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GIant Bomb

So that's about it. I am using the Giant Bomb comunity more often then this one. I guess I just come to GS for reviews and news now. This was short.

Another review and yeah... Bloging again.

So many of you mighyt be surprised by me bloging again after all this time. Truth is with the WVCU dead and all that I haven't had much reasins to keep coming here. Well I made another reaview, and I think this one is pretty good actually (not ot flatter myself, but the other ones weren't much). So anyways I will keep coming here trying to get a banner to a Gamespace and trying to get some more badges, I guess I won't be A LOOOT active though. I will probably be more active if I get more comments and if the WVCU gets active. So please go check it out, it hasn't been updated in a while but take a look please. That's all for now I guess.

2 Things. WTF?! And probably Goodbye GS (READ THIS)!

LOOK AT THIS REVIEW!!!!!!!!! (It's not about GTA IV's Perfect 10 Review).

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Link to the site:;reviews


Well Whathever....

On other stuff GTA IV got People stabbed (if you read the news in the home page than you know what I'm talking about) read it here. And as Bully from the same publisher it has crashes, publisher keeps quiet, this is also on the news on the home page read it here.

And I will probably be leaving GS, UNTIL Unions V2 comes out. Because.. well I can Blog sure, but doing just that in this game community might feel to... little, and Unions in General are "dying"... what I mean is that I might come to forums(though not much often... rarely even) and I will probably keep My Games list updated, but I'm kinda tired of being GS doing the same thing over and over... Unions made it diferent and now they are "dying" in general. About my Union (the WVCU) when Unions V2 comes out it will be active.

So see ya.

P.S.: What do you think of my new Sig and Banner?


Ok so we haven't seen a good 3D Sonic game in a while. Though Sonic Unleashed is like a Fusion of Sonic Secret Rings with Sonic Rush (a 2D game set in a 3D Scenario) the game looks geat. There are some screenshots and a video. What I can say about the game from what I've seen is that for some reason Sonic transforms into some kind of Wherewolf (I think it's some Alter-Ego of him or something a curse by Eggman I think) and you can use the dash you use in Sonic Rush or something of the sort. Let's just hope this is a great Sonic game.

PS3 Tops Xbox360 sales

NPD: February sees 34 percent US sales spike
American game market bucks recession, beats analysts expectation with $1.33 billion haul; PS3 bests 360 for second month running, COD4, DMC4 top games.

This is a Gamespot article, it should be on the Home page now on the news section. Personnally I think the PS3 is better. I mean you got Blu-Ray, you don't pay the Online, you can get most Xbox360 great games on the PC also, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a PS3 exlusive, and so on. But I guess I was kinda surprised for this.

Brawl has got a release date on Europe!

I haven't updated my blog lately. Well here I am updating it anyways. There is a lot to talk about. I mean Blu-Ray won the battle with HDDVD, I had about 4 blog posts prepared, and I didn't post them, maybe I didn't feel like posting... I dunno. Well as I was writing there is a lot to talk about but one thing I will write about is one thing I have been expecying for a looong time. And this so will probably please Eurpopeans who are reading this, well I'm in Portugal so I liked to read this.

BRAWL HAS GOT A RELEASED DATE SCHEDULED FOR AMAZON.CO.UK! That means Brawl has got a release date for Europe.

So some of you might wantto know the relase date.... Maybe I'll keep the suspense (if there is any) and make you wait until the end of this blog post... Or not, I mean you could allways gotto and find out so the release date is... 30 April 2008. Pre-orders are already available.

On other news:

-Metal Gear Solid 4 has got a release date scheduled also, June 21 2008 I think but just about anyone that goes to should now that.

-Pay and Play announced for the Wii.

-Go!Messenger for the PSP is now available in Europe.

-I think that there was a lot to talk about but I'm not remembering anything else.

-I'm just writing stuff now, why?. Good question.

Ok... so what's there to write.. Guess I'll talk about my games. I got Nights: Journey of Dreams (Wii), Devil May Cry 4 Collector's Edition (PS3) and itman Blood Money (PC), yeah the game's kinda old but it's cool and when i saw te game being sold for 10€ I decided to buy it.

So I guess that there wasn't that much to talk about but I hope that the Brawl info was usefull.

P.S.: I'm asking everybody who is reading this to join the Wii Virtual Console Union if they haven't done so yet. Officers Spots are available if anyone is interested please PM me.

Blu-Ray vs HDDVD [#1]

Many if you who are reading this are probably thinkingwhat the hellis this. Well the blog post "blu ray vs HDDVD" will be updating you woth everything from this War between Sony and Toshiba. Let's move on then.

HDDVD was nearly "killed" with this nearly "Final Blow" from Sony (I think it was at CES 208 they announced it). Warner Bros. is oficially only going to make movies to Blu-Ray. Everything Toshiba (HDDVD) has now is Paramount and another one. But Toshiba had to make a move and now X360's are going to come with a free HDDVD movie (hooray, Warner Bros. for free gifts). We can say that Toshiba is busted. Sony's actions have already gone up in the Market and no one still knows how much Sony paid Warner Bros. for all this. Sony's plan should be to recover from PS3's financial Error (big error). They were still losing money. But now more people are going to want to buy PS3's because it's cheaper than a Blu-Ray Reader. If this works then they will recover from the PS3 mistake and still control the new-gen DVD's. Great move Sony (unless they paid to much to Warner Bros. wich would probably make some sort of an Internal Crash... But I doubt they did that).

Anyways CES day two Live Coverage was great withmore new great Wii accessories and lots of new techonlogies. Discussing more stuff about games that already got out and games that are still to be released. Lot's of stuff for the PSP on this day. Radio (cool), Skype (way cool) and GPS (unnecessary... but cool). The Blackbird 002 made it's appearence. And there were some interesting Gaming chairs (for racing,relaxing and so on).

And that's all I have to writte for now.

P.S.: For those who still have doubts about to chose from HDDVD and Blu-Ray... Well Blu-ray is better but more expensive and HDDVD isworst but cheaper. I think once a guy wrote: "If you're rich buy a Blu-ray, if you're not buy an HDDVD". That obviously is overeacted. and maybe Blu.Ray readers are more expensive because Sony wants to sell PS3's. I am not aware of the current HDDVD's CD's and Blu-Ray CD's prices right now.