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Holiday Greetings from the Game Industry

(Click on the title of this blog to view the cards full-size.)

There was a time when it was customary for guys like me to receive a whole pile of colorful holiday cards (made out of actual paper) in the mail from our friends in the game industry. While I definitely did receive some (and many thanks to those who did send), maybe it's a sign of the times that most of the other greeting cards I've received have been digital (and again, thanks to those who sent cards, digital or otherwise). But since these cards are digital, I figured, why not share. Below are some the digital greeting cards I've received so far.

(In some cases, the actual cards came with specific people's names written on them. I've edited/cropped the images to not include the names because really, what's in a name?)

Oh, and if I don't see the rest of you guys between now and the break, have a safe and happy holiday.

Now, on to the cards: