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Win a free copy of Civilization V! (And watch an exclusive gameplay demo.)

Tune in to GameSpot's Now Playing at 4PM PST Friday for your chance to win a copy of Civilization V!
Golden age is coming, guys. As is your chance to win a copy of Civilization V.

Please tune in to GameSpot's Now Playing tomorrow (Friday, September 17) at 4:00PM PSTto watch an exclusive 30-minute demonstration of the game (we'll most likely focus on modern-day combat, which hasn't been shown much to the public), and while we're using modern armor and rocket artillery to blast Montezuma back to the Stone Age where that godless savage belongs, we'll also be offering you, the viewers, a chance to win a free copy of the actual game itself.

That's right, this is your chance to get your very own copy Civilization V just for tuning in and answering on-air trivia questions pertaining to Civ 5 and to the Civ series.

Below is the 13-minute E3 demo, which may or may not whet your appetite for what's to come:


Join us tomorrow for an even longer live demonstration of new gameplay, along with your chance to win the game. See you at 4PM.