OTfest 2009

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In order to avoid confusion, please read the entire thing.


What is OTfest?

A showcase of talents/creativity in OT. You submit your entry in different categories (short film, poem, short story, photos, photoshop, song, music video, etc...) Then everyone votes for the best submissions for each category. The winners win. Sort of like the OTcars, but without the popularity contest.

Got a camera?

Take some photos, make a short film, music video for your favourite artist/band, etc...

Got a pencil?

(Yes, that sounds slightly sexual)

Write a short story, poem, song lyrics.

Got a good grip of Photoshop?

Photoshop some photos.

Got musical talent?

Record a song by yourself or with a band.

Want to help out?

Volunteer to help with OTfest by sending me a PM entitled "OTfest volunteer" or something like that.


Just like every other organized event, there must be rules. They are as follows:

  1. Submitted work must abide by the Gamespot forums ToU.
  2. Any video/animation must be at least 1 minute long, and no longer than 10 minutes.
  3. Sexual content or foul language will be censored; it would be easier for everyone if you censor it yourself, or simply do not include such content.
  4. If you submit photos, no more than 5 will be acceptable.
  5. Plagiarism is illegal; anyone caught plagiarizing will be disqualified.
  6. Your submission will not even be considered if you do not follow these rules.


The current categories are as follows:

  • Short film
  • Music video
  • Animation
  • Song
  • Short story
  • Poem
  • Photos
  • Photoshopped image
  • Drawing/painting/digital image

Categories may be added, merged, or removed entirely without notice; so, check back often.

If you have any categories you would like to see, PM me with a message entitled "Category suggestion".

Submitting content:

Please follow the provided format when sending your submission:

(In the form of a PM to me)

Title: OTfest Contribution


Provide a title for your work.

Provide a link to your work.

Provide any additional information (example: Artist, actors, director, subject etc...)

Don't forget to include the category.


Do not send images/written work in your PM; simply provide a link.


  • I will be accepting content for at least a month. The voting will not begin until after.
  • Only send your content to me in the form of a PM, following the guideline above.
  • Rules and other information may change without notice.

Advertisers wanted:

Put a link/image in your sig to support the cause, or write about it in your blog and make the event greater.



So many games to buy...

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... no money. :(

  1. How can I get more moneys efficiently?
  2. Is prostitution a good solution?
  3. Vampires are hawt :o (But only females ones; and not those Twilight "vampires" :x)
  4. Who wants me to drink their blood for a nominal fee?

This blog post is short.

Thank you for reading; I ♥ you all. :D


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Here are the answers to the questions you asked:


Which is awesomest - Cheez-its, String Cheese, or Nacho Cheese Doritos?

I'll have to go with the Doritos.

You have no games on your game list. What are your favorite games?

There are way too many for me to choose even a few.


Is that you on the banner at the top of your profile?

Pfft. I wish. :P


Can you fly?

The same answer I gave fordavid_lck's question.


Why do you not answer questions?

I'm doing that right now. :|


Do you like Jammie Dodgers?

I don't know who/what that is.

Ask me questions

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I've seen other users do this before; so, ask me some questions to get to get to know me better.

Please try to ask more than just one. :P

If no one asks any questions, I will be sad. :(


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Every day on his way to school, a young boy would take a shortcut through the woods. Every day while walking through the woods, he would pass an old man leaning against a tree. They would exchange greetings, then the boy would continue on his way. One day, the boy decided to stop and ask "Old man; why do you always lean against that tree?". The man replied "I am not leaning against the tree; the tree is leaning against me". The man stepped away from the tree, and it toppled over; crushing the young boy.

The moral of the story is: Don't ask stupid questions.