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Titans Tomorrow: Season Three

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Titans Tomorrow: Season Three

1. Iniquity Inque

After her most recent defeat by Batman, Inque and some of the less sucsessful members of Iniquity Inc. (led by Inque) begin travel across the country looking for a city to call their own, getting defeated by the original Titans or other adult heroes along the way. Eventually they find their way to Jump City and set up shop there. (Villian/Comedy episode) Special guests: Flash (formerly Kid Flash, voiced by Mike Rosenbaum), Starfire, (voiced by Hynden Walch) Wonder Woman III (Cassie, voiced by Jessica Di Cicco), Natasha Irons(voiced by Cree Summer) (Steel II), Arsenal (formerly Speedy, and his sidekick the new Speedy, both voiced by Mike Erwin), Hotspot etc.

2. Reckless Endangerment

Claire has gradually become more and more violent, and nobody knows for sure why. Eventually, the Titans learn that her parents were recently murdered by a street gang, and Claire is going for revenge. While the Titans can understand her feelings, Claire is teetering on the brink of the abyss, and she's putting innocent people in danger in the process.

3. Capoeria

A group of assassins trained in the ways of ninjitsu have been putting pressure on the Titans to clear out or be the next to face their wrath. Unfortunately, the Titans are busy dealing with the Iniquity Inc. splinter cell and fear there may be more to the assassins than just honoring ninja tradition. (Guest Voice: Kelly Hu as Lady Shiva)

4. Coup D'état

The Titans take the fight to Lady Shiva's doorstep, even as she sends the League of Shadows best assassins around the world to simultaneously assassinate all the leaders of all nations in order to gain absolute power for the organization that used to belong to Ra's Al Ghul. The Titans are able to get word out to the rest of the world, however, and the superhero youth of the nation is able to hold back the assassins until help can arrive. Shiva escapes the Titans... Only to be attacked by Slade, who declares himself the new leader of the League of Shadows.

5. Lights Out

Abandoned by Deathknell the Conquerer, the Light Brigade's new leader, Hector Light (son of Dr. Light, and just as twisted) decides to send a message to their former master and his defection to the League of SHadows by plunging every city across America into a sea of darkness by having memebers invade major power plants... And activate an unkown device. Soon, the only sources of light in all Jump City are members of the Light Brigade themselves, and they aren't happy about sharing. Worse, the government is threatening to declare martial law against the Light Brigade if power is not restored soon.

6. Gilgamesh (I)

A villain calling himself Gilgamesh announces his intentions to flood Jump City. Once submerged, he says, he will be unstopable. The Titans rush to confront him, eventually infiltrating his organization via Phaeism's shifting powers... And discover that 'Gilgamesh' looks almost identical to Aqualad.

7.Gilgamesh (II)

Soon after the Titans arrive, their cover as alcolytes his blown, and they are captured and forced to fight in an arena-esque battle against foes that Gilgamesh claims have never been beaten. The Titans manage to defeat them however, until the final foe is brought out--a young man nearly identical to Gilgamesh, but shackled and wearing a mind control helmet. Gilgamesh calls him 'brother.'

8. Gilgamesh (III)

As the battle between the 'brother' and Gilgamesh ensues, Gilgamesh flees to a giant airship harnessed to a machine that will allow him to flood the city. The brother reveals that he and Gilgamesh are really Zen and Kane, descendants of Aqualad. The Titans are able to free him, and with Zen's help, they fend of the alcolytes and storm Gilgamesh's airship. Gilgamesh falls from the airship to his apparent deat, and Zen joins the Titans, calling himself simply 'Gill'.

9. State of Matter

While Iniquity Inc.'s Jump City splinter cell is in the process of robbing a bank for much-needed funds, their desperation causes them to make some stupid mistakes and most of them are captured. However, Inque escapes and the only one who can pursue her is the other shape-shifter, Phaeism. The two pursue each other through the the Undercity, eventually having it out in a massive struggle. In a final, unrelated scene, Slade is seen standing with a still-warm plasma rifle over the corpse of the general from "Lights Out", gloating that 'now he has the power'...

10. Justice

Slade (Deathknell) declares war on all crime, using the imbedded micro ship in the general's left hand to reprogram the automated attack units to both defend him and attack criminals. The Light Brigade members still loyall to Slade and the League of Shadows members all attack, shuting down the nation's ability to defend itself from the crisis. In the end of the world's, only the various modern Titans escape capture. And together, they agree they need a plan.

11. Blink, And You'll Miss It

The new Kid Flash, Niki Chambers, is having trouble sticking to the 'orders' of the Jump City Titans, her impulsive nature getting her in trouble. But when her brash actions chance upon a chance to hit Deathknell's forces hard, will she take it, or will she find herself in over her head.

12. Youth of the Nation

The Titans from all around the world hit hard and fast at the targets they had planned on. That Deathknell over looked them(them being mere children, after all) drives the old man into a rage, and he redoubles his efforts, capturing some of the Titans and managing to destroy Superboy completely with an experimental weapon... But for Deathknell, it's too little too late, and harming Kevin was by far his worst mistake.

13. Smells Like Teen Spirit

As the Titans are knocking on Slade's doorstep, he tries to flee and start over... Until a revealed-to-be-alive Lady Shiva arrives and thwarts his escape. In one last ditch effort, Slade calls all the army's drones to himself from across the country to rid himselves of the Titans once and for all... Until suddenly, Superboy returns from the 31st century... With the Legion of Superheroes! As his army is destroyed, Slade attempts to run but is attacked by Robin, and the two fight. Slade suddenly realizes that at thsi point, he cannot escape capture, and instead chooses to end his own life by standing on the launch pad of a rocket as it goes up. The Titans celebrate their victory (and the fact that Superboy isn't dead) with waffles.

Titans Tomorrow Season Two

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Titans Tomorrow Season Two 

1. The Amazing Firebrand

A strange sense of familiarity slams hard into Ignis the same night a newcomer appears in Jump City. Besides calling herself Firebrand and wielding a similar form of pyrokinesis, Ignis can't determine that the two are alike in any way. So what does he have the urge to call her 'sister'?

2. Forevermore

Ignis travels to another dimension where his mother Raven, now the new Dr. Fate, resides, and confronts her about his feelings towards the stranger. Raven refuses to answer his questions, however. Meanwhile, Slade, still alive and fit thanks to his metahuman healing factor, has taken a contract on the life of Superboy.

3. Charge of the Light Brigade

Despite Glimmer's treachery and Simmer and Shimmer's capture, the Light Bridgade is still growing in power in the Undercity, and Robin fears a gang war will break out between them and rival street gangs. Claire, who knows the Undercity best of all the Titans, uses a holo-ring to infiltrate the Light Brigade HQ and learn of their plans. Unfortunately, the war starts just as she arrives, and Claire must chose between fighting for a racist group of glow-skins or the low-life drug-abusing gang memebers they're trying to take out.

4. In A Mirror, Darkly (I)

Slade, frustrated by his earlier failure against Superboy, hopes to find some magic artifact that can destroy his foe. But before he can finalize the purchase, Firebrand arrives to stop him, and with her powers, somehow accidentally activates a magic mirror, into which Slade's lone eye gazes. And what glares back at him from the other end is a bit more... benevolent. Slade and his alternate from the Mirror World trade realites, where Slade is now surrounded by evil versions of the Titans and Good Slade is in a world full of good Titans. Both want to return to their own world, but both are hindered, immediately by Firebrand, and later by the Titans.

5. In A Mirror, Darkly (II)

The two Slade's struggle to return to their own worlds, unable to use the mirror to get back to their own worlds, Both versions end up examining who they really are, and why things turned out differenlty in the mirror world. This is mostly an action episode, but at the end, as the Slade's start to head back to their own worlds, the mirror is simultaneously shattered in both. The result is that neither world gets their Slade back, but rather a mix, one that calls itself Deathknell... the Conqueror.* At the end, the shop-owner notices that her sword has been stolen, and the only possible culprit... is Firebrand.

6. Evil Beware: We Have Waffles

Wanting money for a GameStation Infinity, Phaeism and Superboy begin running a restaurant out of Titans Tower. This leads to a series of villians trying to attack the tower via the restaurant. (Humor episode.)
7. Mea Culpa (I)

For several days, a group of minor villains have been antagonizing the Titans, and when one of them breaks off from the group, Robin pursues him. Upon returning, Robin says that the criminal got away. Unfortunately for her, the villain is later found dead in the bottom of the under city, right below the very building where the battle took place. Cause of death: stabbed through the back by a birdarang. That night, Robin is arrested and her identity inadvertantly made public when a greedy reporter rips off her mask.

8. Trial By Jury (II)

Convinced of their ally's innocence despite the evidence and Robin's silence, the Titans go to work looking for the real murderer. In the under city, they are suddenly surrounded by Light Brigade memebers, lead by none other than the new Slade, who calls himself Deathknell the Conquerer.*

9. Circumstantial Evidence

After fighting their way free from the Undercity, barely espcaping alive, the Titans return to the jail where they tell Robin what they encountered. Robin tells them that while pursuing the criminal, he tried to jump across to another building. She threw a Birdarang at his foot to stop him, but as she did, the villain fell and the attack went through his spine. Robin concludes that Slade must have had something to do with the criminal falling, as it was a very agile individual.

10. Exoneration

The Titans, prepared this time, enter the Undercity once more to find Slade. Slade finds them first, and fights them to a stand still using a Kryptonite ring and other devices to negate their advantages. Slade reveals that he is a fusion of Deathstroke the Terminator and Deathstrike the Liberator, and intends to bring peace and posperity to the world--by any means necesary. He posseses Deathstrike's sense of justice and Deathstroke's ruthlessness, and also admits he used a microwave emmmiter rifle to make the villain fall. The Titans reveal that they just broadcast the confession all over the city, freeing Robin from the stigma of a murderer and showing that Deathknell* is just as much of a threat, if not more, than Slade ever was before.

11. Deception (I)

Firebrand returns, weilding a magic sword that temporarily unlocks the evil in the hearts of anyone it comes into contact with, and using it to cause riots and commotion throughout the city. The Titans move to stop her, when suddenly, Ignis gets stabbed, and transforms into a demon of pure fire... And calls him 'brother.'

12. Heart of Darkness (II)

With Jump City increasingly chaotic, the Titans are forced to call for help from other heroes. Meanwhile, they find it impossible to keep Ignis in check... Until Raven steps in and calms her son's fury. She tells the Titans of Ignis and Firebrands true origin: they were born as twins of Raven and Adam Evans 30 years earlier. Fifteen years ago, a general of Trigon had ended up kidnapping them and using them in a mad scheme to revive their master. Unfortunately for them all, Trigon was truly dead. He brought back something worse: Trigon's father, Arithma. Arithma was defeated and sealed away, but the process had destroyed the bodies of Ignis and Firebrand, and Raven had bonded their souls to the bodies of two fire-demon corpses, reshaping them with her power into the form of human children. Unfortuantely, Firebrand had vanished shortly thereafter, and had only resurfaced recently, now aparenlty working for her great grandfather. Raven gives her son a gift--the opposite sword as the one his sister is using, one that unlocks everything good in the hearts of men. (Mostly a flash-back episode.)

13. The End Part Four (III)

Now knowing the truth, the Titans rush to stop Firebrand and undo the damage she's done to the city. Unfortuantely, The evil she's already been able to harness is enough to unlock the seal, and Arithma is let loose into Jump City. The heroes  gather and put forth a strong effort to defeat Arithma, but are unable to succede... Airthma slowly drains all hope from the city... until Ignis manages to wound Firebrand with the blade that unlocks the good in her heart. The possession of Arithma is torn off her like a snake shedding its skin, and Good!Firebrand uses a new power called the Hopefire to turn the tide in the battle. Arithma is destroyed, and Raven erases the world's memories of Robin's identity.

*Deathknell the Conquerer the name (but not the origin) borrowed from Ultra Sonic 007.

Titans Tomorrow Season One

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From the thread TT Spinoffs: Made By

Titans Tomorrow Season One

1. Parting Ways.

While attempting to break up a crime-ring, a miscommunication between Batman (Terry) and Robin (Carrie) causes the whole thing to go awry and most of the thugs get away. A fight between the two ensues, and Carrie desides to set off on her own to Jump City, where it turns out the crime ring was based from anyway. (Carrie knew this, but Terry was being too bull-headed to pay attention to her at the time.) Unfortunately, it's also revealed that the ring was working for the new Brotherhood of Evil.

2. Darkest Before Dusk

Carrie continues to try and shut the Brotherhood of Evil down in Jump City, but falls in too deep when Aquarius, great grandson of Madame Rouge, proves too much for her to handle. Thankfully, she is aided by a new hero with strange shapeshifting powers called Phaeism. The two young heroes ally to take on the Brotherhood, and have some success. Unfortunately, Aquarius gets away.

3. Showboating

Having heard of an opportunity for some good PR, the new Superboy, son of Conner and Cassie Sandsmark-Kent, arrives in Jump City to take on the criminals and sell some T-Shirts in the process. But when a new Brotherhood member called Elephant Man is unleashed in Jump Park, Superboy may have bit off more than he can chew. With Phaeism and Robin's help, Superboy barely defeats the mammoth and is taken to Robin's apartment for medical treatment.

4. The Good Ole Days

Robin is watching a group of thugs from the Light Brigade, Shimmer, Glimmer, and Simmer, when the turn their violent ways toward a young woman. But before Robin can step into rescue her, the woman proves she can take care of herself with her mechanical arms. Robin tries to convince this girl, Claire, to join the fledgling fight against the crime that's constricting Jump City. Note worthy scene: Claire works in the Undercity, where a 'preserved' replica of Slice Pizza stands, a forgotten monument to the original Titans. This get's the gears in Carrie's head a turnin'.

5. Thicker Than Water (I)

An Ice Demon is unleashed by the Brotherhood to destroy Robin and her friends, and it almost succeeds when a mysterous young man calling himself Ignis appears, claiming to be related to Raven. And, ever so conveniently, he has fire powers. With his help, the Ice Demon is driven off for a while, but Ignis is unable to keep his powers in check and the Titans have to stop him before the police snipers get to him.

6. New Blue Zinthos (II)

As Ignis tells of his origins, the Ice Demon returns, now with the 'help' (really under the control of) of Aquarius and half of the Light Brigade. The five youth, at prompting from Robin, decide to form a new group of Teen Titans for the new era. Using their powers to complement each other, they are able to defeat the group, forcing the Brotherhood to restratigize.

7. Dark Legacy

Kitten Walker, now genetically enhanced to stay young and beautiful, along with some sort of cyborg clone of Fang, begins terrorizing the city, and as the Titans try to stop them, Superboy is knocked into the Undercity where he finds the horrible truth about the final fate of Killer Moth. (Guest Starring Charaxes)...

8. Kami Kaze

Thunder and Lightning, children of Raiden and heroes in their own right, turn up dead, destroyed by some unknown force. The detective on the case is none other than Lightning's son, Walter Williams. Will the Titans figure out who the real murderer is before he is able to harness the powers and asscend to the throne of the Japanese Pantheon? (This episode reveals that Superboy, because his mother is half Greek god, does not share Superman or Conner's vulnerability to magic.)

9. April Fools

Nosyarg Kcid, now an elderly imp, is approached by the immortal Mr. Mxyzptlk and offered his youth again in exchange for helping him pull off the Ultimate April Fools Prank(tm). And Mxy can think of nobody better to pull it on than Superman's imbecile of a grandson. Upon regaining his youth, Larry becomes a Carrie Kelly fanboy, and is quite disturbing as such.

10.The Blast From the Past From the Future

Phaeism, a total history fanatic, is excited to see the debut of a prototype Time Machine in San Fransisco. But when Warp shows up and steals key components, the Titans must race across time, using mostly Phaeism's extensive historical knowldge to get them back before the Time Machine goes critical and nullfies all existence.

11. Ultimatum (I)

The Brotherhood of Evil is back with a new sinister plan (as, they are the brotherhood of EVIL after all)--the Titans must clear out of the city or the BoE will launch missiles of a mind-washing nerve toxin into Jump City and other major burghs. Faking a departure in order to give them time to restratigize, the Titans go underground to find out where the Brotherhood HQ is.

12. Ultimatum (II)

Having been sighted by Glimmer of the Light Brigade, Claire fears the Titans' cover has been blown. But it turns out, Glimmer offers to help them, fearing the Brotherhood's ultimatum as much as the rest of the city. Unfortunately, the BoE has many eyes, and as the Titans burst into the base, Glimmer is blasted by Aquarius... And the Titans are forced to confront the full power of the BoE: Aquarius, Simmer and Shimmer, Elephant Man, Cyber-Fang, Meta-Mallah, and The Brain, now in an armored robot body.

13. Ultimatum (III)

In his typical arrogance, the Brain lays out his plan in full. He knew the Titans would never abandon the city. The location of the base--under the abandoned STAR LABS facility that now rests on Titans Island--was due to the fact the nerve toxin cannot withstand direct exposure to bright light, and sensing Glimmer's reservations, allowed the fool to lead the Titans into a trap. A massive brawl ensues, and when the Titans are almost routed, a factor Brain didn't see comes into play: Glimmer, wounded but still alive, uses his light-powers to destroy the Toxin, which also causes the missile bay to be flushed of everything in it--including the missle. The police quickly respond, aiding the Titans in capturing the rest of the BoE. The Titans then decide that the facility would make a great base, and the old lab becomes the new Titans Tower.

Season Six: Made by Me

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Just posting my hypothetical season six for the Teen Titans animated series. This was original posted in a thread on that show's forum. Moving it hear for convenience.

1. Skool Daze (Part I)

The Titans find a lead on where Blackfire is, and it's not somewhere she should be: the Galactic Police Training Institute. The Titans set out to find out why she's there and

why she's posing as a metahuman from earth named "Cammy Anders"...

2. Skool Daze (Part II)

Starfire and Blackfire confront each other on the field of a huge blur-ball match with East Thanagar, and as they destroy the stadium, the Titans discover corruption within the school centered around a genetics teacher called Cerul. The crap hits the fan, Blackfire beats Starfire up until the Titans intervene, and then, Blackfire swears revenge.

3. Jericho's Walls

When some particularly nasty Lovecraftian entitities attack Herald's home dimension, he enlists the help of a reluctant Jericho, and through his powers of possession, an anceint warrior. The Titans West help out as well.

Notable scene: When Jericho leaves the Titans Tower with his father, the man turns around; he has white hair and a beard, and a patch over his right eye. He looks directly at Robin with his left, and Robin goggles. Then he and Jericho walk into the sunset, fade to black.

4. Love Hurts

Cyborg and Jinx have been exchanging romantic emails, and Jinx finally decides to join the Titans West, though Robin doesn't entirely trust her and Raven is annoyed. Jinx has to prove herself in a big way when the Five, unfrozen and having  realized their inpotency without Jinx, thrash and capture Cyborg in attempt to get Jinx back.

5. Bludhaven

(Assumes Titans Robin is Tim Drake) The modern Nightwing is injurred in Bludhaven, so Robin and Starfire head off to take his place, leaving Cyborg in command of the Titans. But Bludhaven is a very different town than Jump City, and it's going to take more than just Starbolts and birdarangs to defend it. Mild Robin/Star fluff in parts.

6. Sebastian

While Cyborg is leading the Titans in Jump City, a new teenage Brother Blood moves in and begins draining the soul energy of those with black hearts in order to ressurect 'Skath', and with more alcolytes than the first Blood, the understaffed Titans have their work cut out for them. Nightwing, Robin, and Starfire show up in the end to help with the big fight.

7. Jabberwokcy

Speedy has a new girlfriend, but the Titans East are investigating a strange series of attacks on influential businessmen, both corrupt and legit, all around Steel City.

And... Well, maybe Roy should look into this Jade "Nixon" a little more closely.[size=3]For she is Cheshire[/size]

8. Ides of March

On March 15th, (which is of course the worst day ever) Jinx wakes up to find that all the original five Titans are missing. She inlists the help of Kid Flash and together they search based on clues, and believe the culprit to be Quiz Kid, and end up angering every villain in town. (many have been unfrozen, tried, and escaped prison)...

In the end, it's revealed that the Titans were never kidnapped, but that they had discovered Jinx's real identity and her birthday, which was March 15th, and therefore threw her a surprise party/initiation that she had to find. Jinx and KF are furious, but their anger is short lived, because the villains suddenly crash the party and the Titans give them a thrashing.

9. Alpha and Omega Men

While Robin returns to Gotham to deal with some personal demons, the Omega Men, including Starfire's brother Ryand'r (Redfire) arrive in Jump City and announce that the Citadel and Gordanians have attacked Tamaran. They ask for assistance, and Starfire leaves to defend her people.

10. Old Flame

Starfire finds an old flame, Karras, while fighting the war, and realizes that his computer skills could be immensely useful in a brilliant but risky and terrible plan she has concocted. Meanwhile, Robin disreguards the safety of Jump City in favor of helping Starfire, and leaves only a skeletal force of Raven, Jinx, and Beast Boy in the city.

11. Judas Contract

As it becomes increasinly apparent that the Gordanians and Citadel have an uncanny knowledge of Tamaranian warfare and protocol, Starfire begins to fear the worst...

And those fears are confirmed when the Omega Men discover it is Blackfire who advises the Gordanian High Lord Trogar and in turn the Citadel. Blackfire captures the Omega Men and uses them as bait to lure Starfire into a trap. But can she sit by while her evil sister holds her brother's life in the hands of angry Gordanians?

12. Ethics

Cyborg and Karras, though very uncertain of whether they are doing the right thing, complete Starfire's master plan under the supervision of Emperor Galfore: the Locrix machine race is fully repaired and reprogrammed to attack the Citadel and Gordanians.

Problem: Val-Yor doesn't like this, and he lets the duo of geniuses know it in a big way when he arrives and goes medieval on them. Thankfully, there was one thing he didn't count on: Galfore--the biggest "Troq" around.

Notable scene: Galfore kick's Val-Yor's but halfway across Sention.

13. Malignancy*

The Gordanians rotued and Citadel in shambles, he Titans are finally back on earth and thinking they can rest easy when Cerul, the geneticist from the Institute shows up on Earth, searching for revenge. And he's brought a new pal with him: a massive cancerous tumor given mild sentience and a huge appetite for flesh, aptly called Malignancy.

*Malignancy the character was created by Chrissie Brynn, a firend of mine. Used with permission.