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Most Anticipated/Likely to Buy

In 2011 I plan on purchasing a multitude of games, both from this year, and the past.

2011 Releases

Portal 2

L.A. Noire

TES V: Skyrim

Mass Effect 3

Bastion (XBLA)

Past Releases

Red Dead Redemption

This one i need to convince my parents to allow me to own, due to a brief sex scene and a long flow of expletives throughout the game. This one I really want.

Earth Defense Force 2017

Which I have just been informed is not available in the AU. D:

Half Life 2, Episode 1&2

I want to finish these ones, I almost finished Half Life 2, but had to return The Orange Boxto the Video Ezy I rented it from.


Classic, I want to play this.


I don't want to spend much money on a 6 hour shooter, but I think I wanna experience what Kevin Van Ord is raving about.


My bro is gonna buy this.

This year in gaming for Antherian_Being (A1P4A 0M3GA)

After becoming more involved with the gaming community and going-ons during the past year - mostly through my listening of Gamespot presents The Hotspot - I have become a more avid gamer. I found myself following the Activision falling outs, the delays of Valve games (an ever-present theme) and the many depressing lay-offs that many companies have experienced.

On a lighter note:

BioShock literally shocked me. A frightening game, a fantastic story and a lengthy, meaningful play through. Well worth the bargain-bin $20 I bought it for. Sadly the sequel disappoints, and I doubt I'll find myself playing it.

Super Meat Boy is a fantastic platformer, that needs to be recognised along with the rest of the Indie scene of gaming. Fantastic design makes it a great way to kill time when you realize you can't find that disk you needed. (Or you are just too lazy to get off the couch.)

Halo: Reach continued the Halo legacy in rightful glory. It remains the most complete game on the market for a console. Well worth the money, as it is the best multiplayer experience on offer, with a Developer who cares.

Alan Wake, something I played a while back, along with its DLC. Good game, but outdone by BioShock. I still recommend it to all, however.

Professor Layton, a DS game. The greatest, most intriguing puzzler I have played to date, well worth the money, if that old DS is gathering dust.

Christmas is upcoming: and I shall be recieving AC: Brotherhood and Mass Effect 2. Brilliant start to next year's gaming for me.

I'll also have a bunch of cash, post christmas, so if there are any games recommended for me to play, as I am relatively new at the hardcore scene, just tell me.

Oh yeah, before you call me a Halo fanboy: I played MW2 and BlOps. And Halo outdoes them. Halo is even MORE realistic than them. Yes, I went there... I won't explain it unless I get any comments, which is unlikely, I'm not a very involved community member.

Boom boom pow away.

My ratings guide

I have had people ask why TWEWY got more than ODST in my reviews, id just like to post that I rate my games in comparisson and standrds of that console

My first blog entry

Starting this so i can get feedback on my reviews, so u guys can connect 2 me-plz recommend my reviews and games i could review.

Sum info


Country: Aus

Consoles: PC(virtually unused), DSLite, Wii, XBox360

Favourite Gaming series: I own every Halo. Ever.

I enjoy school and gaming and am not obsessiive but absolutly luv gaming.

Plz id like sum reviews on my reviews and recommend me 2 follow thanks!