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Got my Wii :)

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Yupers, I got my Wii on Sunday (I had a pre-order), took me 3 days of enjoyment to come back to gamespot :P...Gamestop opened at 11 am, while everyone opened way earlier :( Then I went from store to store looking for nunchucks, as Gamestop only got two in for some reason...After 3 stores, I found them in Toys R Us, they had a whole bunch...I got 2 as well as 2 wiimotes, I couldn't bring myself to buy a 4th set for $60 more :P But later I found out there was a shortage of nuchucks everywhere, so I was glad I snagged some. And I picked up a 24 pack of batteries!!! :D

So that's my system and controllers. I got the stand from Target last month and it came with the blue and black gloves (figured since the gloves are $10 a pop, I may as well pay the $5 extra for the stand...). I bought the red one when I got the nunchucks. They have matching straps, and I like that...but they don't have the extra piece that tightens like the Nintendo straps I'm going to switch the straps if little kids want to play...or maybe I'll just switch them back permanently when I get over the prettiness of them matching :P The gloves give great texture to the wiimote...but it sinks the buttons down, but you can still get to them easily, except for the home button. People pick their favorite color....And you know which is I know that the blue one is down one battery notch. The stand looks pretty, I like it a lot more than the grey stand Nintendo gives you. It holds 4 wiimotes, and 5 game cases...or whatever you want to put, I orignally had the nunchucks, but then I just put them in the basket with my other controllers. Seeing it set up, I don't mind the white anymore. Given the choice I still would've bought black, but it looks nice so I'm happy with it. got Zelda, Rayman and Red Steel. I play Zelda a lot more than the other two games...cuz it's Zelda! Duh :P I love it!!!! It's fun! It's gorgeous, Wolf Link handles great, the controls work...and what's with Midna...she's...strange :P And I've been waiting for an OoT style game for years and I'm so happy with it so far :D Rayman's cool. I still love the bunnies, and the games varied and strange and figuring out the minigames is half the fun. I haven't played much Red Steel, I watched my nephew play more than I've played. Oddly, I've played Wii Sports more than any other game...but really that's just by default, when people come over they want to play and I play with them. It's simple, but it's fun to play, especially with non-gamers and light gamers because you know they're enjoying a game for a change :P And the more people love the Wii, the better! It's also hilarious to see everyone jump around...and yes, you have to be careful no one hits you while trying to return your serve :P Everyone likes bowling the most, as do I.

I haven't connected to online yet, (I have the adapter, remember :P), and I figure I'll wait another week as to avoid any initial problems, though they sound rare...I made my Mii, doesn't much look like me...and I've played with the photo channel. Glasses for everyone! :P

Elite Beat Agents and Yoshi's Island kept me busy until the Wii launch. I love Elite Beat Agents. It's really fun and addicting, I have my non-gamer sister hooked :P She takes my DS out of my purse all the time! Some songs are annoying (Lala, Skater Boi)...Cher's Believe remains with D scores as I can't bring myself to listen to it to improve my score...but the majority of the songs are great (September, Canned Heat, Let's Dance, Walkie Talkie Man) and more than make up for Cher (bah!!!)..*side note, they're covers*. Yoshi's Island is fun too...but it sticks to the original formula mostly...yet it scored higher than TP..yes I'm one of the angry ones :P I got it at Circuit City and they gave me a free Yoshi case and sylus set...It's very green :P

Nintendo tops off my great week...I'm happy

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So, in the wee hours of the morning, through newspaper leaks, we learned price and date, $250 and November 19. I suppose there are all sorts of problems with this like Sony's launch and it being bundled, kinda surprising....I was leaning towards October for $200 bundle-free...but I won't complain, I'm just happy to know all the if only I can get a decent pre-order :P I think they can generate enough hype for the system to have a very successful launch, probably even overshadow Sony's *cough pathetic cough* launch.

Details were accurate from last night, but I figured I'd get all the details, so I woke up in time to catch the press conference. It just finished a few minutes ago. So going into detail...Wii Sports is a good title to bundle, nice fun intro to the system. I guess they're trying to bring all the casuals in right away. A simple pick up and play game I suppose they're banking on you showing off to your friends. Games seem fun enough, .tennis, golf, baseball, bowling...and boxing? Guess they'll use the nunchuck too, seems fun enough, I was planning to get it anyway.

Launch line up looks good, though Metroid got pushed back to next year :( But it's fine, I remember at E3, there were a few issues, so give it time to get fixed. Still lots of games at line up, all the better for me, it could've gotten a little crazy trying to get everything at once :P So looks like I'll be going with the Zelda-Rayman-Red Steel trio. I do love myself some Sam Fisher, so I'll likely add that. 30 games by year's end, sounds good to me! The Virtual Console prices seem about right. I'll get some of those too...provided I don't own them as re-releases on other systems :-P I really hope some more non-released for the 5th time games are in there soon...

And the extras. I guess this was their secret, though doesn't seem like much of one...just a reason for multimedia and interactivity with the console. Let's face it, customization is unecessary if only it weren't so much fun sharing bits of yourself with the world abroad :-P They were good to add the Mii channel (heh, very clever title). And taking your Mii with you to a friend's house is always fun...watching the virutal you beat your virutal friend beyond embarassment...but anyways. And doodling up pictures...hours of fun...What else? Oh, Opera browser, not suprising...also not too facinating, though it would be a good option if you share internet and the computer's busy. The message board channel is also great, good way to pester your friends to get online and play. Hit them up on their cells "GET ON NOW!" :P

Just a few more questions in general. Don't really get how every game download gets it's own channel, seems messy...Also the whole SD card thing with the VC and storage issues...and I'm surprised they didn't talk about DS-Wii connectivity, I espected to hear something excellent like, take your NES games with you or something :-P....and finally I do reserve the right to complain about color....why only white again!!! WHY!!!! And it clashes with my recent purchase:

Isn't it beautiful!!! I've renewed my love affair with the DS :P

So yeah, finally Wii details, gorgeous DS Lite. Nintendo has made me very happy this week. And other things have made me happy too, so all in all great week :)

Long overdue blog

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Geez, month and a half and I haven't updated this thing.  What came over me?  I don't know, I guess I needed an unconscious break from this place.  In the past month I'd only stop by for like 10 minutes a day!

So yeah, what games have I been up to?  Psychonauts!  Wow I love this game!  I decided to pick it up when I saw there were only 3 new copies left at Walmart....and I love new things :P There was this little kid nearby with a game already picked out, and when he saw I got Psychonauts, he traded his game for it to...what a smart kid!  I also made friends with the Walmart dude, he talked a lot about games and next gen consoles. 

So yeah, as I said before Psychonauts is awesome!  If I would've had a PS2 or Xbox when it first came out, I would've bought it then.  Razputin is adorable, he's the most eager little thing I've ever seen in a game.  The script is really funny, the characters are entertaining, lovable and well voiced.  The game design is great too - they really take the brain theme and run with it.  You collect "figments", gather tags for "emotional baggage", and clear "mental cobwebs", just to give an idea of the depth of theme detail.  The main world is rich and has lots of areas.  When you have time, you find yourself just wandering around everywhere trying to collect all the things hidden around the camp (and there are lots of stuff!  Collectors will be very happy!).  The actual levels take place inside people's brains.  This is where the imagination of the game's creators really shows through.  Everyone's brains are strange and unique and suit their personalities.  They are also really "dreamlike" where one level will have a picturesque neighborhood with streets that twist and turn, where you're in a battlefield with planes flying and explosions sounding all around, and in a dance party in another person's brain. Sometimes they're full fledged levels, sometimes they're just tasks.  Platforming is fun and simple too, and sometimes there are puzzles or objectives to solve before you can progress.   Raz also gains new psychic abilities as "merit badges" and strengthens his abilities by raising his level (by collecting figments and shipping emotional baggage).  My only complaint is the bosses.  I usually know what to do, but if I don't do it as the game expects me to do it, it doesn't work and so I end up getting nowhere until I figure out what I'm doing wrong and adjust it slightly.  So yeah!  Terrific game, pick it up if you want to play something different.

What else?  Oh, I bought Resident Evil 0 on an impulse :P It was used and cheap.  I've only played RE4 out of all of the RE games, so it was highly disorienting.  The controls and the amount of puzzles surprised me a lot...also the shooting...and the loading...and the locked doors...and carrying inventory...and you get the point :P pretty much everything!  Still seems like a fun game over all.  I'll finish playing it after Psychonauts.

And before that I bought Big Brain Academy way back in June :P and Polarium (it was $10 in the bargain bin...).  BBA is really fun, not really the complete packaged that Brain Age was, but I find the games in BBA are just more fun in general.  And while Brain Age only lets you record one score per day, BBA records all high scores, so you can easily end up playing a long time beat your score, or get a Platinum medal.  Still I miss the daily tracking of Brain Age.  I've played multiplayer, and it's hectic and loads of fun.  BBA is fun times all around :P  Polarium is also cool.  It's really bare bones, not worth full price, but for $10 it's a good enough amusement.  The challenge mode is awful, but the puzzles are fun.  You think you won't figure them out, but you do.  It's a good game to play when you're bored.

New Super Blog Post

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So where have I been lately?  Just a little busy playing New Super Mario Bros!  Wow, what a great game.  I love the levels, they're so well done and very intuitive.  You get so into the jumping and bouncing on enemies, and wall kicking to reach that elusive ledge!  I find myself going back to levels multiple times because you just have to find that last big coin, or you have to investigate that suspicious looking gap in the level that just might lead you to that secret exit!  You just want to devour every little possibility of the game!  And the graphics are great, the pseudo 3d of the characters and the environment depth give a fresh look to the land you've come to know and love.  And the cheeriness - anyone notice how the Koopas dance to the perky music?  They're soooo cute!  And the Goombas jump, adorable....but I should stop....I think I used way too many exclamation points!  The only problem was the save, but someone suggested to use the mushroom houses to save, works like a charm.  Alot of the old mini games are back, with 3 new ones.  Yeah, 3 new ones...I'm guessing the other ones are unlockable like the first game.  If sucks....

The other new game I got was Pikmin 2.  I've been waiting to get this for a while but I was waiting for a price drop...that I thought would never come.  Hooray for Player's Choice!  But yeah, it's a simple change but removing the day limit makes a huge difference in the gameplay from the original.  You actually have time to grow your Pikmin army, and you can have them tear down the bridges without fear that it's taking too long.  The levels are challenging and the enemies are tough, thus it's really sad to lose your Pikmin, because they sing and follow you blindly, they're like little pets :)  2 player is really fun.  You have to collect 4 yellow marbles, or your opponent's colored marble to win.  There are lots of enemies in the way, so it's double duty.  The funniest thing is if you ram your Pikmin into your opponents Pikmin, they start fighting, like West Side Story :)  You call them and they keep fighting till someone's Pikmin are all gone.  There are lots of levels to pick, each one getting harder than the previous one.  And you tell each other you're gonna be friendly, but by your 6th game, you're fighting fighting dirty!

I also popped in Yoshi's Island for the GBA the other day, I'm so happy about the new Yoshi's Island 2 game.  I never thought they'd make a sequel, that was the biggest surprise of E3 for me, that and Phoenix Wright 2.  Today I found another hands on article: It looks great.

And Finally!  Europe gets a Black DS Lite!  Unbelievable!  We want one too!  I personally held off on preordering a white DS Lite because I was holding out for more colors, possibly the Navy which is gorgeous, but especially Black.  Now I really refuse to get a white one...just knowing there's a possibility that black will come out here :D  Come on Nintendo, you'll get a lot more people to upgrade if you just bait us!

Happy E3 Everyone - Sony Edition

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Lol, this started as a comment on someone else's blog, then I quickly realized it was taking way too much space (see the ear chewing I saved you Newborn?).  Seems I need to rant for a bit...

Anyhoos, yeah, Sony.  Sony's on a power trip.  They're taking a gamble that the name brand will carry the $500...or $600...price tag.  Who knows if consumers will bite.  From what I've seen before the price reveal, lots of people said they'd pay it if the games were just right.  But that's besides the point...Either way, they are taking advantage of their customers, it's the reason people stray away from Sony electronics now.

But, here's the kicker, everyone looked at Nintendo like they were mad, and here's Sony emulating them, albeit the controller is more limited, but still, it's odd.  It's clearly some kind of after thought - and they're trying to cover their bases of course.  Now question is, what is their philosophy behind this?  Do they really think it will enhance their gameplay, much like Nintendo beleives with their controller?  Yeah...Right....So how exactly are they thinking of incorporating this into their games?  Many developers *cough, and Sony* for example dismissed the Wii controller as silly, saying that it will be more of a novelty and will spawn "gimmicky" games.  What exactly is Sony going to do to change this for their console?  How will it be used in signatrue PS series - in the latest GTA for example...*chuckles a bit*  The good news is it makes Nintendo look less "out there" since they're buying into this.

Anyways, the real fighting-dirty will start with the hands on of the controllers.  I've aready read articles explaining how limited the Sony controller is compared to the Wiimote - likening it to Kirby Tilt and Tumble and Wario Ware Twisted.  They have on their side a traditional controller which automatically seems intuitive, however, what if the limits of the motion sensor start to show through? Assuming Nintendo does everything right and the Wiimote feels more natural, and does more than Sony's controller, it will be bad for Sony.  Well, not so bad, I'm sure people will love their games, but I mean bad as in you stole an idea and did it mostly wrong.  Can you all imagine when a multiplatform game comes out and everyone stares at their "motion sensitive" controller and then points to the Wiimote and says "Why can't I do that?"  And no rumble!!!!  Wow!

Which of course leads me to the obvious.  Doesn't is seem like the 360 is the odd-one-out now? 

Oh and 2 Square Enix Games at launch for the Wii!  Yeah, the market in Japan is pretty much guarenteed!

*****Also, the Adult Gamers Union is having an E3 Chat all week.  Tuesday thru Friday at 9pm eastern, 6 pacific, I'm guessing for about an hour and a half, or as long as people are still around.  Check it out every day.  You're welcome to come as long as you're nice :)  It'll be a great place to talk and vent about E3.  It's here:
Simply click yes to the pop-up and then fill in your name, most likely your gamespot name so we can know who everyone is.  I'll be there a little before 9pm east coast time today (Tuesday)!

What's in a name?

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So yeah, Nintendo went with Wii.  That totally came out of nowhere.  Wheeeeee!

I saw the title of an article that said a game was coming out on Wii...I just figured they forgot the F (you know, WiFi?).  Then I scrolled down, and saw a reference to the Revolution's new name being Wii (which I pronounced "Why") and ran on over to the Nintendo website and saw their silly little philosophy and the video (I thought the name was silly but that the video was clever).  Then I immediately got mad.  I thought - Nintendo had the chance to come up with a great sleek name to match their gorgeous console, and they chose this!?!  Way to let us down Nintendo.

So , I've done my fair share of bashing the name, had a good time laughing and pointing and laughing at everyone's comments.  Came up with a few zingers of my own.  I'd say I'm a bit giddy right now, I'm not exactly thinking clearly.

Well, the only thing that really bothers me now is that Nintendo chose a name that's so easy to make fun of, something that doesn't demand respect and that's borderline cheesy.  Even if the name has real meaning behind it, what does it matter if people can only see the silly name?  I love Nintendo and I can barely say that name with a straight face....I'm going to have to start practicing saying "I'd like to pre-order the Wii" in front of the mirror.

Well I wish everyone a happy Wii!

Wow! I'm really bad at this, um, non-game...

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So I bought Brain Age at Toys R Us on Wednesday morning.  It's fun in an odd way...who knew doing speed math could be fun?  Anyway, in Training mode, you start out with 4 games - Calculations x20, Calculations x100 (where you just solve simple addition, subtraction and multiplication problems in a list as fast as you can), Readin Aloud (where you read a passage from a book as fast as you can...oh, but w/o voice regconition, you use the honor system) and Low to High (a list of numbers pops up briefly, then you have to tap where they were from lowest to highest).  These are all fun despite how lame they sound.  Since I've played for 3 days, I unlocked 2 more games, and there are a few more that can be unlocked.

Next is the Brain Age section.  You get 3 random games which determines your brain age.  So far as I've noticed, I haven't gotten any of the games in training besides the Calculations x20, so I was caught off guard w/ at least one new game each time I tested my brain age.  The first time I tested my brain age....I got a 69!  Yes, tired old brain....I'm pretty bad at this....I blame this on the stupid Connect Maze - it's just a big old mess, it takes me forever to find the letters....anyway, yesterday I got a 46 and today I got a 42.  Better, but still pretty far from my age...Also, I keep forgetting that I should say Blu instead of Bah-lew in the Stroop Test....

And finally there's the Sudoku, which is really well done!  You get to write little numbers ( for each number) to narrow it down, or just one giant number if you know what the number is.  It really is a lot better than playing it on paper.  It recognizes what you write, if it confuses the 3 or 5, you can tap it again and it'll switch.  It shows your time and adds a time penalty for each wrong answer (up to 5).  The demo handed out 20 minute penalties, I don't know if that's the case here since I've since changed it to not giving you your mistakes right away to avoid the penalty.  The only thing I wished it had was a list of numbers so that I could cross out the number once I've found all 9 of a number.

The game has 4 save slots, my nephew started one (lol, his age was 80 then 36.  He's pretty upset about it :)  But he likes it a lot.  You can compare your results in the graph section.  I'm better at most of the training games, he's better at most of the brain age games (like the dreaded connect maze, lol)

Oh and it seems random, but sometimes the game asks you to draw stuff, then you compare it to the game's pictures.  Mine come out really funny (It asked me to draw a hippo!!!), but my Koala came out reallllly cute.  I wish I would have taken a picture so you could all see my mediocre drawing talents...  So yeah, it's fun all around!  I think I like the Brain Training series!

Speaking of training, these are hilarious!  I especially like the Animal Crossing one, you have to admit, the game is materialistic...

So while at Toys R Us, I picked up a little reserve card for New Super Mario Bros.  I'm really looking forward to that game a lot.  I think I'll pop in Yoshi's Island for GBA in anticipation of it :)

Last but not least, there are rumors of a NiGHTS into Dreams remake coming to the Rev....I would be one deliriously happy girl if that were true.  Seriously, they didn't want to make another game, but this would be perfect, they could just bring it on over as is, with as little or as much change as they'd like!  And you can even hold the Revmote like a cute little paper airplane....wouldn't that be cute?!?

Yeah, and with that I'll go to bed with crossed fingers and happy dreams!  Good nite everyone!

I feel like writing...

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...So I don't have much to say, but got really tired of seeing my last post staring me in the face, so I could imagine how you all must feel.

Anyhoo, I've been pretty much doing the same thing as usual.  I'm obsessed with catch mode in Tetris, don't know why.  I played online a bit today and yesterday afternoon.  I get a lot of 2nd and 3rd places, then I get bored cuz matchmaking takes too long.  And I've played the multiplayer w/ my nephew's DS (he never really played Tetris, so it's kinda funny to watch him), and we've lent our DSes to my sister and her boyfriend, they make me laugh when they play it.  I went to Gamestop this week and I laughed cuz a guy there was asking the clerk if he should get a DS or PSP, and the clerk said you can play games on the DS with one game pack and my sister chimed in and said she does that.  I was so proud of her...she's a non-gamer!

And I've been reaaranging flowers like a mad woman in Animal Crossing (yeah, I still play it) cuz it was flower fest this week.  And I'm still playing Metroid Prime: Hunters, the single player more than the multi player.  I usually play with Greyfox online though :)  He gives me tips, though I still suck!

I finished Phoenix Wright earlier this week, I dragged every last drop out of that game - I never wanted it to end :)  The end is kinda sad, I wonder what will become of all the characters, as things were left up in the air....Please Capcom, make a sequel!  I'd love to say more about the game, but I can't say anything with out giving up any spoilers - the game has that many twists in it!  It's like an entire season of Law and Order in a box :)  It's time to ceremoniously remove it from my "Now Playing" list *sniff*

I also finished FFI (from FF: Dawn of Souls), it took me more hours than it should have because the game has these extra side dungeons that appear after after you beat each regular dungeon, and wow they are pretty massive.  You keep going down another level (or up) and it's anyone's guess where when you'll reach the final floor, then you wander around cuz there's no dungeon map and you keep fighting enemies.  And then when you finally make it to the boss, you find that you can't beat him.  *sigh*.  I did 3/4 side dungeons.  I went into the first 2 dungeons multiple times (yes, all over again!) to kill each boss (there's more than one) I couldn't beat the last boss in Lifespring Grotto, so I figured I wouldn't move on to Whisperwind Cove.  Oh oddly enough these giant side dungeons with these crazy bosses are so hard, that when you beat the regular game's bosses in their dungeons, you feel cheated, really cheated!  You kill them in 3 turns!  Well in the game's defense, I ended the game at level 83 because of the side dungeons.  I guess I'll go back to do the last side dungeon.  Oh, and I love the opening music.  It makes me happy, I put it on full blast :)  Well, it's time to move on to FFII.

So, I mosey-ed on over to Toys R Us on Thursday (I think it was Thursday...) and bought Sonic Rush for $20.  They had it on sale for no real reason.  It was on my wishlist so I was waiting for a deal.  Okay, I grew up with Sonic, when did Sonic get so hard?  You fall into empty chasms for no reason and breathing underwater is frustrating.  And the first boss killed 15 times, yeah, it was that bad.  I felt like throwing my DS at the wall.  The second boss only killed me once, what's up with that?  But the level design is great, and I like how it uses both screens on the fly.  It makes great use of the Dual Screen.

Looks like I'll go shopping tomorrow, get some Easter clothes, maybe go to the Best Buy cuz I heard from Homegirl's blog yesterday that the DS download stations are up, so I checked today's circular says it's available in all Jersey stores, yay!  Sadly I already have Metroid and Tetris, but I'll be excited to play Brain Age before I buy it :)  and I wanted to see how you play Pokemon Trozei, I've read in people's blog that they've bought it.

Speaking of trying new stuff, Astro64th has been introducing me to new music.  So I'm rocking out now!

Well, later Peeps.

Problem solved, I'm back online!

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So I checked a few times yesterday and nothing changed.  I didn't even get the e-mail I was promised by the tech support....figures.  But I tried it today and it asked for permission, but this time it didn't say it was a high risk, it was a normal pop up.  I gave it permission and it went straight through!  I checked it again a few hours ago and it worked again without any pop-ups, it just went straight through, so everything seems A-Okay!  I will still be checking my e-mail for an officiall apology....I'm so relieved.  For a while there I almost regretted getting the USB and not a router.

Looks like I'm ready to get pummeled in Metroid!  I'm gonna be busy tomorrow, but I'll try my best to get online and play some games, I'm so behind now.  I'm sure everyone's been practicing.  Oh well, who cares about how I do, as long as I have fun!

Oh, have you guys seen these Legend of Zelda statues that some company are gonna be manufacture?  They look so detailed.  So far there's only the fierce diety one, but they'll have more.  They're pretty expensive though, but I'm sure they're a lot prettier than my toy plastic Link riding Epona.

I can't play online! *Cries*

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Poor me :cry: I tried to play my games online today with the USB connector.  And my firewall denies it permission.  So I called Nintendo (cuz they're friendlier and might know a way around a firewall), they gave me some steps and then they said to contact the firewall co (in my case Symantec cuz I have Norton...) but none of the steps seem logical cuz the error message says I'm connected to a hotspot, but not the WiFi connection and the others sound as if they should be ignored unless you're desperate.  So I decide to trust Nintendo and go straight to Symantec. 

So I start a live chat session and tell him the problem and he goes through all the "standard" steps.  He tells me to try to connect, and to permit always, connect, permit once, even though I said I did this.  Then to add it to the permit program, even though I tell him that the program is already on the permit list and has been since November.  He insists anyway....tells me to delete them all and scan all available programs.  I say, but the others work, can't I just delete the one that doesn't work, no he insists I delete them all and rescan.  The scan finishes and I tell him it scanned and that the program doesn't show up on the scanned list.  He tells me to try to connect again...the "oh noes, horrible program that we used to trust but don't anymore is trying to connect, block program" shows up again.  I tell him, as expected, that that did nothing.  Oh, in the middle of all that operation, he says to turn off the firewall and try to connect...just cuz he's not fully convinced that it's the firewall's connected!  Back to the laundry list of things to do.  He tells me to manually add it back onto the permit list.  Then connect......and.....come on, say it with me....same pop up.

So, any person would deduct that Norton is convinced that the once friendly program is now for some reason thought to be hostile..dispite my insistance that it isn't and to give it permission....right?  Shouldn't he find out why?  I ask him as much.  But no, he's just going to e-mail me some more generic troubleshooting steps to lather rinse and repeat and promplty disconnects before I really start to ask questions!  Now, I could be wrong, but I'm guessing Norton messed up with their trusted sites list and put nintendo on the "no-no" list during their last auto update.  How long do you think it will be till they fix this and actually admit to it?  Now, in the meantime, I'll be bombarded by permit or deny requests everytime I use something cuz I was told (against my better judgement) to delete them all.  I'm just glad I caught on and decided not to uninstall and reinstall the whole USB program.  I guess I should look up what I'm pretty sure is the problem now, and file a complaint with the company, but I'm drained from that "help" I recieved, so probably tomorrow. All in all it took more than an hour because he kept looking things up.....I guess if I have to get on, I could turn if off, connect, then turn it right back on again.....but even though it's a small detour, that's too much of a hassle, isn't it?  Especially when you know things should and are supposed to work properly!!!!

Is anyone else in my situation.  I noticed a few posts say as much regarding firewalls, but they don't go into details.  And I wasn't online long, so I didn't have much time to check.

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