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Leaving GS?? Haha eff that XD

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To keep things simple, I'm just gonna say that over the past few months, I've been considering officially leaving GS. And now, I have decided, that I will never officially leave. I'm infamous for my long stints of inactivity(as many of my friends on here can tell), but GS is like a...secondary fifth home:P I'm never officially gonna leave. I may have more stints(I'd hope not), but I'm never gonna be fully gone...EVER. So, yeah. That's that:D

Been more than...a YEAR?!?

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Well holy crap. It's been about a year since I've posted a new blog lol. Anywho, I've been a member of GS for 4 years. And though it has been so oh so numerous times before, I'm saying it 100% for real this time: I'm back. It's official this time, because I'm actually blogging my return XD. But if you dont wanna believe me its all cool, I understand. I wouldnt believe me at this point either. But just be looking for me around the place. I am returning to the union i hepled build(NS) and the WOTU...well sorry guys. I've lost interest in wrestling. I may join some new unions or something. Im not sure yet. But I promise that I am going to be more active.

Peace out peeps:D

3 years on GS!!! :)

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Some of you may know, some of you may not, but today marks the third year I've been on Gamespot as a registered user. I've met a lot of people and also seen a lot of people go(most recently my good friend mario_brawler) and I've been through times where I was completely inactive. Anyway, I' mjust gonna be happy, because I think this is quite an accomplishment

The hiatus has been ended

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So, first blog in three months. I'm surprised I'm still remembered here on GS, because I was on and off for so ****** long. Life was not treating me kindly, but in recent weeks things have turned around. I have not been that active, but you know what? No more bull****. I'm gonna be on more, and that is a promise. GS is a site that I never intend to leave, even when I'm an old bag that can barely see or walk. So that's it and uh, oh yeh

AndYou IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!


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This is my first blog in a whole because I've been too lazy to think of anything to blog about lol. Anyways, my life is really boring right now. Skool sucks, and it is also taking time away from me to go on Gamespot. As you may have noticed, I'm at level 30, and I think it's pretty cool that I've managed to achieve that. I'm going to Gamestop later today to trade in some games I haven't played in about 6 months. I'm also thinking about starting my own union soon, but I'm still considering whether or not I want to do that right now. I'm also thinking about doing something to my Wii, but if I say it I'll get modded. And hooray for this being the first blog in a long time that didn't have any smileys lol

Trying to restore faith in 360. And school

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The past few month or so I've been hard on the 360. I have bashed it, ignored what good it had, and even went as far as saying I wish Sega would take Microsoft's place in the console race. I am going to try to stop being so critical of it. While I still don't like some aspects of the 360, I have to admit that what's coming this Fall looks impressive. So now I'm saving more money for stuff for my 360 as well as money for buying a PS3. In the next few months my Gamertag should be back up, and I should be seeing all my fellow GS 360 owners on XBL. I'm not forgetting that I want a PS3 as well though. That's top on my priority list.

And just so you all know, school is starting again for me in 10 days, so I won't be able to be as active in unions and stuff. I will do my best to devote as much time as possible to GS. While I won't be able to get on the computer as much, you'll all still be seeing me here on GS frequently

New banner

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I now have a new banner. It was made by my good friend Mario_Brawler. I needed a change from my old banner because I've had for more than six months. It's basically a new theme: nintendo. I might change a month or two from now, but for right now, I'm keeping the banner. What do you think?

More income and a congratulations

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A few people may already have heard about me selling newspapers on the corner on Sunday. Well now, that has become a weekly job for me, and it pulls in decent money. This is really giving me more of a push towards my purchase of a ps3 and other gaming things. I also have a few other things going on on the side as well, earning a few extra dollars:D

I have to give congratulations to a good GS friend for accomplishing an impressive feat: mario_brawler, leader of the Nintendo All-Stars Union. Him and I discussed what to do with the union, what it was going to have, and a few other union things for about 4 hours. When the union was made, it started off well, then it started to die. With a few telegrams, some invites, new officers, and more active members, our(a lot more his than mine) creation has boomed into a fantastic success. There are more than 300 members, and the union has only been in business since April. So I give a congrats to my friend for a fantastic creation, and I hope the success continues on:D


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think a lot of leaders are wondering why I haven't been active in their unions, and even if they aren't, I'll still explain. I have a lot of responsibilities in the unions I'm currently in, and adding more unions and unfullfilled responsiblities won't be good for me or the unions. So I've decided to resign from a few unions, and pick out the unions I'm trying to be active in. I'm still accepting union invitations, but I'll really have to consider before I make a move. I'm going to list a few of the unions that I am going to put forth my best effort in:

WOTU: A good union, and I've been an officer for a while now. i don't want that to change

Nintnedo All-Stars: I helped in the developement of this union, and I want to continue helping.

SSBWU: A good union, and it feels good to be an officer there.

Nintnendo Revolution: I joined this union a few months after it got created, and I like it. I hope to become officer there soon

All these unions are great, and if anyone is interested, I think you should check them out. My list will probaly expand after a few weeks of exceptional activity in each of the listed unions, so don't think I'm being lazy.:D


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Okay, so I now have my MKWii FC. It is: 0860-4631-7196. I'll add everyone in my previous blog, and anyone else who wants to add me;)