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Gamespot please bring back the My Games pop down menu.

All in all the changes with Gamespot "wide" are a step in the right direction. Good work. The days of hard coding the page width to 800 are hopefully long gone. And while the "wide" doesn't really utilize the entire screen, it's still looks nicer than the old Gamespot.

That said I'm very bummed they basically rendered my *favorite* gamespot feature useless. I'm talking about the pop down menu that was labeled My Games. I used this to track around 75 - 100 games I was current interested in playing or buying. It was something I'd do many times per day. This was my direct line to all my current games. One click and I could see all the games I needed to watch, or one click and bam! I was directly pointed to the game in question.

Yes, yes, I know I can go through the trouble of clicking the expand arrow, waiting for the data to show, and then click the My Games pop down menu, only to have it disappear again when the page refreshes. Who wants to jump through a bunch of hoops, when previously it was amazingly simple and easy to do?

I'd recommend moving something much less used that's taking up valuable space in that area, such as logout and prefs. How often are those used? Never, once or twice a month, a year? Keep the expand arrow, but put the My Games pop down menu back in place please! :)

Rock Band

I bought Rock Band the day it was released for the 360. I've been playing the heck out of it ever since, and have even downloaded most of the additional content. The concept of Rock Band is awesome, there is nothing like getting together with 3 other friends and rocking out to some decent music. Or jamming out alone, or with the wife unit. It really is a fun game. I hope the trend of music based games continues, but more importantly, continues to improve.

Now here comes the rub.

The hardware seems to be sub-par, at least from my experience. The mic seems nice. The guitar is decent, but seems not as well built as the GH3 guitar; I much prefer to use the GH3 guitar on Rock Band.

Onto the drums... The drum set is the number one reason I bought this game bundle. Overall the drumming is fun, but the hardware really isn't up to speed yet.

Problem 1: I've spent numerous hours trying to calibrate the lag, with no luck (I have a larger DLP HDTV) with stereo components for sound. After awhile you get use the the lag and just compensate for it, so ok, I can live with that.

Problem 2: The drum heads themselves ignore about 1 out of every 8 hit when played with normal pressure. I've tested this countless times and still have come to the conclusion that the heads just don't register the hits.I'm not talking about quick repetition, I'm talking about easy, slow, quarter notes. If I play the notes harder, harder than I think was intended, many more notes are registered, but about 1 in20or so will simply be ignored. This is very frustrating to have a note simply disappear.

Problem 3: The broken foot pedal. I knew my time was coming. I called in today for a replacement pedal, as mine broke yesterday. A few other friends have already complained of the same issue. I'm happy to hear they have a return policy, though the outrageous holding charge to my credit card feels like robbery, when I can go buy the entire drum set for cheaper.

Problem 4: Trying to simulate music that obviously was designed for double bass foot pedals with a single bass pedal. I'd rather have access to the songs, even with a single pedal, it's true; however I know a lot of the songs when played for real are using double bass; maybe a double pedal for Rock Band 2?

Here's to hoping they improve the hardware significantly with the next game. I'd love to see a buy back policy where I can send it my sub-par kit and get a replacement. :) Oh... and while we are hoping; maybe a better track list for #2.

Gears of War - Insanity

So I finished Gears of War late last night on solo Insane mode after a lot of cussing and game designer bashing. I swear the boss fight with Ramm was bugged, I don't know how many times I used every bullet from every weapon I had directly shot at his head and it still didn't take him down. Anyway, after a restart, and another 50 or so tries I took him down. Of course I took him down a few times prior, but the backsplash from the torque bow killed me too, so the game got mad and failed me.

I want to see the designers and testers of this last level take him down within a try or two in insane solo mode, repeatedly.Not to mention the previous Reaver battle fought with the dual Trikas.

Overall the game is still awesome. I've played through it three times and thoroughly enjoyed it.