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Eh, Updates I Guess

Well, here I am. I cant belive the last blog I posted was two months ago. I dont think there has been that big of a gap before. So, I guess i'm just going to give you guys updates on what's going on.


The first quarter just ended, and i'm looking forward to art classes and tech classes. You guys dont know how much I hated my music teacher. ...I'm just not going to even talk about her. I got some new friends, including both genders which i'm excited about. I guess the humor in school lately was when one of my friends got REJECTED when he asked a girl out. I'm not so ready to do that kind of thing yet... especially if i get REJECTED! I think i did pretty average in school this quarter, but i'm not really looking forward to the others... Its school. Think about this for a few minutes...


Recently I have started to play older games that i gave like MySims and some of the lego games. One of the newer games i got was DragonBall Ultimate Tenkaichi. I got to admit, its pretty fun. You can make your very own character for the first time, and play his storyline. Your character's story line takes place in an alternate universe. So far I have unlocked Super Saiyen. (Your character is a saiyen) The main storyline is very fun also. It takes place in every show, movie, comic they have made... At least I think... Right now i'm fighting Meta Cooler, who is very hard. I cant even beat him on easy mode, so yeah. Unfortunatly, i'm stuck in both story modes, which is why I started to play some of my older games. If anyone has any tips or tricks please leave a comment.


Im really excited for Christmas. My dad ordered a Lego Star Wars advent calender which i think is pretty cool. Im looking forward to a lot of new toys/games for Christmas. I already have a whole Christmas list down, which includes... Yeah I don't think you guys really care whats on it. But i suppose if you guys really wanted to know whats on it, I could make a new blog, or just PM to you. My sister has been looking at collages, which i'm glad about for three reasons.#1: We get to eat out and go to awesome hotels/inns. #2: I get to look at collages for future reference. #3: My sister is probably going to move out soon! Yup, thats right! I'm happy my sister might be moving out! :D Well for starters she is a little mean, and she won't hog the computer or tv anymore! :D OOOOOOHHH YEAHHHH!!! :cool: Its a little sad though. She is a good sister though and I might miss her a little bit.

Oh yeah. Not to mention i got a new youtube account recently. So far it has only a few videos, including a Wind Waker walkthrough. Im going to be posting some more walkthrough videos, along with a How To video.

Well, i guess that concludes this blog. See you guys next blog.

Magnitude 5.8

THE ISLAND IS FALLIN!:twisted: AHHHHHHHH! Dont worry, ah kiled Ballos.

Earthquake came from somewhere in Virginia and travled all he way to Rhode Island. And guess what? I LIVED THROUGH A EARTHQUAKE!!!!! WHOOOOOO!