it goes into your download queue so you can re-download it anytime you want. I have never been a big fan of Digital Distribution, but lately I figured I'd start purchasing more digitally both to save some shelf space at my house and because I'm super lazy and the process of swapping discs every time I want to play/watch something else is a much more difficult process than it should be.

But once my HDD started getting full and I had to delete games to make room for other things I decided to upgrade my Hard drive. Sony has made that process simple enough with the PS3 so once I finished the upgrade I decided to start the downloading process of getting all of "my" (and I use that term loosely) stuff back. I then sign into the PlayStation Store, go to the "My Downloads" list and one buy one click on each thing I've purchases to install on my new hard drive only to realize the none of the TV Shows or Movies I have purchased are in my Download queue.

I then start searching for the shows I had purchased, go to episode I should "OWN" only to find the "Rent/Buy" options again. Now if O rent something... I know the routine. A certain amount of time to watch whatever it is you had chosen before its deleted...But when I buy something, Now call me crazy but I expect it to be...well...MINE. I should be able to watch it where I want, when I want, and re-download out when I want. Now I'm not asking to be able to take whichever movies and TV Shows I want and let all my friends download them to their systems as well...NO, I just want to be able to take what I **** bought and download it back to the same system I purchased the God Damn thing on.

I'm in no way doing this to hate on Sony or anything like that...but this is one of the dumbest things I've ever came across. I can buy anything from Amazon, Vudu, iTunes etc and re-download it at anytime without paying one cent more than I already paid. I usually get enjoyment of reading news articles about some stupid people who decide to sue a random company for something only to have it thrown out the window because it was without merit. But I have no idea how there hasn't been some class action lawsuit over this already. I have spent my fair share of money on TV Shows and movies from the PlayStation store but I know there's people who have spent thousands...and if their HDD gets corrupted then what? They're just SoL? 

I just had to get this little rant out because I'm still annoyed at the moment. If you've had good experiences with DD then that's awesome...but if you've had similar experiences to mine than you know where I'm coming from. Feel free to shared your experiences, good or bad, in the comments if you'd like. Thanks for reading my rant and Sony has already lost my trust in buying from them digitally...I've already given them enough money and now I feel as if they've said "Thank You, Now go **** yourself".

Platinum Number Two

So earlier today I got my second platinum trophy...I know for many that might not be a big deal and I also know there are people with number of plats in the double and triple digits. But for me this was a very exciting throw my hands in the air time. And No it wasn't even a difficult trophy to get, and it took me less than 30 hours to get it.

Why would this make me so excited you ask? Well to start off I've had an Xbox 360 since launch and a PS3 since about 3 months after it was released and during that time period, with the HUNDREDS of games I have beaten, I've only accomplished getting 1000/1000 achievements on two games, one of those being King Kong which you get all points just by beating it, and the other being Bully Scholarship Edition which I must admit is a fantastic game all the way around. Plus up to this point the only Platinum trophy I have gotten was for Sly Cooper which consisted of one playthrough and very minimal back track work afterwards.

Now as of today I have my second Platinum and its for the game Sleeping Dogs. Ive owned the game since Black Friday and just a few days ago decided I'd go ahead and open it. Played about an hour...wasn't really feeling it so I turned it off and went to bed. Woke up the next day...went on with my evening and turned the game back on when my girlfriend and kids were asleep...fast forward 9 hours later and its 11 a.m. and I haven't went to bed yet. Played the game fairly consistently for about 4 or 5 days and finished it last night.

I was still enjoying myself quite a bit so decided to drive around and find missing cases and health shrines I'd missed and do a little but of trophy hunting. A little bit later I have 27/28 events solved and the only trophies on missing were for the Event Planner, Pure Gold, and Master Detective or whatever the **** its called. Well that being said I already had 29/30 gold stats with the last one being to finish all events.

Well as many might already know...the 11 random events so not show up on the map, I now had just 1 mission preventing me from getting the last three trophies I needed to obtain the platinum. Two hours of driving around searching waiting on something to happen I said screw it and turned the game off and went to bed. Woke up today, turned Sleeping Digs back on, played for about am hour and BAM a little yellow icon pops up so I excitedly dive out of my car and stop the last drunk at the store. Three achievements pop up one after another followed by the  fourth trophy being the Platinum.

My hands go into the air...I shout out YES I DID IT...turn my head to see my girlfriend giving me the "Your out of your ****ing mind look"...I turn and point at the screen...she  and says good job baby...and goes back to watching her show. Platinum number two is now achieved.

Gaming with age...

So its 5:45 in the morning and as I'm setting here waiting on Sleeping Dogs install on my PS3 I started thinking about games I've played over the years and how my taste/ interest in games have changed.

Now I've been playing games since I was 5 years old...and as of next Sunday (March 24th) I will be turning 27. So add in a little basic math and 22 years of gaming later, its a hobby that I've thoroughly enjoyed most of my life and one my son loves now. Its also something that gives me and him some good times hanging out together. Growing up I could set and play games for hours. Whether I was at home by myself or setting in my room playing games with my friends, gaming was a great way to pass the time. I've always been interested in a huge variety of things to play and still am to this day. My favorites always been RPGs, but for a while got really into playing some first person shooters and always had some action or adventure type game on the side to play as weIl.

There was about a six month period about 5 years ago where I stopped playing completely...I just didn't have anyt interest in anything that was out or coming out...plus I spent a lot of that time at the bars and hanging out with friends. Once I got back into it though...I was hooked immediately once again. I stopped hanging around a lot of the people I used to hangout with and almost everyone I grew up with. I just hit an point in my life where I was no longer interested in the "Partying/Night Life" that all my friends were into.

Also growing up I would buy pretty much every game on release day, play through , and after beating the game I would sell it. I just felt as if I needed to play everything, even though I would tend to rush through some games and not enjoy them nearly as much as I should have, just so I could get to the next game.

Fast forward to now...I have a huge backlog of games and don't tend to play nearly as much as I used to. I still like to set down and play for a little bit whenever I have the free time and occasionally once every couple months or so I like to try to get in all day or all night gaming session...now that doesn't always happen but it is nice to do every once in a while just to kind of set back and lose focus on problems of the real world.

 But for the most part now, I'll buy a select few games each year on launch day and then usually pick up the rest on black Friday or some holiday sale when I get them for a super cheap price. I pretty much build my game library up now, not so much for collection purposes but so I have something to do when there is nothing else to do. I'll still get rid of games once I play through and beat them, but only because I know I'll never play them again and I don't need just boxes of games stored. I do have my collection of games that I do not intend to sell and still add games to that, but those are few and far between...games that just have that certain something about them. 

Current generation games I plan to keep in my collection include things such as Demons/Dark Souls, 3d dot Game Heroes, Persona 4 Golden,  Fire Emblem Awakening etc..just certain games with a greatness factor to them. I had but gotten rid of Catherine and Alice Madness Returns which are two games that I will rebuy at some point just to keep in my collection.

I also used to get crazy excited about console launched and getting the next generation consoles as soon as I could...that's another thing that's changed over the years. I have my PS3,360,Vita, and 3ds and zero interest in the next PlayStation and Xbox. Now I know in a year or two when those consoles start showing what they're capable of and start releasing great games I will still end up buying them, but the compulsive urge to buy them right away is no longer there.

This year the main games I'm really looking forward to are Pokemon X/Y, Animal Crossing New Leaf, and Monster Hunter 3ds...other than those. Every other game I will have no problem waiting on. That is unless they give us more info on Dark Souls 2 release date. But really now days I play games with my son and girlfriends daughter when they want to play, or occasionally when everyone else is asleep and I'm up with nothing else to do, but with summer right around the corner most of the time I will be working and spending time with the family doing things that invoice NOT being indoors. Fishing, camping, going out on the boat and anything else we can think of or go do.

God of War Ascension Demo thoughts

So I just finished playing the GoW Ascension demo and must say overall...its pretty terrible. Now I do have my fair share of complaints about the other games in the series, but its nothing that makes them bad games...In fact they're all very enjoyable, albeit a little frustrating. But GoW Ascension just seems so stupid...there really was no other reason to make another GoW game other than to be a cash cow (I know its an industry and developers do what they got to do blah blah **** blah). But God of War was a great trilogy that had a good ending to settle it all, plus having two handheld games to tie in some story gaps. GoW:A isn't necessary. 

It plays like a God of War game obviously, but I do feel it had a small identity crisis during the demo thinking maybe it was an uncharted game...and as far as I'm aware Kratos and Nathan Drake are not BFF's, but they apparently got some rock climbing training at the same school.

The biggest fault with Ascension is the story will mean absolutely NOTHING. The original trilogy at least took a good idea and mixed it with some great Greek mythology which I'm fairly certain everybody has atleast some interest in. And turned that into a very enjoyable game series. But with that being said, they used pretty much every God/Mythological creature anybody would have slightest interest in already in the other games. I spent the Ascension demo running around chasing some I don't know who bug lady and fighting a giant I don't know what ugly lame ass looking creature.

Now I don't know Everything about mythology but I know enough. I also know that the enemies in the demo were not even the slightest bit interesting. I'm sure this game will sell wonderfully and probably get great reviews as well...but I'm also sure there are going to be many people who agree with what I'm saying.

I'll probably get the game sometime down the road because I buy almost everything, but I have zero interest in this game until it hits the $20 bin...which actually might not be very long

Generation 7- The beginning of the end

With the recent announcement of the PS4 and last years launch of the Wii U, the only thing left everybody is waiting for is the official announcement of the Next Xbox (Rumored Xbox 720). There is still little information on the Steambox, but it does seem as if Valve would like to branch out to get those who mainly play on consoles to invest some more into PC gaming. Many will say your better off just building a PC, but others with a smaller budget will be looking forward to that as well.

All of this has got me thinking of the great systems we currently have. Systems that came out 7-8 years ago.  While I will buy into the hype of next gen consoles at some point, I'm having a hard time already preparing for the next generation. Looking at the huge backlog of current generation games I already have, and slowly working my way through it. There's still many more great games that have been announced that I want to play before moving on to a system.

Even though there will most likely still be support for the consoles currently out for at least another year or two. Most developers will more than likely be moving development on to the new PlayStation/Xbox/Wii U once they release whichever games they are currently working on or have announced. Games released so far this year have already been doing great when it comes to critic reviews and the general population of gamers. This year has already seen Ni No Kuni, DmC, and Tomb Raider which all have metacritic scores in the mid to high 80's. Plus Metal Gear Rising and Dead Space 3 which have high 70 to low 80 average reviews. With BioShock Infinite and God of War Ascension both set to release this month.

All that being said...these truly are some great games, but with what's likely only a year or two left of support for the PS3 and 360, these games are the beginning of the end. And a great end it may be, developers seem to be showing off what they are capable of doing to send these systems off with a bang. There are many more games already announced to be released this year and some that are rumored to be, so while its only March...the rest of the year still has many games with potential greatness to be released such as Metro: Last Light, South Park the Stick of Trith, Lost Planet 3, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Dead Island Riptide, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and the almighty juggernaut of games known as Grand Theft Auto 5.

So once again, coming from someone who has played games for over 22 years...I am super interested in hearing everything next gen has to offer, but still I'm in no hurry whatsoever to move on. Where do you stand? Is it too early for another generation of consoles? Or are you ready to jump ahead and see what the future holds? Will you buy on Launch day or do you plan on waiting for a while? And most of all, What are you or are you NOT looking forward to the most?

Gonna Catch 'em All...Again

A long time ago...In a pizza place not so far far away,

That's the first time I was ever introduced to a little game called Pokemon. A good friend of mine was playing the Red version of the game as we sat with his mother and little brother waiting on our pizza to be served. As I watched my friend play, he looks over at me and asks if I wanna try it. As he handed me his Gameboy Color...I was still unaware of the greatness I was about to be given.

As I sat and played the game for a little while,  even though I did not immediately know what I was doing, I was instantly hooked. I went home excited about the game and yet saddened that I could not still be playing it...so I then asked for that to be my Christmas present from my mom. I still remember my 12 year old self first opening a present that contained a see-thru purple Gameboy Color followed by opening a copy of Pokemon Blue. That was the first game I truly feel I became addicted too.

I spent countless hours trying to catch and raise all the Pokemon in the game and max out there levels. I not only captured/traded for all 150 Pokemon in the game, but also got the 151st Pokemon Mew... And a glitch Pokemon known as Missingno. I also leveled several up to level 100 including my starting Pokemon Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venasaur. While I spent many enjoyable hours of my childhood playing the blue version of the game, it didn't stop there.

Now I know they're virtually the same game but I also played through the Red and Yellow versions as well. I was into collecting the cards and watching the animated series...but after that, it all stopped. I still kept a close watch on the games but never really played much of them after those...that is until Diamond and Pearl came out. I picked up Pearl when it was released and once again fell in love with the series...but that love was short lived because my Nintendo DS got destroyed in an unfortunate accident involving a 2 year old/a toilet/ and memories of old Simpsons episodes.

After all the news about Pokemon X and Y, my urge to get back into the series has once again come around. So a couple days ago I picked myself up a Nintendo 3ds and a copy of Pokemon White 2...while I can't just capture a Bulbasaur I'm the game, I have a friend who says he can hook me up with one, but wither way my mission to once again Catch 'em All has begun. I just created my character and picked my starter Pokemon (Tepig for anyone wondering) now I'm ready to begin my incredible journey. Plans are to capture all available Pokemon before the time X and Y are released, now while that seems like a long time away, for me, having a job and family, Plus playing other games as well this might be a good challenge... But its one I feel I can accomplish and am ready to accept. I know many have already played through these games and are finished with them, but I also know many are still enjoying them. So I Hope to hear from you and about your experiences with Pokemon.

Thoughts on Finished Games of 2013

I just decided to start a blog listing each game I beat this year and a quick run down/opinion of the game. I will also add the price I paid for it, plus the price I recommend picking the game up for if you find it for that or cheaper. I will edit/add to this list as I continue to finish games and will add/update some games as I play them as well. Hopefully some of you will enjoy or at least get some helpful advice from this. I'm not going into a lot of detail about each game, but if you have any questions about a game, or want more information about one, feel free to ask and I will answer them.

First game of 2013,

Farcry 3 (360)- Open World Amazing-ness is all I can say to describe this game. Not only was it the best ga,e I played that was released last year, but its one of the best released this generation. Farcry is amazing from start to finish, and while the story does take a strange turn...the gameplay and enjoyment never lacks. I'd recommend it to anyone. Farcry 3 gets a 9.2, Price I paid $60, recommended price $60

Next up was,

Dishonored (PS3)- The second game of 2013. Another great game, with an enjoyable story and great gameplay. Each mission has multiple ways to approach doing them, the game does have its flaws but they are nothing that can't be overlooked. The game is fairly short but can be enjoyed for multiple playthroughs. I'd give the game a solid 8.5, Price I paid $25, recommended price $40.


Lollipop Chainsaw (PS3)- WOW... That's all that comes to mind when thinking about this game. I've heard people complaining about how short this game is (can easily be beaten in under 5 hours) but I think its length is the only thing that allowed me to force my way through Lollipop Chainsaw. You play as an  highschool cheerleader on her 18th birthday slaughtering zombies with her boyfriends talking head strapped to her side. Now it all sounds good In theory, but the game is just a repetitive mess and not fun to play. It does have some interesting bosses, but even they become a chore to fight. The best quality about Lollipop Chainsaw is the writing. It has some of the funniest dialogue I've heard in a game recently, and I did find myself laughing on more than one occasion. But even with that being its most redeeming quality, the voice actors (especially that of the main character) and the few pieces of dialog that they use over and over throughout the game, makes that annoying as well. I give Lollipop Chainsaw a 5.3, Price reviewer paid $15... recommend price Rental.

At the moment I'm currently in the process of playing God of War, Ni No Kuni, Gran Turismo 5, Dark Souls and Persona 4 Golden...so my thoughts on these will be coming soon.

Catching Up from Falling Behind (Backlog)

I found out today that I will be laid off from work starting tomorrow, so I will finally be able to start playing through my backlog of games I have built up over the last couple months.

I spend most of my time working and spending time with family/friends (the family/friends part Ill obviously continue to do) but having that extra 10 hours a day for a little while will be enough time to help me do some catching up on games.

I was able to playthrough Uncharted Golden Abyss and FarCry 3 last month which I must say are both great games, (I plan on writing reviews, but just not at the moment) and FC is one of the few games which I intend on getting all the achievements on.

Ive already started Persona 4 Golden for the Vita, and still have Ragnarok Odyssey, Disgaea 3, and Gravity Rush to play through. Plus Final Fantasy 7,8, and 9, Killzone Liberation, and Monster Hunter Freedom downloaded onto it, and I bought the Metal Gear Solid Collection the other day but have yet to download it.

For my PS3 I have started another playthrough of Dark Souls, and just started Resident Evil 6. I also have unopened copies of Dishonored, God of War Saga (all 5 games), Infamous 2, Killzone Trilogy, Little Big Planet 2, Silent Hill Downpour, Uncharted 3 and XCOM Enemy Unknown.

Then for the XBOX 360 I am playing Rayman Origins with my girlfriend and WWE 13 with my son, but also have Alan Wakes American Nightmare and Dragons Dogma that I have just started, and unopened copies of Borderlands 2, Deadly Premonition, Halo 4, I am Alive (download), Lost Planet (the first one), Max Payne 3, Naughty Bear, Sleeping Dogs, and The Witcher 2.

I intend on building a gaming PC in the next month or so as well and have already started buying games for it, I have both Bioshock games (which Ive beaten on consoles), Commandos 2, Company of Heroes, Darksiders, Dead Space, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Doom 3, Duke Nukem Forever (I know its supposed to be garbage but Ill play anything), Hitman Absolution, Limbo, Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 (which I've beaten but plan on playing again and picking up 3 on PC since I havent played it), Penumbra Overture, Portal 2, Red Faction Armageddon, Saints Row the Third, Sonic Generations, Stalker Shadows of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat, Torchlight and Vampire the Masquerade.

In other words I have a little bit of freetime and A LOT to keep me occupied, those are just the games I have at the moment, I plan on picking up Ni No Kuni and Soul Sacrifice on launch, but will wait on other releases coming out soon and just focus on what I already have.

I have my son on weekends and thats family time for my girlfriend, her daughter, my son and myself, but during the week, Ill have time to myself...So what do you recommend I do? Any game that is a must play? Or just one that doesn't take much time to beat so I could get on to the next one?

Is there anything particular you are playing, or that's chilling out in your backlog waiting to be played?

I also must say that I have several seasons of TV shows that I need to catch up on...but gaming usually comes first when it comes to entertainment for me, so those will be for when Im just relaxing and don't want to do anything else