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I'll call it a.... Roughpatch


I can never find the time to write or draw anymore :/


I think I'm just getting lazy, I haven't drawn anything for months yet I've seen Junoat least4 times in the last week

Lazy or just tired, eh- I'm too bored to figure that out

I have 87 messages for some reason

Toss it....

So what do I do at 4 in the morning?

Rediscover this site

For some reason I completely forgot about it....

?? I feel like a completly different person from what looks like a year ago, looking back on twenty-so blogs. I sounded like a douche :/

So I deleted all of them.

How can I possibly fill in on what happened since I've last logged in? Recently: I Tasted the chaos, it was delicious. Got a gee tar, I suck really hard......... And ummmm yeah I'm back here...... I thought I was done letting this site steal my life, guess not.