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You can keep your helmets.

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This post is in dedication to Killzone 2 to, which proved all the haters wrong. Now we only need GS to give it AAA.

I shall be awaiting all damage control :)

Oh and I'll see you in the warzone on the 27th.

Enter the Zone of Killing

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See what I dd thar with my title... clever right? NO!!!...*am sad*

Anyway for the few who actually might read this I finall pre-ordered KZ2, well actually i did it afew days ago but that's beside the point. :P

I am just so hyped for this game/bordering on obsession, people are starting to hate me and all of my friends have abandoned me. So maybe I could kill some new people inside the killingzone interwebz. Hope to see you people online. Add me on PSN if you wanna play.

Disclaimer: My obsession over killzone 2 has not really led to the destruction of my social life, just needed something to write.

post about my first poroper post.

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for those who actually might accidentally stumble upon my blog, i just wanna tell you that you're wasting your time by reading this as i have absolutely nothing constructive to say except that i'll write a proper blog post soon (maybe?).


p.s. i just wanted to write something so my valkyria chronicles blog header shows up. i like it like that.