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Achievement Whoring as per usual and dying for DA2

Yay. A blog. woot. >.> If you can tell I'm bored, you deserve a cookie. Yes, i've been playing on my xbox nonstop in between hw and college (Cl ss word is forbidden WTF?). yay. But the good news is that I won ms points for a winning a bet/gamerscore competition. So yay.

Anyway, I started killing every game I own, haven't played in ages and am completely SICK of having. Since I don't consider a game complete until every achievement has been had, guess what I have been doing over the past month? Yep, achievement hunting. All for the sake of finishing a game and trading it in towards something good; Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age 2.

Why do the epic games only come out when you have absolutely nothing to spend on games? Its the universe's cruel joke i guess.

Anyway, yay for a blog update!

woooooot. :roll:

Fall Break, Holloween costumes and The Walking Dead

Whoooo Fall break!! yay!! Unfortunately, fall break means that wednsday we have an exam in japanese; Sigh. At least I get to get away from home for a bit.

Holloween is coming up YAY!! So i've been trying to figure out my costume. I had a mobster outfit last year that I might just recycle, or I could just walk in and pic out something I like from the store at college. I haven't quite figured it out yet. Maybe I'll go as the joker or something?

OOOOH!! And I just found out about that new tv series, "The Walking Dead". I heard of it b4 but I had no idea it was coming out this month!! I just got done watching the trailer On AMC website. OMG IT IS SOOO AWESOME!! Rarely to tv. shows interest me. Even now I only like Merlin, and AOTS but Now I think TWD is going to be added to my list of favorites.

NEW Projects, College Stress and GAME ON!!

Well, i've been pretty busy working on some new youtube projects and failing at some gameplay vids. But I gotta work with what I've got. I've been missing GS a lot, seeing as I'm never really on anymore except for these two week stop-ins. College has been keeping me really busy, and whenever I have free time I'm gamin it up! I just had another Gamerscore competition I blew out of the water 0.0. But it was pretty close at the end. Anyway, I'll be gaming really hard for fall break, and I hope to update this blog a bit more often.

Been a long time Gamespot

I just realized how long its been since I've been on here. Been trying my hand at new games and I recently won a gamerscore competition. So it's been pretty busy. I actually just got introduced to Oblivion and Fable 2 last week, so I've been having a lot of fun with those two. I even finally managed to attend my first ACGC gals community meeting today. Which reminds me, we are trying to get a sponsorship. If anybody would like to help by voting for us just PM me and I'll give you the link. Anyway, till next time;


Dead Space

Alright, I have been playing Dead Space for three days straight now and I'm going for my last achievement; beat it on impossible mode. O yeah, its lots of fun. It's funny though, I was running for my life when over the loud speaker I heard something, "paging Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard." This of course caught my attention cause the Joker quoted this in Arkham asylum. So I googled it, and looked all over the place and NOBODY has noticed this? I mean OMG!! This is a tribute to the 3 stooges, Joker says it in arkham, as do Numerous movies and NOBODY has even realized this is said in Dead Space! I am shocked! lol. If anybody can find a site that mentions in this quotes filmography, that it is said in Dead Space let me know, because it is driving me insane!

BTW Dead Space is an awesome game!

Mass Effect

So yeah, I am seriously behind with the whole Mass effect thing. But yesterday I re-borrowed it from one of my friends with serious intentions to play this time around. I love how I got waaaaaay past where I was with my first attempt (I restarted cause my paragon status gave me a seizure). I'm actually loving this game. I guess its as easy to get into as Bioware's previous games (KOTOR anyone?). Well that is my latest project; aside from actual college projects that is.

On a side note; I'm kinda bored with my current profile so I'm gonna switch it up a little.

ttyl yo! XD


Well, i finally saw Zombieland, which is freakin' incredible!! If you like zombie movies, don't miss it! that movie is one of the best i've ever seen!

Also, i've decided to go a little oldschool lately, so I started playing Devil May cry, and GTA 3. But of course, i'm stuck on the stupid armored truck mission in GTA, so I'm pretty mad at the game right now. It's kinda depressing.

Anyways, that's all for now, Ciao

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