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BF vs MW hypocrisy

Modern Warfare has the sweet story that it usually does, but multiplayer is the same. BF3 has a sh**ty uninspired story but MIND BLOWING ( that is right boooolded) Multiplayer that is bigger than Jesus right now. There are things I read about on the forums that fan-boys (god I hate those nettled dolts) say that i agree with somewhat. Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer is a brainless rehash of Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer. I think that at some level that this is the consumer's fault, you all played and and loved it despite it's flaws (revenge of the teleporting knife ninja as some I know would say). Then you played again with a credit system like it was going out of style in Black Ops, so as far as the developer's were concerned you all loved it. There is an old saying, if something is not broken don't fix it. All the people that constantly played the on-line multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2 and Black ops religiously had led the developers to believe that you liked what you were playing. So when the third came out you got what you liked before with some new maps, and really believe it or not that is pretty much what you got on BF3. It seems to play just like BF BC 2(despite the graphics upgrade if you playing it on computer like I am.), if i remember correctly there were tanks and helicopters before as well, and this whole number of people on each side thing MAG supports up to 256 people at any given time. MW3 Definitely has the better story and Co-op, where as I am really happy with paying for the graphics updates in BF3 (I F***ING hate the on line browser to do everything though). I guess what I am trying to say it's easy to point fingers just not at the mirror.