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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas review'd!

Yesterday, I review'd one of my all-time favorite games (that belongs to my favourite serie), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PS2. My love for the GTA series started when I played GTA III for the first time, when I didn't even had a PS2. I was such a young kid, but the feeling of freedom and power, the possibility to do whatever I wanted to do: steal a car, kill a cop, run away from the army, drive cars, be a taxi-driver, or whatever, made me fall in love with this incredible brand.

What makes Grand Theft Auto so special isn't the killing, destruction and crime that we can cause, but the freedom to do everything we want, wheather it is a crime or simply a run in the park.

I know that almost every gamer has San Andreas or at least played it, but my love for this game and this serie made me review it and show how brilliant this game is.

I hope you all enjoy the review and tell me your thoughts about it and what you think about the game.

PS: In 3 days (26th April) it will be my 16th anniversary :D


Shadow of Rome review'd!

Today I submitted my review of this amazing game! I've finished it 2 or 3 months ago but sometimes I still pick it up to cut off some heads and slice some gladiators. Shadow of Rome is one of my favourite games and I thought I should let the world know how addictive this game is!

Be sure to check it out and tell me what you thought of it (what you thought about the game and the review, of course :) )


10 Things About Me!

I've been recently tagged and there's a game out there that asks us to tell 5 things about ourselves and tag other five members. However, I've been tagged twice, so I'll tell 10 facts of my life and personality.

1 - I finished yesterday Devil May Cry (I have it since forever but only started to play it recently, shame on me) and I really loved the end of the game, I wasn't expecting such epic battles.

2 - I've never liked RPG games (expecially the with battles played by rounds) except for Pokemon. However, I'm thinking about giving them a try and buy Kindgom Hearts for a start.

3 - The game in which I've spent more time playing was probably Pokemon Blue for the Game Boy Colour.

4 - I have almost 120 games for the PS2 but this number is always changing because I'm always getting new ones.

5 - I don't own a new generation console yet for many reasons: in my country (Portugal) they are way to expensive and so are the games, the games' catalog is still too short and I'm really happy with my PS2 and trying to play all the great games that came out since it's appearance.

6 - I've been playing videogames for more than a decade (since I was 5/6 years old).

7 - I've finished dozens of games. Even when they aren't really good I finish them because I don't like to have them incomplete.

8 - PC used to be my favourite platform for playing, but since it's really hard to keep our PC capable of playing the latest games I changed to the console system and I don't regret it.

9 - In my nick, SCP means Sporting Clube de Portugal, the name of my soccer team.

10 - I have a very varied musical taste but my favourite genres are Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, House and Trance.

That's all for now, more updates soon.


My first post on my blog!

This my first post on my blog! I'm still working on a banner (I'm not sure if I can get a decent one) and on my profle. I've been registed on Gamespot for a while but I only started to work on my profile recently, I've made 7 reviews so far, but I will do more soon.

Please don't expect to see this blog with new posts weekly or monthly because sometimes I'm not avaible to come here and add new entries. I'll try to come here as much as possible, to say what games I recently bought or finished and to let you be aware of the up coming reviews.

Be sure to check out my last two reviews, that I made yesterday of Alien Hominid (PS2) and Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (PS1).

In two weeks I'll be making my 16th birthday (26th April) and I'll let you know which games I bought/received for my birthday.

Nothing more to say right now, cheers.