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RRoD Strikes Again

Heh, well, there's proof out there that falcon is just as RRoD receptive as the former models, my halo edition falcon just decided to have a good old video error followed by RRoD session, third time for me now..kinda crazy when you think about it?

Not an april fool's joke btw, could post pics if people want?

So, what's up with the score lust this gen?

I've been confused about this, and every time I bring it up, it's ignored:

People are INSANE about scores, but even more so, they demand the score be a 9.5 or higher to indicate the game is even worth playing, I'm wondering when scores like "Impressive" or "Great" or even "Good" became total crap? To me, if a game I'm interested scores "fair" or above, it's likely a good game to try, but it seems people claim EVERYTHING below 9.5 is unplayable garbage...thoughts?

HOME Beta Key

Since it's no longer worth anything, lol, here's a HOME beta key for one of you who can't wait a few hours to be dissapointed :P



See, being on my friends list is good stuff.

Any midnight sales for Fable II in Toronto?

I've looked everywhere, I saw some places are having midnight sales for FII tonight in the USA, but, I was wondering if there were any midnight sales for FII in the GTA? Anyone know of any? After the IGN review, I decided to buy the game, and, I have money now, lol, any help would be appresiated.

Not Dead

Quick note to say I'm not dead, just has no internets at home because I moved, will have them back shortly (ordered, rogers is slow), and I've been getting ready for school, and going out with my gf a ton, hope you all are well, and SEE JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER!

Two Words To Describe The Olympics Opening Ceremony

Big Brother.


Protip: Okay, so, this seems to have caused mass confusion, it's a reference to 1984, a novel by George Orwell, essentially, the drummers were very "war like" and the precision was kind of scary, what it is, is stating that the opening was very "dictatorship", and was seemingly done by zombies with creepy forced smiles, it just creeped me out, the entire thing, from the simultanious drumming to the war like nature of the entire thing, I simply couldn't stop thinking about "1984" and "Big Brother must be watching them."

For information as to what 1984 is about:

The book has major significance for its vision of an all-knowing government which uses pervasive and constant surveillance of the populace, insidious and blatant propaganda, and brutal control over its citizens. The book had a substantial impact both in literature and on the perception of public surveillance, inspiring such terms as 'Big Brother' and 'Orwellian'.

Been inactive

Random post to say I'm not ignoring all your blogs, I simply haven't had time to be on gamespot, haven't been posting on the forums and such even, been working a ton/going out more since the weather is so nice, so, likely when university starts up again, I'll be back on as normal.

Yeah, so, don't think I'm ignoring you all, just been super busy!

Happy Canada Day!!!



I won't be on to post this tomorrow because we're going on one of those boat cruises with girls (like my gf) in bikinis and live djs, will be fun, I'll post pictures of it at some point I'm sure :P I still can't have a drink due to my brain meds (for my medicial condition), so, crack a Canadian Beer for me if you're out there! Either way, Canada Dry is like...close...or something, because it's ginger ale, hahahahaha, Anyways, Happy Canada Day to all!

The Sony Saga Ends

Yup, another short post, I got an email today with a shipping confirmation from Sony that they are shipping my new ps3 with a voucher for $20 on PSN (because I said "I all ready own PAIN"), so, that's good, and timely, it seems MGS4 (which I pre-ordered months ago) is actually a gem, so, hopefully, will get my ps3 back by next wednesday, and will have a chance to play Chaos War first (it's been sitting there, saying "look, I've got shadow hearts characters on me, play me damnit!"), and then MGS4, I'm still a bit miffed at how long it took, but, the $20 voucher is compensation enough (Dark Mist anyone?), and they are shipping it UPS, so, it'll come quick!