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My last two weeks of hell

I just needed to vent some steam and since it's related to games, here I go.

It had been an awful last 2 weeks. First, all of a sudden, my main hard drive died. Ironically it happenned the day before the backup was scheduled, so in a second my OS with all my software, games, bookmarks and savegames were gone. After the logic upset I went to look for a new drive and... surprise! All hds had almost doubled their price due to some natural disaster. I had no choice so there goes my extra money for cool xmas presents.

2 days later, the day my new hard drive was expected to arrive, I was playing with my little 4 months old cat and for no reason he scratched my eye, right in the center of my pupil. It hurt like hell and the doctor gave some meds that didn't allow me to open that eye for almost a week, so my computer had to wait. No need to mention it was a long and boring week. No reading, tv or nothing visually stressing. It's also worth mentioning that during that week the PC titles I was waiting for arrived (BF3, MW3, LA Noire, Saints Row the 3rd and Skyrim). It was kinda mean.

Finally my eye was ok, I fixed my computer, installed the games and went to check my email to see when my long time pre-ordered Batman Arkham City Coll. Edition for PC would arrive, and guess what? The games had been stolen on their way to the shop! Arrrg, how is this possible? Fortunately the shop offered a solution. They send me the normal edition for PC and the Collector's for PS3 so I can have the physical items. I don't have a console so the PS3 game and dlcs will go to waste I guess.

Honestly, I don't think it's perfect but after all the bad luck in the past 2 weeks I take it for a good change. I just hope not to have another time like this, cause my life, due to certain circumstances is already not a merry one.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Giveaway

To keep it simple, I have an extra copy of this game for PC and I want to give the serial to someone to redeem on Steam. Now if you're really interested in the game let me know here, and please check first if your PC can handle it.

PC gaming these days

I'm tired of having to use a different driver every time a game is released. Software and hardware devs must do their work better. I understand the need for new drivers when they fix problems but things are crazy these days. Wanna play DA2? Use this one. The Witcher 2? This other, but DA2 won't work then. New released RAGE? Try latest beta ones or wait a week or so. Oh but careful, cause it seems some of newest drivers cause overheating and random crashes and guess what? That won't be fixed anytime soon. I miss the days when updated drivers meant better performance and stability. And don't think I just blame drivers, game developers do an awful job testing their products. Retail games feel more like broken betas. All I know is I buy a game and between new drivers and developer patches my games collect dust.